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Assassin's Creed: Katipunan Flag


Inspired by okiir 's works. I decided to make my own Katipunan Flag with its own unique Assassin Insignia design. 
This is not my first Katipunan Assassin logo though. My first one --> [Katipunan Assassin Insignia] was just a quick copy and paste work, and it's just too boring for me. thrust of the gnog variety 

Plus I found a blog by Diego Magallona called...

Historical Settings That Would Make Great Assassin's Creed Games

Naturally the Philippines was on the list(mainly because the author is Filipino). It just so happens he used my earlier logo. Though Flattering, again I didn't really like that logo. Realizing I might be the only person making a some what accurate AC logos for the Philippines, I took it upon myself to make this for all those AC enthusiastic Filipinos out there. Now this is a True Philippine Assassin Insignia that fills us with pride.:filipinoes: :flagofphilippines: Philippines :ManoPo: 

Flag Trivia:OMG ONOZ Emoticon 
The Magdalo faction of the Katipunan, which also operated in Cavite under Emilio Aguinaldo, used a flag similar to the Magdiwang faction's, featuring a white sun with a baybayin letter ka. The sun initially had an indefinite number of rays and was later standardized to eight rays, to represent the eight provinces that Spanish colonial authorities placed under martial law (Manila,CaviteLagunaBatangasBulacanPampangaBataan, and Nueva Ecija). An eight-rayed sun was later used in the national flag of the Philippines.
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can i use this for my project? also in poster of our museum related to katipunan?
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Holy shit, Ubisoft make this a thing pls
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This art of yours came in just in time for the announcement of UbiSoft right here in the Philippines! :) The announcement is here. At the end of the article is both the email add to apply and the link to the job hiring. And I am applying for it! :D

This is a fusion of respecting our motherland's history and putting the symbol of one of UbiSoft's greatest game series since 2007! My hat goes off to you, kababayan!
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It's... Beautiful! :iloveit: 
Can i ask what is the meaning of that symbol?
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I wish this icon will be used in future Assassin's Creed games. That era in the Philippine History has a lot of potential of being incorporated into the game because it has the same feel as the previous stories. Maybe if there are more concept arts like this one, it might be possible. This is a pretty nice work, I'll be using it as my desktop wallpaper :)
how do you make those?
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Sorry for the late reply mate.. (I don't log in too often)

Well, that's
 a pretty broad question, but here's what I did.
*The insignia is my own design and I made it with the Pen tool.
*The background are 2 cement textures, 1 cloth texture & a layer for the red color.
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