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U.F.O. Sketch
Government conspiracy theorist: Welcome. I am a government conspiracy theorist. This is a government conspiracy.
We have decided that there is conclusive proof of alien contact, however, the witnesses minds have been wiped, and the government is trying to hide it from us! We shall watch the video now.
(Government conspiracy theorist walks off)
(Bloke holding stick walks on, without stick, stands on right hand side)
(Bloke who sees aliens walks on, on left hand side)
(Bloke holding stick picks up stick with saucepan lid tied to the end and waves it around a bit.)
Government conspiracy theorist Pause the tape there please. (Walks on and points at saucepan lid) This, THIS is conclusive proof of our invasion by alien forces. This is OBVIOUSLY NOT a fake. The government have been hiding this from us. Continue the tape please.
(Bloke who sees aliens points and starts gibbering)
Bloke who sees aliens: a-a-a-a-a-a ALIENS!
(who s
:iconiamnotjim:Iamnotjim 0 2
Microsoft Car Sketch
Narrator: Good morning and welcome to the display of the newest breakthrough in computer technology, "Windows Auto-drive", the new operation system for cars from the Microsoft Corporation.  
To show the amazing technology contained in this new system, we're going to really going to put it through it's paces.
To start off, we will begin by demonstrating the new voice-activated car controls integrated into the core systems. Our driver will explain more…
Driver: Into this system is integrated the most advanced voice recognition software known to man, combined with an advanced mathematics drive and interstitial calculator.
We are now approaching a soft left turn in the road. This is the perfect opportunity to display the amazing cornering software built into the system.
Comp: You appear to be nearing a corner, do you require help?
Driver: Yes.
Comp: I have detected that you are approaching a 180° right hand turn, which will ideally be approached
:iconiamnotjim:Iamnotjim 1 3


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United Kingdom
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Currently Watching: Lost Season 2
Currently Playing: Red Steel - Wii
Currently Obsessed With: Sleeping

(Yes, I know there's a box for these, but it doesn't let you have hyperlinks, so I'm putting them here instead)

So, Yay, I'm back. not that anyone reads any of this stuff anyway, but hey, what'll you do. Apparently Martin has read this, so maybe one person will read this.

Anyway, I may add random reviews on here as time passes, as they're much easier to do than actual art, as all I have to do is moan about stuff (except Zelda, precious Zelda.......)

I'll probably add more to this at some point, but for the minute, I'll just upload some ridiculously high quality pictures of my cats asleep, as that's all I have to hand, and at some point, I really want to get some of the stuff that's currently on my front page, off it.

Hope you all have fun, anyone who read this.


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