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My Bio

Okay about me.

  1. My nickname - a long time ago I was trying to get onto forum for my job. I tried several time to use a nickname and it always said "sorry that name exists". I said something out loud and a co-worker said "Yeah you are that strange". BOOM CHICKA! Yeah I am that strange

  2. I was a Costume designer many (many) years ago. It was wonderful except for one bad thing. I worked 10 to 12 hours every day and was not there for my daughter. So I left that. Can I still design and create clothing or costume, yes.

  3. Then I became involved with computers. The first job was with CTA as they came to protect Nebraska from the Y2K conversions of state software. I started out as a Office Assistant as I had not one anything much with computers yet. But in 2 years I became the tester and Programmer Analyst. The Company left Nebraska after the Y2K issues were fixed (and yes there were many), I then also became a web designer.

  4. My last job was as a software tester. To me it's more like playing games but the commute to the company I worked with (3 1/2 hours a day, 150 miles) was something that made me just want to leave. I finally did.

  5. So now my favorite thing is creating art, and cross stitching.

Favourite Visual Artist
changes daily
Favourite Movies
Depends on my mood
Favourite TV Shows
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
So much depends on my mood
Favourite Writers
this too changes often
Favourite Games
Avoiding too much work
Tools of the Trade
Photoshop, Nikon, Oak, Mahagony, Silver, Opal, Pixels, Color, Yarn, floss, Linen, Wire, this & that
Other Interests
SciFi, Steampunk, Woodworking, lapidary, Silversmith, Web arts

Why do I always see Aliens in my art?

Why do I always see Aliens in my art?

I found it odd that many fractals I now come up with look like aliens.  Odd but not as odd as my history.   1. How many of you remember something from when you were very young?  I did remember only one thing (my daughter too).   My parents took me to my grandparents’ home in Oregon.  I was put in a room for bedtime.  In a baby crib.  I was about 1 year old maybe a bit more, but I could not walk yet.  I could stand up.   So, I was standing, the room leaning on the crib and looking out the window.  The light was coming in but that was not the thing that I saw.  What I saw I don’t think was a human or an animal.  I could be wrong on

Being retired (very ree tired ha!) I'm busier

Being retired (very ree tired ha!) I'm busier

I am as I was when I was worked but busier. I have so much saved stuff in my home (and no I don't have tons and tons of trash but just a lot of things I saved) so I'm going through everything and donating a lot of it to others (GoodWill).  Takes hours each time. But the bigger thing is that as a software tester and artist (Fractal art, Images combined into art, drawings, etc) I now have 179,235 files to go through.  Is that the total?  No, I've already gone through 1000 of them. To me being busier than I was at work is funny. So there can be times again when I'm not here.  That said being here is my favorite activity.

Move forward

Move forward

Also to let everyone know.  Even though I'm kind of back, I have to work tons of hours a week now.  So there will be times where my "Thank YOU!" might be late........ It does not mean I don't appreciate how much people like what I do, it just means there can be time before I respond. I just applied for a wonderful, amazing, job for a company that is more amazing and wonderful that I've ever known.  Testing for them does not, to me, really mean work.  It will mean helping so many companies move forward in technology.  Anything this company does helps other companies customers be totally amazed with the new technology.  Enjoy this, no more lik

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IAmThatStrange Digital Artist

Oh I enjoy your art! Sorry, it's been a while since I looked for these comments. I always forget to look much. And my son-in-law was exposed to COVID-19. It's been just two weeks and yes he is fine but it really really got me worried.

That is just scary! So glad you enjoy what I make! Thanks so much! Take care!

IAmThatStrange Digital Artist

Thanks, and yeah Thank God he was fine. Yeah, I felt very bad for the time until we knew he was fine.

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FadingSketchesNew Deviant

Hey, thanks for all the comments! I won’t be able to reply to all of them if that’s okay, but thank you big time :D ^^;

IAmThatStrange Digital Artist

Yes, I enjoy your art! Sorry, it's taken me time to respond. Not only do I forget to look for comments here but my son-in-law was exposed to COVID-19. It's been just two weeks and yes he is fine.

FadingSketchesNew Deviant

I’m really happy he’s okay, and I hope you are as well. And I understand!