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Message to the Sky Tyrant
Warm up exercise - May 7th 2005
He shielded his eyes to the glare and gave the sun a nasty smirk.  It seemed to him that the sun reveled in its unquestionable authority.  It blazed with heat and shone blindingly bright as if to say "What do you plan on doing about it?"
His smirk deepened as it cut into his cheek.  "I'll do plenty," he said with a confident chuckle, then lowered his head for the last time that day.  He turned and looked at the bustle of seventeen stories below him.  Each circular level had any number of people and machines moving about.  Canisters of identical size were filled and carted to each station.  Running straight through the center was a rocket, its nosecone eye-level with its creator.  
"My little ants," he said with a chuckle of fond bemusement.  He let his eyes rise along the body of the rocket; visually caressing its gleaming black sleekness.  His name, embla
:iconianflynnbkc:IanFlynnBKC 6 8
The Temptation of Hooksnout by IanFlynnBKC The Temptation of Hooksnout :iconianflynnbkc:IanFlynnBKC 9 3 Suffer the Black Snow by IanFlynnBKC Suffer the Black Snow :iconianflynnbkc:IanFlynnBKC 3 3 Rather Dashing Wallpaper by IanFlynnBKC Rather Dashing Wallpaper :iconianflynnbkc:IanFlynnBKC 26 14 Coloring Contest - My Entry by IanFlynnBKC Coloring Contest - My Entry :iconianflynnbkc:IanFlynnBKC 7 10 Dark in the Light by IanFlynnBKC Dark in the Light :iconianflynnbkc:IanFlynnBKC 4 3
Sonic Heroes - Review
Sonic Heroes
Disclaimer: These are purely my views and experiences.  You're free to have you own.  This is merely my two cents, so form your own opinion.
Back in 1999, Sonic Team opened a new world for Sonic.  Sonic Adventure (Dreamcast) made some wonderful advances for Sonic's gaming experience, but being the first of its kind, the game suffered.  When Sonic Adventure 2 (Dreamcast) came around, most of the rough patches from its precursor had been smoothed and buffed.
That being said, Sonic Heroes 2 is going to be phenomenal.  Sonic Heroes itself is lacking.  Let's look at it in parts:
The emblems have returned once more.  I'm not sure yet, but the total should be in the ballpark of 130-150.  The A-E rankings have also returned with three separate voice clips for each.  All the old power-ups return, if slightly tweaked.  The balloons, which were sparse in the last Sonic game
:iconianflynnbkc:IanFlynnBKC 6 13
Duck and Cover by IanFlynnBKC Duck and Cover :iconianflynnbkc:IanFlynnBKC 134 29


Ian Flynn
Freelance Writer - a.k.a. the Sonic Comics guy

Twitter: IanFlynnBKC

It’s been almost two years, so might as well update this. 

I do not read Notes or Comments here. The FAQ and biography cover all the useful links.


Are you REALLY Ian Flynn?  The Sonic comic guy?
Yes I am.  You can check out my website and my body of work at

Awesome!  I love your art in the comics!
That's flattering - but I don't do the art.  I'm the writer.  I compose the manuscripts the art team uses to produce the book.  I've done concept art, though.  Some you can find here on dA, some you can find in the graphic novel collections.  I'm a decent doodler, but I leave the REAL art to the skilled professionals.

I want your job!

How do I break into the business?
That's better.  When I was trying to break into the biz, there wasn't any guide.  In an effort to give back to the fan community a little bit, I've compiled a FAQ to help aspiring fans.  You can find it on

Read my fan-fic!  Look at my fan-art!  Use my fan-concept!
No, nope, nuh-uh.  This would open me up to allegations of intellectual theft.  There's a lot of really creative fans out there, and they produce a lot of cool stuff.  What if I accidentally re-used someone else's idea down the road?  Some folks would be flattered, others would be enraged I "stole" from them.  For my protection - and to protect the fandom - I limit any fan-material to fan-art of official characters.

I want to talk to you!
I wish I could keep in touch with everyone, but I really don't have the time.  Your best bet is to try to catch me on Twitter (@IanFlynnBKC).

So... why are you on dA then?
Mostly to keep up with old friends, some artists I like, and to share some concept art from time to rare time.

I love the comics!  I share them with my friends on dA!
The enthusiasm is appreciated, but you're breaking the law.  People have to buy the books to get the content.  Putting up scans loses the publisher money. So if you've got full scans up, I'd appreciate you taking them down.  (Not like I can do anything about it, but still...)

I HATE you.
Sorry to hear that.  Say what you will, but keep it civil.  If you decide to be vulgar and/or profane, I'm hiding your comment.  It'll stay there - you'll know I'll have read it - but I won't force other people to endure your foul language.

Are we going to see _______?

I’m not going to be spoiling anything about any of my projects. If you want to ask me something, please direct it to the Q&A portion of my podcast, the BumbleKast.


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Micktrap397 Featured By Owner Edited Dec 13, 2018
I’m sorry that :iconnintrendodude: & his love child lance jerkov harassed you.
redballbomb Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2018
I really want you to continue Sonic or Mega man Comics! Please!!
AliceAcorn6003 Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank u so much for rebooting the comics back in a Sega fan and I really appreciate what you did :)
BahumutTH Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2018
If you had the chance would you ever continue on your Other M comic?
Beau-Skunk Featured By Owner Edited Jun 12, 2018
I believe Ian said he doesn't like his old "Other M" (Other Mobius) fan-comic, (finding it too grimdark, and such) so it's unlikely.

Also, Ian hardly uses this DA page anymore.
0rangeleaves Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Here is the petition about the replacement of Sonic Comics, after they have finished in a series of Archie comics, and the survival of Sally Acorn and the freedom fighters remained to stayed tuned by ShanhaT, you know I have autism.…
Frostbite883 Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2018
Hope you are doing well at IDW, Mr. Flynn. :)
Frostbite883 Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2017
Hope you are doing okay, Mr. Flynn (and unlike SegaSonic, I don't believe you have ANY beef with Jet the Hawk....SegaS doesn't know what he's talking about).
Excaliburite Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2017
Now that you are part of IDW now, I have one single question: Would you say that the SEGA mandates have gotten looser or stricter? I'm asking because it isn't fair that you have all this creative talent and you can't use it to the full extent. I'm hoping they'll be loosened, or heck, get rid of them altogether. This is a clean slate, without that Archie baggage. Anyway, congrats on getting head writer of IDW!
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