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Link's Items

By iangoudelock
Ahh Well this took embarrassingly longer than expected but it's finally done! :D :D :D
Ok so the concept is pretty simple and hopefully it's easy to understand without this explanation, but yes, it's Link carrying nearly every major item/weapon/equipment for each Legend of Zelda title. The reason I say nearly is because I know I must have missed some...but oh well, I tried to get them all :) Overall there are at least 415 items combined in this piece. Even some items from skyward sword were included in this but since the game hasn't been released yet I'm sure this picture will be out of date as soon as that game comes out :)
Anyway hope you like my little tribute to this amazing game series.
OH!!!! almost forgot. Major major thanks to:
for lists of items and picture references. Helped soooooo much :D
Annnnd yes everyone there is a Yoshi in there because in Link's Awakening you could get a trade item called a Yoshi doll...doubt anyone will read this description before asking me "why is Yoshi there?" in the comments again lol but hey it's worth a shot.
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Time to invest in a bag of holding my friend.
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All weapons in every Zelda game! :D *plays Breath of the Wild* O_o well... uh... Can we please try to do all weapons and items in Breath of the Wild? I mean...It's hard getting all weapons and items from every other game, but, if you can do that... can you please do the ones in Breath of the Wild? Please?
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Katamari anyone?
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appropriate music:…

Now i cant stop seeing tingle pushing this across hyrule
amazingly awesome!
he's a little over burdened I think...
great picture!!
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Awesome picture. And the little fairy is, of course, of no help whatsoever.
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I see a yoshi...
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Normally nothing goes directly into the Featured folder of our group, but THIS TRULY DESERVES IT! You're probably the only who might have actually succeded at this well known attempt! :worship:
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Oh thank you so much! You are too sweet! I'm glad you like it :D
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Now wait a minute, the fused shadows didn't belong to link!
Meanwhile, everyone skipped the description and asks about yoshi, whereas I can't find him.
Nevermind, just found him.
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OMG you actually included the Yoshi Doll from Link's Awakening, That was my first Zelda game
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Yay for Yoshi doll! It's an amazing game :)
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The Trendy Shop game!!! I'm gonna replay LA now I think.
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You totally should! Lot of good memories of that game here too.
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I'm gonna drag out a GBA so I can play the original cartridge
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Talk about Hyrule's resident hoarder.
adventures of link sword ftw!
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Good eye! I love that one too.
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Love it!Adding this to favorites.
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