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IAMUNLIKEYOU's Profile Picture
Travis Trium Perfectum
Artist | Professional | Varied
United States
Travis Trium Perfectum is a concept and detail-driven artist that uses his writings and poetry to create mood-inducing experiences through visuals and sound. His art first emerged within the first decade of the 21st century through a musical entity. After spending the better part of decade on this project, Travis began feeling held back and stifled creatively within the music industry and chose to move on.

Pulling away from what was his identity as an artist for so long, Travis felt almost resurrected. “At one point in time I woke up in the midst of writing my band’s third record and felt my hands being tied. Tied to the point where I couldn’t quench my thirst as an artist and I found this unacceptable and completely unsatisfying,” Travis explained. He was battling depression for the better part of three years and was forcing himself to create under that mindset to try to capture a particular mood that may never be again. “I wrote a dark and dreary record that probably won’t ever see the light of day, but it wasn’t really meant for light anyway. I then began writing with no direction and in a way that I knew wouldn’t be placed in any musical composition. No place to put it, no place to be. It felt so free and so genuine. To see people begin to appreciate my words and writings for just what they were felt so right. I never viewed myself as a poet or a writer in the sense that many view them, but this was a means for me to try to create in a very, very raw way. I have always let my art dictate to me where it was supposed to go and put me where I should be. People began to care about my work and I knew I was doing something interesting, dangerous and most important of all, fulfilling.”

Inspired by the challenge of creating pieces that further explain the human condition, Travis became obsessed with words. “The unspoken for instances and feelings within the human mind are something I want to try to speak for. I have always reveled in the challenge of being able to create and hopefully explain the unlimited amount of feelings with a limited amount of words. I get a lot out of that, personally and creatively alike.” Driven by philosophy, blasphemy and a deep love for conceptual continuity, Travis always attempts to deliver his work in its most raw and unrelenting states. Never straying from personal experiences with a unique perspective that he continually injects into his work. Dark analogies and concepts always littered along a path that the reader seems to stumble down almost reluctantly. Travis’ work has quickly garnered attention due to his unique vision, tone, contrast and style.

From musical compositions to filmmaking and from writing to spoken word performance-based art, Travis Trium Perfectum has always taken a lot of pride in the wide creative spectrum he seems to call home. “It feels amazing to be in the place I am as an artist to have the freedom to wake up and create what I want in that moment, in whatever medium I deem fit. I take a lot of responsibility in capturing fleeting moments and translating them in my work. I feel a pleasurable burden as an artist to capture these moods through writing, photography, filmmaking, spoken word or in full combination.” IAMUNLIKEYOU is the tree he will now call home where the many branches of his work can continue to grow always clawing towards the heavenless skies.


Affection's Ashtray
"My mind knows I need you used to the abuse so you will be of use. Lean in or lean away? Lips bitterly divorce, affection's ashtray. Ear to mouth, I long to hear your organs and filth. Your future scales my ear, a pulsing premonition-cyst. I let you taste my neck like the thirst for knowledge, but I see all your salvation marks, Adam's apple promise."

Emotions leak through a smoke staircase, floating towards the heavens like little cancer prayers. My neck-strings stretch as I slant my head in an ache-filled direction. Does this help me think? Does this make me feel alive? What's a worthwhile question? It's interesting to know that today I will leave another piece of me behind. Devoured in an instant. Your hands and minds fighting for meaning, false-pulse persistent. Are involuntary reactions the most sincere? We have no control of them, so honesty appears? If it's well thought out is it a lie? Human touch taints something perfect in a godless sky. My ear to your mouth, your filth sounds like a whisper of past lives you've lived through. Your future is a cyst, growing and withholding personality traits, disgusting and true. Your salvation marks can't hide from the shape I've become. My words still carnal, you're tied, soaked and mixed with the ash of impurity within the human spectrum.
We are one week from you having the opportunity to bring my physical pieces home. Although I have been very sick recently, the world would have to kill me to stop me from doing what I do. I never left any question for the eyes that can see and next Wednesday, January 23rd, my curses become yours. Don’t forget. 
Makeshift-Memory Pool

"Lean into my voice, your choice has elapsed. The days falling endlessly into a makeshift-memory pool. The wreckage-evidence evidently salvaged by words igniting passions on the tongues of the burned. You're optimistically and autonomically submerged in a lungs half-full depravity. I will describe this in a thousand words, a thousand ways until the right phrase absorbs the reddest parted respiratory sea."

Time is meaningless for something like me, but one year ago I was salvaged by words. Submerged in a makeshift-memory that I more so created than even what actually was. Isn't the memory always better than the moment? The more I live the more I could argue for both. The mind is as much as an enemy as a friend and when you realize this, that's when the definition of fear changes again. What you're capable of depends on circumstance and the lines to cross are merely subjective. Some mouth their favorite failed prayer, others part the reddest sea. In America, we carry our guilt next to our guns and we own "heaven." This justifies our most repulsive actions, our guilt holsters everlasting and overflowing. As long as there is blood covering our hands we don't need gloves. Blind nationalism and eroding shame will lead us to our graves, brains always at half mast. I am locked away from this in a safe, safe tomb, but to not acknowledge it would be a mistake. If "god" is on your side, know that he will always be an enemy of mine. A burning bush is speaking with fire repeating in your eyes and your tears can't put this out. Remember this if you remember anything at all... You're not worthy of a phrase to absorb your guilt and it's time to watch you pay.

Read the full piece and see exclusive imagery here:…

I'll immortalize you in such a way...
I'll immortalize you in such a way that you'll wish you were dead. Splitting thoughts in two, all the ones that hurt you the most. Thoughts pushed through lace, laced with my flavor on your every panicked breath. I'm within reach like a shadow and I want you to know it. I have your key that you wish I'd swallow like the words I've laid out a thousand times, a thousand ways while counting every falling day.
From My Chest

"I love leaning up against time, but is this your blood or mine? I want you to lean upon your crimson, soak it up and start again. When will this ever be enough? Learn to devour without throwing up. This world is tainted and hard to ingest. You throw up from your mouth, I throw up from my chest."

My chest opens wide through my ribcaged-teeth, this is where I reside. The world feeds me shit I try to forget, throw up just to stay alive. I'm not sure why I fight, to stay alive I mean. I have moments I care and glimpses I dream. Probable-premonitions of what will come to be. I am but a shape through another shape you see. I am creating a space and it's hardly safe. A place where an enemy of this world can grow, play a spinal-minor-chord and allow my thoughts to walk a vertebrate staircase. Poisoned breadcrumbs, leaving bodies along my path. I know you'll search me out and I want your figure laying last. I want it curled next to my door, a beautiful reminder I'm on the right path. This is every second of every day for something like me. Fighting to stay alive in a world that teaches to regret taking knowledge from a tree.

[originally surfaced 5.23.2018]

Read the piece here:…



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