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  • Listening to: Boredoms
  • Watching: Adventure Time + Ugly Americans
  • Playing: Yume Nikki
  • Eating: Tiramisù
Almost 3 months since i started to make sprites. I'm happy enough with the characters that i made lately, but still there's a lot to improve. If only i had enough free time. Maybe i should quit my job and just make sprites, listening to music and play videogames all the day. That would be heaven! Anyway, in my gallery you'll find:

- Sprites of weird characters that live in my mind
- Sprites of people that somehow i know in real life
- Sprites of characters from obscure and less obscure games that i played

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Yume Nikki is <3
Just started to create some pixel art.. i hope to be able to show something decent as soon as possible :)