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Rainmeter - Darkness Falls

By iamshobhit
Applications Used:-

1.Windows Blinds:- Orange Cobalt [link]

2. Cursor Fx:- Obsidian [link]

3. Icon Packager:- Android vs Iphone [link]

4. Object Dock:- Pure Tabs [link]

5. CD Art Display:- Amakrits [link]

6. Rainmeter:-

a. Calendar:- Blackline [link]

b. Bar:- Vark [link]

c. Rest is Rainmeter dock plus [link]

Wallpaper included in the rar file
© 2011 - 2021 iamshobhit
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I really like that look

Thank you, iamshobhit :)

jk mate you have a very good desing here


tut mir leid ich finde diesen skin süper!!!

WEiter so Bursche


deine mum

hat dich gut erzogen

weiter so!


spotify no me termina de funcionar.. no marca tiempos ni el nombre de la cancion.. saludos desde venezuela

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install kese kertee hai...
Great theme! Thanks so much!
i dont know how to install all this files :(
hi please i cant find the rar file
can you send me the fully custom skin
fiz's avatar
hey whats the rainmeter link?
rar file contains wallpaper only how can i get skin?
iamshobhit's avatar
For others links are given in the description...:) 
.wba format? how can i use the orange cobalt skin?
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You have to use stardock windowsblinds....
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up on the right
how i download and use it please tell soon
can you give me a new link sir?
iamshobhit's avatar
For the wllpaper?????
hmmm the only thing in the rar file is wallpaper ? do you still have this up or am i not seeing the link ?
or is it each link below applications used.
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