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Hi guys! Long time, no see, right? But today I actually uploaded some stuff, yay!
And on top of that, my etsy store is up and running, and I finally made my first sale. It feels awsome!

I also started a Facebook fan-page, so please visit it and press the "like" button, it would mean so much to me.
There you can also learn more on how I take comissions, see what I've made before and Im even planning to have a little competition soon. Check it out! :D

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Now, I know I havent been updating my gallery a lot lately. But I actually make stuff. Quite awsome stuff.
I just hate my camera. It's rubbish, and since I live in northern Sweden it' already dark outside like 2/3 of the day, so I can't get any good pictures of my crafts.

However. Im trying. Recently I got to borrow my friends camera (and my friend to take the pictures actually) to photograph some of my Fallout 3 stuff I've been making.
So when I figure out how to make PS work with me I'll upload some pictures.

Until then, Im happy to take comissions, just send me an note if you're interested.
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But now I'm here again, and I started making something yesterday which I think is great.
Unfortunately I don't have time to continue today, what a bummer. But tomorrow I will lock myself into my craft room and boy do I look forward to that!

I also want to remind you all that I take comissions.
Do you want something similar to the stuff in my gallery, or perhaps something completely different? Im up for it.
I mostly do plushies, but if you have something else in mind just let me know and perhaps we can figure it out :D

Prices depend entirely on what you want me to make, both size and complexity matter, just don't be afraid to ask.
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Just wanted to tell you that I'm more than happy to take comissions. I mostly make plushies and small animals with sculpey parts, but I'm open for suggestions.
I don't have a full-time job at the moment, so the waiting time won't be long at all.

I've also been thinking about art trades. Do you make plushies too? Os something similiar?
Then maybe you want to make an art trade!I make somehing for you, you make something for me! :D

If you're interested in ordering a plushie or making an art trade, contact me and we'll work something out!

(Also, The Monster Book of Monsters, Gir and Squid are still for sale, look them up in my gallery).
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Just wanted to tell you all that Im more than happy to take comissions. I mostly make plushies and small animals with sculpey parts, but Im open for suggestions.
I don't have a job or any comissions at the moment, so the waiting time won't be long at all.  

Also, I've decided to sell my Monster Book of Monsters, Gir and the Squid (you can look at them in my gallery). If you're interested in them (or want a custom plushie) please send contact me and we'll work something out! :D
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So, this week I started my final project for school. Im building my own doll house, scale 1:10. So all furniture, dolls and the house itself will be made by me. Im so excited, but nervous at the same time. So much to do in quite a short period of time (I'll have about 10 weeks I think). Oh well.

Other than that I just shipped out my first comission ever outside of Sweden, yay! And I have three comissions to do when the easter holiday is over. This means more money then I ever made in one month, amazing. Im saving up for a trip to the Harry Potter park in Florida. WOH.
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So, it was a long time ago that i uploaded something. And that is actually because I havn't made anything in a while now. I keep thinking of stuff I want to make (and I've had loads of time really) but I just dont. Maybe I really had to take a break from all of this.

I bought myself a dance mat (of "Professional Dance Machine" as the cover says) and I've been dancing and dancing at least 40 minutes every day this last week. I love it, it is awsome. So I guess that is one thing to blame for not doing anything else.

This wednesday I'll begin my practical training at the theatre here in Skellefteå, I'll help them build stuff for their summer show "The Wind in the Willows". Im actually really excited since it's been a long time since I've had something to do.
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I've had so much to do at school, but tomorrow we're finally done with this part.
The idea is that we have come up with a character (I myself choose a steampunkish vampire hunter) and we make a silicone mask (mine is kind of a melting face  wound thing), clothes and props for that character.

I'll take pictures of all my stuff and post them here soon, since tomorrow we'll become these characters and have our photos taken by a photographer. Im so excited!

Other than that I have a few ideas pf new plushies, hopefully I'll actually make them.
I've got my own sewing/crafting room now after renting the third and last room of our apartment (It's a student flat where I live together with my boyfriend and two friends), so I feel up for making stuff again, I finally got room to spread out!
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First of all: over 5000 views, I like that. Thans everybody!

So, summers on and I find myself missing school more and more each day. Sure, It's nice to have some time of, but.. I can't make myself do something useful most of the time. I want to make stuff, but I don't have the motivation to make it. Plus I don't have an income during the summer, so that's not very motivating either.

Fortunately three people have ordered gigant bugs, so theres a little extra money. I've currently made two bugs; one brown with leopard pattern and one black with zebra pattern on it's back.
Now there's onöy one pink crab louse to go (and a small pink bed bug for my friend since she made me a bag).

So if someone want to order a bug I can make one for you! A big one is 50 dollars + shipping, a small one is 35 + shipping. You can suggest any colors or patterns (unfortunately our fabric store don't have too many colors to offer, but I'll check). If you want another bug that I don't have a pattern for yet, there is 15 dollars extra for that.

Well, send me a note if you're interested! Help a poor student manage the summer, haha.
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Well, right now Im in the middle od my practical work at Skellefteå Museum, and it's in fact going really well. The people are great and I've got all these fun stuff to do. As some of you probably have noticed Im done with the fleas and lice (and for those who haven't you coult always check them out in the gallery). It was a bit tricky but really fun.

Im actually thinking of making other bugs and stuff, and maybe try to sell some of them id there's a general interest. If this sounds like a good idea to you you can always throw me a note and maybe give me some ideas of what kind of bugs I can make. And even better if you want to buy one! That would be awsome. :D

Now Im working on a big old rat for one of the museums exhibitions (the one they had was stolen), and also some tiny furniture for some sort of game. I'll throw in some pictures when they're done.

