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POM - Black Wings - Chapter Twenty-three
Chapter Twenty-Three – On your head be it
I wake up on the floor, draped in my pillowcase. My shield – the pillow, as I find out – has landed in the middle of the room. The cliff has dissolved, and I’m not lying shattered at the rocky bottom but back in our HQ, with only my back hurting a little. Good thing it was my turn for the lowest bunk this time.
The vision of an epic fencing battle has haunted me throughout the night. Even the terrifying fall before waking up was worth the clash and clatter of the swordfish blades. Oh. Swordfish don’t clatter, do they? No wonder my imagination is so notorious.
Sitting up, I rub my eyes awake and glance at the clock. Only five? Gotta go back to sleep. Maybe I’ll fence with golf clubs this time. Or with baseball bats? Sporks? It doesn’t sound fun once I know it’s only a dream.
The safe catches my eyes. Now, that would be a better pastime. A whole hour for
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Night at the beach - wallpaper by IamNoHere Night at the beach - wallpaper :iconiamnohere:IamNoHere 8 6
POM - Black Wings - Chapter twenty-two
Chapter Twenty-two – Mind Not the Matter
...My head... The pain...
A blaze of blue light stabs through my eyelids. I try to shield my eyes but can't lift a wing. In fact, I can't move at all. Stop acting so weak! It was just a knock on the head.

And a fall...
With a groan leaking out of my beak, I squint at the walls materializing in my view. Blowhole's cave. The dolphin's henchmen cluster beneath me. Wait – beneath? Then I must be...
Icy chill presses against my back. Blast! The infamous metal trap plate. To that I'm chained beyond a chance of escape, wings cuffed below the shoulders, feet in shackles. No amount of squirming will get me free out of this.
A shadow overcasts me, dimming the cave and making it less hurtful for the eyes.
"We're meeting again, peng-you-in!"
That voice. That cheery, gleeful voice, so unfitting of a dolphin with murderous intentions.
Shadow of Blowhole's flipper
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Late Early Spring - Wallpaper by IamNoHere Late Early Spring - Wallpaper :iconiamnohere:IamNoHere 4 2
POM - Black Wings - Chapter twenty-one
Chapter twenty-one – Up For Grabs
Ten fifty-nine PM. Three… Two… One… Eleven PM.
Gnashing my beak, I turn my back to the clock and march to the other side of the room. For the last hour or so, I’ve been the only one not slumbering like a canned sardine. If those snored like Rico, that is. I grab the nearest pillow, clutching on its edges. One more snore and I’ll stuff it in his beak.
Welcome, another sleepless night. I restore to pacing around the HQ. What else is there for me this night, anyway? The sleep won’t return; it hardly ever does once the nightmares attack. Thinking I’ve gotten rid of them forever… How foolish of me, when one nightmare still lies in wait in our safe.
Growling under my breath, I toss the pillow aside. It hits the clock and brings it crashing to the table. Even at that, no one stirs. What a solid slumber t
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POM - Black Wings - Chapter twenty
Chapter twenty – A Double-edged Gift

It’s been well into the evening when my team had finally stopped gushing about my return and bothering for all the little, unnecessary details. They had wanted to know everything. Everything.

