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Batgirl - Oracle

I guess I'm somewhat of an "old-fashioned" artist. While I do use some digital elements in my artwork, about 90% of what you see is all hand other words, it's all pen, ink, colored pencil, etc. I see so much talent done with digital art these days, but I still prefer a good prismacolor marker :).

**Batgirl and Oracle are licensed and copyrighted by DC Comics.
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She could use some of Steven's healing spit
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i love the melancholy in it
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This is fantastic! Love the merge of Batgirl with what she would become. Read the comic where it happened. Sad...but I love this!
Being in a wheelchair myself, when people ask me how I'm doing I put on my fake smlie and tell them how good I'm doing. This picture truly says how I feel.  Thank you iaww.
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Beautiful art... this is very deep and you captured so much in this pic, a lot of emotion. well done!
how do i use this image its beautiful would like to put it as mt website banner?
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Lovely emotive piece, I like your traditional style!
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The sadness of this piece brings out the emotional perspective of the illustration....amazing...
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I'll never look at Barbara Gordon the same. This really puts some perspective on her character.
That is a powerful image!
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Amazing and profound, and a great representation of a truly great character.
This is why I visit deviantart. For artwork like this. Thank you so much♥
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This is just... heart-warming and heart-breaking at the same time.
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nice scene. look like she miss to be batgirl...

oh barbara....
can u make blackbat pic??
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Very original. I guess you've never seen this before.

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You can say that again.
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Oh, Babs. What a great character. Love the highlights and detail on the wheelchair.
This is beautiful. With Oracle's story, it's heartbreaking. Great job.
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This is sad but beautiful and the detail on the wheelchair is incredible... :highfive:
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this is a sad yet beautiful piece of work! great job.
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Beautiful!!" <3
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Wow... Simply amazing!
This is truly depressing... in a very good way.
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