Happy 'Holic Humpday

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Commission: Emotiholics by Toxic-Fox-Girl

IT IS QUARTER OF 12- IT IS STILL WEDNESDAY! :iconanimefaceplz:

Hello, movers and shakers, and welcome to this week's installment of Happy 'Holic Humpday (thanks to stuck-in-suburbia for encouraging me to go for the Humpday part ;))! I'm your host, Amoret, and- Okay, yeah, I've had it with the game show announcer thing, too. :giggle:

"Shut up Amoret and get to the feature!" :shakefist:

Aww'right, aww'right, here ya be-
Don't Do it! by IceXDragon
An Afternoon In The Air by KitLightning
Fly by Krissi001 Igloo by Synfull :AMURICAN: by stuck-in-suburbia
A Cool Old Woman by a-kid-at-heart
Freshly Squeezed by BlissfullySarcastic big blowkiss by mintyy
Limited Color Challenge by happy-gurl

Sorry it's so short- it's late, I'm tired, and I keep getting scared that I'm going to feature the same things I did last time. :scared:

Keep it up, you drunkards! :ahoy:
-Amoret :heart: rvmp
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