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I sat on an eleven-hour flight and watched four films to get to this sliver of land that is the Isthmus of Panama. I have yet to start the project I came here for, to sit on a boat and record, capture, and otherwise make scientific research engaging for a visual-content hungry audience. Yet I have started working, in my own way.

On Saturday I was waiting for a friend's boyfriend to finish playing a little bit of community baseball. Not the most engaging of sports but, hey, people enjoy it. So I stood there, behind a cyclone fence that could do with some fixing but still works well enough, with the clamour of a crowd out for (sporting) blood; in my hand I had my sketchbook and my trusted Staedtler 2mm lead holder. I had never drawn baseball, and the only sporting events I've ever covered... well, the drawings look more like friends hanging out than anything else. Event illustration is something I want to get into, especially sporting events. Drawing and representing team efforts and the spirit of sport in a completely different way, or at least a way unique to the very situation. And there I was, drawing overweight middle-aged men playing alongside younger players who could count the times they've shaved with their fingers.

Everything around us is of interest, I've learned. And I am happy this visit will not only allow me to draw science on the field but these little encounters.

If you want to know more about this project, go to my website for more information. 
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October 17, 2018


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