Private had even asked what happened to Hans. “He’s not going back from Copenhagen,” I had told him. “So why should we care?” After that, I left them to their thoughts and came down to catch up on the news.
Here I go again… I put down my mug, the coffee stirred yet undrunk, but don’t look up from the television. "What’s the matter? Something you see me having time for?"
“Why, yes. Definitely,” echoes Kowalski’s voice from above the entrance. The bowl slides aside and something thumps to the floor. The scientist follows, down the ladder and to the table, where he drops an odd-shaped parcel. "Come to l
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A Christmas Wish - part one
Chapter One
A jangle rang out of the bell as Tommy attached it to a branch. He laughed. A soft stroke of his hand and the whole tree chimed a melody. He stepped back, admiring his work. "What do you think?" Dad had managed it again –  brought home a spruce, spreading its branches as if to hug everyone. Tommy himself would hug him –  he was the best, after all. The last day, he was telling them not to haste with the joy, yet today a tree stood in the room, tiny one but so real, sharp needled and smelling of forest nights.
"How did you do it?"
Wrinkles around Dad’s mouth turned up in a smile. "Do what?"
"The tree. You said the cost..."
A wink was all he got. "That's my little secret. Now there, if you could hand me the star, please."
The star was one of the few ornaments that adorned the tree. Pine cones hung off the branches, along with a small number of shining Christmas balls. The rest had been either broken or sold, yet that couldn
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Bullet Rebuttal
Bullet Rebuttal
Sadist’s smile and eye of red,
monochrome and mono-tune,
soon everyone will be dead.
The monobear will bring but doom.
To the basement called us all
for a bullet rebuttal.
For the sake of life not losing,
we begin our suspect-musing.
He’s the culprit, loud and clear,
why are we still standing here?
Push the button, quick, and send
the killer to his punishment.”
“Wait, stop! There must be more to it!
It’s not a simple ‘whodunnit’.
I’m willing to bet my cents
on our suspect’s innocence.
Please, be patient, hear him out!
Then we’ll see what this is all about.”
“If it means to clear my name,
I’ll play this little witness game.
When it happened, the strike of doom,
I was in the laundry room.
She was there to! And said ‘Hi’!
Now that’s a perfect alibi!”
“May I ask why she was there?
With some shirts? Or underwear?”
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Doctor of an ambiguous doctorate by IamNoHere Doctor of an ambiguous doctorate :iconiamnohere:IamNoHere 26 26 Autumn wallpaper by IamNoHere Autumn wallpaper :iconiamnohere:IamNoHere 28 13 An unusual pet by IamNoHere An unusual pet :iconiamnohere:IamNoHere 12 8
POM - Black Wings - Chapter nineteen
Chapter Nineteen – Revenge Served Hot
A wave splashes over my face. Alive. I’m still alive. I look up, and instantly regret it. The sun blinds me for a moment. Shielding my eyes, I search for my makeshift raft. I had no strength left to pull it up in the morning, and now the tide attacks it.
I dip my wings into the sea. The water is tepid but wet to the touch and salty to taste; not just a dream. Or nightmare. An escape from their verdict. Chills fight through the heat and down my spine. The guards won’t find me here. Nobody will. I'm alone.
I settle on a rock, scorched as everything else around. The sun’s burning without mercy, more than it had ever been back in Hoboken, or New York as well. This island, it can’t be so far… So what's wrong with the weather? I spread my wings and fan myself. Heh, at least some use for them. Other than rowing,
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The Strings (spoilers AceAttorney4) by IamNoHere The Strings (spoilers AceAttorney4) :iconiamnohere:IamNoHere 21 11 Spotlight for the monkey by IamNoHere Spotlight for the monkey :iconiamnohere:IamNoHere 6 0
POM - Black Wings - Chapter eighteen
Chapter eighteen – Darting away 
This night, Jensen had at least tried to stay awake. Despite all the efforts, it had taken his head only an hour or two to fall at the back of the chair and his snoring to fill the room. His hat had landed on the edge of the table, not a guard’s honor anymore.
Hans was on his back, sleeping as well. As if there was nothing lurking ready to bring him nightmares, no enough reasons for pressing the lock. Must have been sure of his victory. 
I drew out a dart and waited for it to hang in my wing, inert as its oncoming victim. If Jensen doesn't mind sleeping at work… I sent the dart into his shoulder, right under the shoulder pad. He grunted, his head dropping at his chest. 
As I stepped out of the cage, a squall of wind slapped my face, forcing me to raise my wing and shield against it. I peeked at the stupid window, swinging back and forth in the gale. Good
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Laughing Out Loud - digital by IamNoHere Laughing Out Loud - digital :iconiamnohere:IamNoHere 11 6


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There is a place midst the mist

between fans and haters

where true fans cease to exist

replaced by creators.

In this place, as you can see,

true turned all fans’ fantasies:

Bow and arrow,

path silent, narrow

among Panem's trees.

Two are acting

but all fighting

at the stake are destinies.

Caught a horse and slain a pig,

to the bedrock did I dig.

Cut a tree and built a raft,

of survival mine is craft.

I’m a ghost in heavy chain,

in the sunshine, snow and rain,

listen, my friend, listen well,

for the things that I will tell…

Three ghosts you will meet tonight.

Three ghosts will come give you fright.

When the sun brings Christmas days,

you have chance to change your ways.

My friend, how long have you been

waiting for the ink machine?

On a gleeful killing spree,

Bendy’s out there roaming free.

If you don’t mind sharing soup,

better come here in a group.

You must stop that cruel invader

with dark name of lord Darth Vader.

Just when you think he has won,

he says, “Luke, you are my son.”

Or want a terrific Harry-fic?

The magic boy’s fans sure are quick!

Wizard, troll, ghost or a witch,

you won’t catch the sneaky Snitch.

A ghostly bunny? Robot chick?

This pizzeria is all but chic.

Going mad from isolation?

Rather change your occupation.

Your willingness, that may falter.

But you must not balk, nor can halter.

Do what you must – you will know.

That, or your name isn’t Snow.

Monochrome and mono-tune,

the monobear will bring but doom.

To the basement called us all

for a bullet rebuttal.


Hold it!

You take that!

Today’s victim is not dead!

What’s the verdict? You can guess:

Guilty of sheer awesomeness.”

Ponyville – you know that place?

Creatures which you there would face…

with a dragon in her tow,

gulping six pies in a row,

doing cool tricks in the air,

making friends with grizzly


one with keen eye for the fashion,

one with hard work as her passion…

together living in a bliss.

What a power friendship is!

Did you like this journey well?

All the stories fans can tell...

If you think them worth my rhyme,

come back here another time.


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