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Subnautica Wreck Map

Edit: i was going to update this map, but I've abandoned the project. here is a better map someone else made:…

This is the Wrecks location map current as of the farming update for Subnautica. i did not make the original base map however, i did updated some of the zones that were out of date to fit as well as overlaid the wrecks locations myself. (which took like 8 hours...)

In the next updates (and current experimental build) blueprint fragments will be found only in and around the wrecks and there were no maps that i could find of wreck locations, so i made this. i hope someone else finds this helpful.
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what is a koosh
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this is a very old map, that's what the bulb bushes used to be called back in beta. "koosh bushes" the zone that they are found in was given their name.

it blows my mind that people are still looking at this old thing. back then there weren't many maps, so i made this for fun while playing. there are however much more dealer and up to date maps that can be found for the current version of the game now, i would recommend doing a search for them in your web browser.
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so now there is no kooosh
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i don't know. there is no reference the zone names in game, all of the zone names are meta. it could still be called koosh in the code. you asked what koosh was and i told you, not sure what else you want from me.
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This kinda reminds me of the Subnautica interactive map.
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Both, this and the other are really good and useful.

No matter how much I play Subnautica I always forget the location of some wrecks.
Maybe one day I'll remember the locations better. Mostly I just forget the wreck in the Grand Reef.
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i dont understand how you made this the wrecks move all the time... (dont ask me how they just do)
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step 1: use google image search to find a half descent map. (you can steal this one if you want)
step 2: start a creative mode game.
step 3: spawn in a seamoth, compass, and loads of beacons.
step 4: using the wiki cruise around the map placing numbered beacons at each wreck.
step 5: while cursing around check biome borders and placement for accuracy to map, make corrections as needed.
step 6: using biome borders, map edge border, and triangulation from your beacons to place marks on the map.
step 7: profit.

also, the devs sometimes move the wrecks around during updates to encourage more exploration. I'm aware of several that are now different from this map, particularly the ones shown here around the safe shallows and kelp forests.
Sorry to tell you the location were you have the inactive lava zone above the mushroom forest changed now its labeled as blood kelp two also have not found artic anywhere maybe gone in recent update all the rest show still very arcuate but if u can do a gridline with numbers that be even better plz. 
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ya, there have been a lot of changes since the farming update not reflected here, including the lost river. Sweating a little...  i do plan on updating the map but it could be a month or so until i have time. the grid idea seems easy enough since it would literally just be an overlay on the map, I'll consider it. =p (Razz) 
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does this only cover PC or XBOX1 aswell?
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I made it for the PC version, though as far as I know the map is the same. The map is no longer current though, 3 of the wrecks from the safe shallows have been moved into the grassy plateaus and the unassigned area north west of the underwater islands is now a blood kelp biome. Anyway, the biome borders are very obvious, you should be able to see if it's the same just by looking at the map while cruising around in your seamoth.
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i see, thanks for the heads up! :iconbowplz:
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This is really useful!
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