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Rainmeter - Nigths And Lights

Another Colorful Rainmeter Desktop

Binary Clock
Hanging Tags
Rainmeter Shortcuts
Soft Calendar
Sticky Pic
Transparent Heart

Visual Style:-
Daffodil [link]

Cursor FX:-

Red Devil [link]

Plz Comment.............if u like it...........
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download not working -_-
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Thanks buddy ☺️☺️☺️
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its amazing!!! i did it!!!!! :)
sry i'm new here... how can i download the whole thing?
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You have to install is a…
hi, may i know how to install it? ;)
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Sorry for the late reply friend........was busy in semester exams.......

1.You have to install rainmeter.
2. Extarct and copy folder to Document/rainmeter/skins.......
3. Them you will be able to use it from rainmeter.
Hey, I am not getting heart shape on that Time entity. please help 
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Don't exactly remember my friend.... will try on my new PC and get back to you... :)
Its ok.. but i still cant do it.. so how?
iamshobhit's avatar…......Nod Nod ....Hope this helps......:) (Smile) :) (Smile) 
how to use the note that write about owl city?
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Its not a note.......Its a part of album art display.....u change song artists name and album name changes....
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neon not working :( mail me too tyWink/Razz 
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can you tell me how to use sticpic, plzzzz :(
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you have to put wallpapers in their folder in Rainmeter folder in MyDocument.
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please send me the neon too...great
spleetwarts's avatar
pls send me the neon too..great job..
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