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Skin Smoothing Action

This is by far my favorite technique to use for smoothing skin. It gives it a clean and clear look, while preserving details. I made this action for family photo use, and thought I'd share it with everyone here.
Please refer to my journal for usage rules.
Photo comes from :iconclcfacestock:

Oh yeah, I made action in CS3. I'm pretty sure that means it'll work all the way up the PS 7. Not positive though. Just download and put into your programs/adobe/photoshop/presets/actions folder.

sambojones91 on youtube made a great tutorial for using this action. Be sure to check it out: [link]
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Thank you so much

Thanks! ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

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I love it. Download it, thank you
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very nice
thank you very much
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Thank you again :) 
Nice, love the action.
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wow . nice nice nice
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Wow, really amazing action and easy to use! Thanks <3
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sorry for asking iam trying to download it from download file , but whats coming only a blank paper ,,
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Hi, there, plis i upgraded to cs6 and i cant open this action in photshop i try to click it on top of the cs6 but it wont open!!! help!!
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PLEASE Can you by any chance re-make this action and re-post it? On friday it stopped working for me (when it came to painting the skin, it was a pale light red and hardly airbrushed at all, then eventually it wouldn't paint all together!) I have checked all my settings, they are fine, I deleted the action and re-downloaded it from you but still it does not work :( I am a photographer and I use you're action consistently and am now without it :'(
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This is fantastic thank you
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My mom would love this! Thank you :)
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