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Duck and Cover

Mucho credit for my love, kureejiilea who inspired this pic with casual conversation.

Honestly, what more can be said about this pic?

Done in openCanvass with Tablet in about 15 minutes.

Bean the Dynamite and Bokkun (c) Sega
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Let me see.............
sees that Bean can make a bomb 5x bigger than he is in Sonic Universe Arc: Pirate Plunder Panic.........
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And the funniest thing is: I considered doing something similar! (My money is on Bean though!)

Great work! (Both here, and in the comics Clap )
LOL, That is so funny!!!!
Scurvypiratehog's avatar
HA HA HA HA LOL XD Very good! Great job. This was funny.
IronNICOLE's avatar
I so have to say I love it. I love Bean. He's hilarious. Wow. I have been a fan of this Comic since day one back in June of '93. I was only 16yrs old then.
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What more can be said? Well, I think "RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!!!11!!1!0ne" comes to mind.
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A Tablet picture that you did in 15 minutes! Not bad at all, but I expected nothing less. It's just a bit of erm... friendly bickering back and fourth between Bean and Bokkun with explosive devices in their hands.

I think it's weird the way their names just go long so well.

Bean, Bokkun, Bean, Bokkun.

Sort of has a nice ring to it.
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Yay! bean wins. ^-^ he's my second favorite sonic character. nack is my first, bean my second, and bark is my third. :)
MadMenlover45's avatar
BEAN WILL WIN!!!!!!!!!!!! My sis's 2nd fave charcater after nack and before bark. :D
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This is so awesome. Now if Coconuts was in this, it would be even more epic. :XD:
Arte-the-CatBoy's avatar
Awww! This is so kyoot!
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My girlfriend was just saying that Bean and Bokkun together would destroy the known universe...
lunatic-pandora-Z's avatar
OBVIOUSLY, Bean is going to win! :XD:
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Haha, gotta love it. :+fav:
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YAY BEAN! Woo go Bean!
Marcusthehedgehog's avatar
Pikachu: *jumps in and kicks Bokkun* No one calls my pal, Bean, a codger! *Brings out his bomb*
neoyi's avatar
LOL. I can jus see the two try to outbomb each other off.
kureejiilea's avatar
It's bloody brilliant. XD The poses, the expressions, the insults of choice... recognise the subtle brilliance, all of you! ESPECIALLY YOU! *points*
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Not enough Bean -or- Bokkun art! He he, this is cute.
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I don't think there's enough Bean art that goes around. Kudos for making more!
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