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Quarters font TTF

heres the ttf.
i'll keep the previous illustrator version for anyone who still wants to use it.

please sent me a link if you use it, i'd be interested to see what you've done with it.

if you do use it please give me a CREDIT and a LINK to me, thanks
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great work thank you so much :D :D :D
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inspiring font! Awesome...
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can i use your font in a poster that im making to participate in a contest?
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here is a link to what i used your font on. [link]
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Your fonts are superb!
I'm considering to use it for a poster i'm working on..
Link will be sent if I do so.. Tnx :)
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Heya :) I'm considering using your font to make a logo to work under

Absolutely love it! :D

if it's possible, could you find a way to send me the illustrator paths for the f and w?

I can probably reconstruct it myself from scratch if needed but it would be lovely to be allowed to use your vectors as they are very cleanly done :)
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I'm glad you like it! I have got a vector version to download in my gallery. Here's a link
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Thank you very much :)

Again, wonderful work!
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good job. thanks
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Very nice, I love the b, d, f ! j'aime beaucoup merci :)
Thanks so much!! I am going to propose our company logo to use your art work.
If it is accepted, I will let you know with link to you.

Your work is awesome!!
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Brilliant font mate. I am planning to use this on a web site I am designing, will show you as soon as I am done with it.

Gracias! :)
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Cool man, I'm glad you like it. Would be great to see it in "action".

I'm planning on doing some more fonts soon so keep a look out.
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hi, cool font...

i use here [link]
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hell yeah, thanks. i might use this for a calendar im putting together for 2010. is that ok?
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of course, use the font anyway you like
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cool, thanks much
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great work thanks!
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no promblem, get me know if you use it for anything.
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Cooll Font! I hope i can use it for something interresting :) Thank you for sharing it!
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i hope you'll find a use for it and when you do let me know... i'm always interested to see how it's been used.
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