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Unused Worlds Unite Concepts - Armored Zazz



In the crossover story “Worlds Unite,” the Deadly Six of “Sonic: Lost World” became the minions of Sigma from the Mega Man X franchise.  Sigma gifted the Deadly Six with power-enhancing armor, which allowed him to take control of otherwise immune organic beings.  Originally, the armors were meant to be themed to each of the Deadly Six, but SEGA asked they be made into smaller, uniform designs.


Final, unused designs are by Dan Schoeing:

Twitter: @Dapperpomade


Zazz has such a lithe, gangly body it’s hard to put much on him that doesn’t look too heavy.  It doesn’t help matters that his boss theme was the Moon Mech; a giant, angry orb. 

Since the Moon Mech’s most notable features are its haunting eyes and snaggly maw, I thought to make them shoulder pads and a “half moon” chest plate.  I thought trying to repeat the motif on his lower half would look too much a like a diaper.

Once again, :iconDanSchoening: took my disjointed concept and made it function visually.
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I can see why Zazz is the "mascot" of the Deadly Six, being the only one to appear in Sonic Dash, and the upcoming Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

Zazz is the only one who really seems destructive and bloodthirsty like all of  them are supposed  to be. He's the only one that really seems "deadly" or "evil", being a hyperactive lunatic who loves fighting more than eating three meals a day. He has the best interactions with Sonic, and sets an example that the others (except Zor) fail to live up to.

Zor also gets a pass for being a good parody of the emo/nihilistic archetype. His dialogue is very self-aware, and it works.

People say they're stereotypes, but I disagree; stereotypes are comically exaggerated. Zavok, Master Zik, Zomom, and Zeena aren't exaggerated at all; they're just too bland and "normal" to really seem like villains; Zazz is the only one who really seems to be having fun, the rest just feel like they're going through the motions. If it weren't for the fact that they were destroying the planet to get back at Eggman for enslaving them, they wouldn't seem evil at all.