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Rainmeter-Orange Glow

By iamshobhit
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My Desktop Compilation Orange Glow

It includes Window Blinds, Icon Packager, CD Art Display,

Object Dock and ofcourse Rainmeter..............

Now matching cursor is included...........

Credits goes to all the original authors. I just performed a little tweak here and there............

Here are the links:-

1. Application:- Window Blinds
Skin:- Ubuntu 11 [link]

2. Application:- Icon Packager
Skin:- Kescowethianz [link]

3. Application:- CursorFX
Skin:- Green Light(Orange Version) [link]

4. Application:- CD Art Display
Skin:- Concept [link]

5. Application:- Object Dock
Skin:- Ubuntu [link]

6. Application:- Rainmeter

a. Clock [link]

b. Dots [link]

c. Volume [link]

d. Corner Ribbon [link]

e. Notes [link]

f. Photo Slideshow [link]

g. Flags:- [link]

h. Rest gnometer [link]

© 2011 - 2021 iamshobhit
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Is there still a possibility to get all the stuff needed for these setup? Because everything seems to be forbidden ):
iamshobhit's avatar
What is forbidden ???
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okay i have been searchin hours for the rainmeter skins that u have. please tell me where to get them. you have no links to them. i neeeed them badly
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The links are there in the description
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The link is given in above description. :)
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The Error it gives is "Application Not found"
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You have to download rainmeter then this skin works..........:) :)
Starnex's avatar
Good job done. I want to download it but I am not able to even though I am using Win 7
srujan7's avatar
cannot do so many things on my win 8.
Anybody else facing the same problem?
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I have not tried it on windows 8.....
what problems are you facing???
TheAxonX's avatar
Hey man! I have the same problem as LinXxX :( Mine are massive :(
iamshobhit's avatar
Send me ur e-mail buddy.....i will send you the file...........:)
TheAxonX's avatar
Okay thanks :) Email is :)
iamshobhit's avatar
Sorry for late reply........Check your e-mail buddy.........
TheAxonX's avatar
Chef-of-KH's avatar
what's the name of the wallpaper (it's not in the link)
iamshobhit's avatar
Sorry for the late reply friend........was busy in semester exams

Its name is minimal particles......
winplayboy's avatar
where is rainmeter skin........the download contains just images.......?
iamshobhit's avatar
All the links are present in the description buddy...............:)
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Great desktop! But how those Binary clocks, how did you customized these? Mine are three times bigger QQ.
iamshobhit's avatar
Thx for the like frend..........
I think they were small by default....if you have problem....send me your email i will mail you....:)
LinXxX's avatar
Yea, please send me ^^ mine is atleast three times bigger. email-
Thx mate
iamshobhit's avatar
Check your email buddy......for
LinXxX's avatar
Works like a charm! Thanks alot ! :love:


My desktop :smile:
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