That's all for now I think.
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Third part of this school year is already over, I can't beleve it. On monday I'll start with the last thing before summer holiday; practical work. I'll be helping out on Skellefteå museum building stuff for an exhibition about a war in 1809. I think it'll be exciting, Im just nervous at the moment.

Other than that I guess you can say that I've been kinda lazy. Theres a whole lot of things I want to make, I just don't take the time to do them. But I'll try.
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Well, here we go again. I have loads of things that I really want to do, but Im ending up not doing anything just out of pure lazyness. Except when Im at school of course, when Im there I make loads of things. For example this Giga Bowser head that I've uploaded in my gallery. Mind you that it's not done yet, since that picture I've made a huge mould in plaster and cast the Bowser head in latex.
Next week I'll probably paint him and give him some hair.

We're also working on this project called "Wilma" where we make props for a cave environment with crystals, shiny mushrooms and much more. Im making stalaktites and stalagmites out of paper, glue and loads of plaster. It's really messy but quite fun actually.

Well, guess that's all for now.
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I can't understand just how fast time is running. It's scary and makes my stomach hurt. I mean; 1/4 of my education is already over, it's just weird.
Oh well, never mind that now.

Im spending christmas in my home town, it took seven hours to get here by car, and now that Im finally here it feels.. Strange. It's my home at the same time as it's not. But I'll just be here for little more than a week, then Im going home to spend my new year with :iconzlickness:, :iconskabbvinge: and lots and lots of others.
I probably wont have time for too much crafting, but It might turn up something, who knows.

That's all for now, merry christmas and all that.
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There, first period of school is over. And so far I LOVE IT. I can't even begin to explain how glad I am for making this decision. Lawds.
So, we've started to try out some new materials, the latest thing we did was making tomb stones out of styrofoam. It was a bit tricky but loads of fun. It's living in our kitchen now.
Next thing we'll do is props for a film sequence. It's taking place in a windmill, mid 1800th century. So I guess we'll make barrels and stuff.

Halloween is coming up too. That means two parties with two different costumes. That should be fun. And we had one last weekend as well, I think I'll upload a picture. Pus filled boils made of wax and makeup, we were disgusting.

I just realized yesterday that I've reached over 3000 pageviews.
Thanks everybody.

Well, that's all for now.
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OK, I feel that now is the time for an update around here.
School is awsome, we're only playing arround really. Right now we're making stop motion-films, so we've made scenery and props this week. It's a pain in the ass in the beginning, but when you get finally get started it really great. I'll upload the character I've made in a while.

The week before this one we just painted all week, but that's fun too of course. But I really want to try out new materials properly, like latex and air-x. I can't wait.

Oh well, guess that's all I guess.
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Well, Im finally here! School starts on wednesday (but we'll just goof around the first one and a half week more or less). But yeah, Im here.
The weather is really lousy, so I haven't taken a tour around town yet. But I'll just do that tomorrow when my room mates are out doing other stuff. I have to pick up some things anyway.
Lets just hope I find my way back to the apartment, hah.

I'll be back with more info when I've settled down a bit, right now Im just high on emotions, coffee and nicotine.
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I can't belive Im of to school in just two weeks.
New town, new people, new home.. It just feels so unreal and scary. But I'll like it there. I know I will. I just need the first weeks to make myself at home. And I'll be living with one of my old friends (who I haven't seen in over a year) so I won't be all alone after all.
But I'll miss everyone so much. Even thoug most of my friends are moving away as well. Im just so used to having them close by.

I haven't made almost anything since I quit my job, it's a shame really. I've been buissy partying all the time. But this week I'll just take it easy by myself. Im home alone and I have to start playing Zelda Twilight Princess.
And I'll probably try to make some little crafty things as well if Im in the mood.

See you around!
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So, now I've finally started to make things again. Im off work (but I may have to jump in for a few hours ocasionally - I can live with that), and it feels fantastic.
Last night I was at my friends house and we sat for hours and hours just making things. When we were finally done it was past midnight, I can't beleve how time flies.

I hope my crafty spirit lasts a bit longer this time.


By the way: I GOT IN TO THE SCHOOL! So in about a month Im off.
I can't beleve it. Now I'll have my hobby as a profession. Wow.
I was one of nine people, 40 applied for it (25 as a first choise).
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Ok, just this week left, then Im done working for a long time (or, I may have to stay another week after this one, but I don't think so).
Guess what I'll be doing then?!
Or at least when Im not drinking wine or playing videogames.. Anyway, what Im trying to say is that it's going to be more fun stuff uploaded in my gallery as soon as Im of work. Lovely.
Im actually working on a couple of dolls right now, and at least one of them will be done this week (it's for my dad's birthday). Oh, and Im making this lovely strawberry sock (yeah, just ONE sock, not two. I always loose one anyway).

Just one last thing:
the offer about trading crafts still remains! If you want to trade things with me, send me a NOTE telling me what you've got to offer and what you're interested in!
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Woosh, it's so god damn hot outside that I begin to wonder if it's possible for a human being to melt. Seriousley. WHERE DID THE WINTER GO?! Where is my lovely snow? Gees. Im glad summer is the shortest season, at least.

I haven't made any dolls for quite a while, but I have to make five new ones this month. The most important ones will be something for my dad's birthday and a zombie hamster that Im trading with a fellow deviant. That should be fun.
Im also planning to make ravenclaw socks (:iconskabbvinge: have made the raven). It should be fun, considering I have never knitted more advanced things than squares.
But there's just a lot of things going on, so we'll se when I get things done. Im off work in three weeks, after that I'll probably have all the time in the world.

The offer about trading crafts still remains! If you want to trade things with me, send me a NOTE telling me what you've got to offer and what you're interested in! :D
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