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Devil Inside

Here comes the woman
With the look in her eye
Raised on leather
With flesh on her mind
Words as weapons sharper than knives
Makes you wonder how the other half die
Other half die

Here come the man
With the look in his eye
Fed on nothing
But full of pride
Look at them go
Look at them kick
Makes you wonder how the other half live

The devil inside
The devil inside
Every single one of us the devil inside

The devil inside
The devil inside
Every single one of us the devil inside

Here come the world
With the look in its eye
Future uncertain but certainly slight
Look at the faces
Listen to the bells
It's hard to believe we need a place called hell

Done in Photoshop. Less happy with this one than the last, the pic I was working on wasn't as good.

In case anyone was wondering, as I didn't actually say in the Artist's Comments section on the last one, this is me.

I was quite pleased with how the horn turned out, because at one point it looked really awful!
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Jul 21, 2008, 1:38:24 PM
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amaya67's avatar

nyaaaah scaryyyyyy!

nice eyes v shiny *^_^*

also the tongue is good

*runs to the hills*
IanDSharman's avatar
I'm not that scary in real life, honest! :D
amaya67's avatar
oh good or your postman would like die of a heart attack if he had a parcel you had to sign ^^
IanDSharman's avatar
Hmmm...I wondered why my mail wasn't being delivered...
amaya67's avatar
swyattart's avatar
You look like a horny raspberry! Lol!

Nice work, 'alien skin' filter?
IanDSharman's avatar
It was all just done with the filters that come with Photoshop.
swyattart's avatar
That and whatever lurks in the dark side of your're still going to hell!
IanDSharman's avatar
Oh, I know, I know...

...see you there? :devil:
Wytherwing's avatar
Erynnsilver's avatar
Now, you're just showing off.
IanDSharman's avatar
And yet I'm really not happy with how this turned out...

But then, I made the mistake of having too clear an idea of how I wanted it to look in m head before I started.
Erynnsilver's avatar
Always unwise. Ideas don't account for reality. I think it looks quite impressive.
IanDSharman's avatar
Cheers. I expect I'll warm to it as the original mental image fades.
YelZamor's avatar
*backs away slowly*

That is a point, though. Artists rarely like their art while it's still being worked on.

Scary... O_O

How about the nose? That just calls for some devilication also.
I am thinking slightly upturned, with an additional slit at the side.. like that which you'd see at the side of a dog's nose.
Like this, for example. :3

IanDSharman's avatar
Oh, and it 2:15am! What are you still doing up, young lady? :D
IanDSharman's avatar
Well, at least you have actually met me so you know I don't really look like this!

I did actually do a little work on the nose. It's slightly longer and pointier than my nose really is, but that was a good suggestion and I might do that on a future pic'.

I was thinking of doing a werewolf next, so the nose would be appropriate, but that would mean drawing hair (shudders in fear).

Is it terrible that I just look at this and think "Ugh, my neck looks really fat"?

I would have liked the teeth to have been sharper too, they're pointy, sure, but I wanted them to look really sharp.
YelZamor's avatar
Hoy.. pretty close, though!

Lawl, I didn't notice the neck *snort* there isn't anything to notice there Mr Vanity, the rest of the image has plenty of focus points. The teeth are fine though, if you make them any sharper, they risk looking severely fakeish.

Lawl, whoa it IS 2am.. Being a vampire, I work best towards the afternoon-night. Some crazy people wake up at the crack of dawn and draw, others prefer to work in peace and quiet. :3

And likewise!
Go to sleep. You must have actual work to do :P.

IanDSharman's avatar
Fair point about the teeth, you may be right there. Although it amuses me that in a picture where I have a horn coming out of my head I should be worried about things looking fake :D And it's not so much vanity as I think I'm always going to think I look fat because I want to be a tall, skinny goth, but instead am short, round and fuzzy.

I generally get up at the crack of dawn (well...okay...about half eight) and then work through 'till about 3am. That gives me at least five hours of sleep and that's plenty.

As for having actual work to do, I finished off the colours on four pages of Starship Troopers already today, so I thought I deserved a break (to do some fun art instead). Another three pages tomorrow and that job's complete and I can go see Dark Knight on Thursday without worrying that I have to get pages done.
YelZamor's avatar
"Fair point about the teeth"

IanDSharman's avatar

I'm glad you made a point of pointing it out! :giggle:
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