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Police line up

"It was that one officer. I'd recognize him anywhere!"

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He has to attack the koopas. they're part of Bowser's army and they would hurt him if he touches him. it's attack or be attacked in the Mario games. and Luigi does the same thing.
Soldierino's avatar
I wonder who's guilty, the butcher, the plumber or the shopkeeper.
That-G's avatar
it's kinda hard to fit in with others when you're short, fat, middle aged, and wear overalls 24/7
MrNintMan's avatar
LOL!!Epic Idea!!
Microscopics-UNTD's avatar
May I borrow this; and swap the Koopa with a Bullet Bill?
Ian-Summers's avatar
Thank you for asking but I'm afraid I'm going to have to say no. This design is is for my own commercial use. Thanks for taking an interest!
Microscopics-UNTD's avatar
Not a problem. May I borrow the concept though and make my own design?
ToxicIsland's avatar
I think the actual Mario is supposed to be three feet and three inches like Sonic.
Ian-Summers's avatar
Maybe they've got the wrong guy!
Dragonguardian253's avatar
Okay,this deserves an epic win!This is absolutely hilarious!
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glowworm56's avatar
:giggle: This is funny.
LucasThomArt's avatar
lol a tall and average mario plus they don't have the m logo on their caps. mario must have been pretty easy to spot. :lol:
Ian-Summers's avatar
He does stand out a bit doesn't he!
Pineappa's avatar
Well, Mario's screwed.
Ian-Summers's avatar
He brought it on himself. Thanks for the comment.
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