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Powergirl wears Supergirl's Uniform

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Pencils by the Great :iconj-scott-campbell: J. Scott Campbell
Inks and Colors by :iconianar: me

Powergirl created by Gerry conway, Ric Estrada and Wally Wood
Supergirl created by Otto Binder and Al Plastino

Powergirl and Supergirl are trademark and owned by DC Comics.
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this new costume is a tad tight 
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I guess supergirl isn't so super in the chest area.
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This is kinda sexy and adorable at the same time. Nice work you two!
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When powergirl has a midlife crisis.
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I love it, nice inking. Holy shit that's a sexy pic
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I thought powergirl's hips were bigger?
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:o (Eek) sexy Love Love Love Love CURSE YOU! +fav Heart 
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I love everything about this. I'm a fan of the coloring on this
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"Wow I forgot how much I've grown since I've worn this
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Very beautiful job with the coloring and inking work you did to compliment J.S Campbell's artwork. A beautiful shading detail and the colors for her skin, hair, and outfit are perfectly toned.:love:
Very beautiful pic, indeed.
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Your welcome.
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Does Power Girl have heat vision? I've never seen her use it. 
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Yes she has. All Krytonians have the same set of powers.
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You know when she uses them? I need to see this. 
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"How does she even wear this?!"
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LOL :D Very nice colors, btw... :clap:
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Tries to, anyway...
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Awesome! Can we see supergirl in powergirls costume next?
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Super sexiness.
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