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These are my OC Characters of The Legend of Korra.

Book 1: Air

  1. Black Cattle (Son of Courage Eagle, Nephew of Wild Wolf, Younger Brother of Sunrise Hawk, Father of Cunning Fox, Love Interest of Lin Beifong, Waterbender and Owner of the Republic City Animal Sanctuary)
  2. Cunning Fox (Son of Black Cattle, Nephew of Sunrise Hawk, Grandson of Courage Eagle, Great Nephew of Wild Wolf, Waterbender and Love Interest of Asami Sato)
  3. Sunrise Hawk (Older Brother of Black Cattle, Uncle of Cunning Fox, Earthbender and Chief of the Nawakee Tribe)
  4. Charging Bison (Strongest Earthbender of the Nawakee Tribe)

Book 2: Spirits

  1. Liu Shang (Son of Haku, Husband of Kya, Father of Jaden and Katana, Uncle of Jinora, Ikki, Meelo and Rohan and Waterbending Master of the Northern Water Tribe)
  2. Jaden (Son of Liu Shang and Kya, Nephew of Tenzin, Pema and Bumi, Grandson of Haku and Katara, Older Brother of Katana, Cousin of Jinora, Ikki, Meelo and Rohan and Waterbending Student)
  3. Katana (Daughter of Liu Shang and Kya, Niece of Tenzin, Pema and Bumi, Granddaughter of Haku and Katara, Younger Sister of Jaden, Cousin of Jinora, Ikki, Meelo and Rohan and Waterbending Student)
  4. Grey Heron (Shaman of the Nawakee Tribe and Waterbender)

Book 3: Change

  1. Bitter Swan (Grand Niece of Grey Heron, Best Friend of Cunning Fox, Love Interest of Jaden, Former Nonbender of the Nawakee Tribe and Airbending Student)

Book 4: Balance

  1. Kuzon (Grandson of Zuko, Son of Izumi, Younger Brother of Iroh, Love Interest of Katana, Firebender and Crowned Prince of the Fire Nation)
  2. Tsung Lai (Dictating conqueror of the four nations)

The Voice Actors

  1. Rodney A. Grant as Black Cattle
  2. Eddie Spears as Cunning Fox
  3. Gil Birmingham as Sunrise Hawk
  4. Brad Garrett as Charging Bison
  5. Matthew Broderick as Liu Shang
  6. Sam Huntington as Jaden
  7. Kirstin Dust as Katana
  8. Wes Studi as Grey Heron
  9. Tinsel Korey as Bitter Swan
  10. Elijah Wood as Kuzon
  11. Gary Oldman as Tsung Lai
Ladies and Gentleman, It is my great pleasure to present to you some new members of the Herd since the Ice Age films.

Members of the Herd: Manny, Sid, Diego, Ellie, Crash and Eddie, Peaches, Louis, Granny, Shira, Julian and Brooke.

New Members from Over the Hedge: RJ, Verne, Stella, Tiger, Hammy, Ozzie, Heather and Lou, Penny, Bucky, Spike and Quillo and Vincent.

New Members from Open Season: Boog, Ursa, Elliot, Giselle, Gisela, Giselita and Elvis, McSquizzy, Buddy, Reilly, Maria and Rosie, Serge and Deni and Ian.

New Members from Alpha and Omega: Humphrey, Kate, Stinky, Claudette and Runt, Garth, Lilly, Marcel and Paddy, Salty, Shakey and Mooch, Princess, Fleet, Magril, Nars, Floyd and Daria

New Members from The Nut Job: Surly, Buddy the Rat, Andie, Grayson, Jamie, Jimmy and Johnny and Mole

New Arrivals:

Diego and Shira's Cubs, Toby and Rose


Garth and Lilly's Pups, Nathan, Violet and Petunia

If anyone can read this, Please give me you honest opinion and tell me what you think?
Ladies and Gentlemen from Deviantart, I need your help, Will any of you come up with a fine pictures of my OC Characters from Cats Don't Dance?

Albert the American Alligator, Artie the Western Nine Banded Armadillo, Theo the Toad and Percy the Pelican from North America, Alejandro the Anaconda, Cortez the Jaguar, Jose the Harpy Eagle and Julio the Red Eyed Tree Frog from South America, Pascal the Tree Pangolin, Eli the Egyptian Greater Flamingo, Montague the British Nile Monitor and Jimbo the Swahili African Bull Frog from Africa, Waldo the European Hedgehog, Osric the Scottish Tawny Owl, Adam the European Adder and Francois the French Fire Salamander from Europe, Terrance the British Bengal Tiger, Sherman the Russian Osprey, Jen the Hindi Indian King Cobra and Shao Den the Japanese Giant Salamander from Asia and Roland the Red Kangaroo, Ken the Kookaburra, Skitter the Frilled Lizard and Burt the Cain Toad from Australia were Danny's old collage friends from Kokomo, Thaddeus the Liger is the founder of the alliance of Talented Animals who wanted to become Celebrities like People and Loretta the Gould's Monitor is Thaddeus' Attorney and Montague's girlfriend.

If any of you will come up with art pictures of each of my OC Characters will be rewarded with special surprises, Good Luck.  

Ladies and Gentleman I give the cast of DarthGoldstar710's version of the Possible Sequel of Madagascar, Madagascar 4.

                                                                                     The Returning cast

                                                                                     Ben Stiller as Alex
                                                                                     Chris Rock as Marty
                                                                          Jada Pinkett Smith as Gloria
                                                                            David Schwimmer as Melman
                                                                                 Tom McGrath as Skipper
                                                                                     Chris Miller as Kowalski
                                                                                 John DiMaggio as Rico
                                                                          Christopher Knights as Private
                                                                                Conrad Vernon as Mason
                                                                          Sacha Baron Cohen as King Julien
                                                                       Cedric the Entertainer as Maurice
                                                                                   Andy Richter as Mort
                                                                                Bryan Cranston as Vitaly
                                                                              Jessica Chastain as Gia
                                                                                   Martin Short as Stefano
                                                                                   Vinnie Jones as Freddie
                                                                                   Steve Jones as Jonesy
                                                                                  Nick Fletcher as Frankie
                                                                                Jules de Jongh as Shakey
                                                                                       Paz Vega as Esmeralda, Esperanza and Ernestina

                                                                                           The new cast

                                                                                Mandy Moore as Eunice Bluegrass

Pastor Tobias is a Newfoundland Priest and a good friend of Charlie Barkin and Itchy Itchiford. He once wedded Charlie and Sasha, Itchy and Bess and Tiffany and Jeremy during their Weddings and he's also the wisest Guardian Angel Dog ever. He possess any kind of Magic Spells granted from the Heavens and created the magic weapons to give to the future Guardian Angels, The Amulet of Balance which was given to Bentley Itchiford, The Crown of Wisdom which was given to Travis, The Crystal Ball of Knowledge which was given to Kyle, The Wand of Destiny which was given to Carlos Carruthers, The Talisman of Medusa which was given to Caleb,The Ring of Light which was given to Randy, The Cross of Righteousness which was given to Leon, The Heart Necklaces of Life which was given to July, Sierra, Jess, Yuè Guāng, Reimei, Stacey, Rose and Bethany and The Staff of Mericles which was given to Charlie Jr. as Chosen Guardian Angels who pledged to use them in time of severe distress. Pastor Tobias also pledged his loyalty to Annabelle to help his friends and teach the young heroes anything they have to know to become heroes.

Pastor Tobias is voiced by Alfred Molina.…

Randy is Tiffany and Jeremy's Son and Sierra Barkin's boyfriend, He's love surfing, playing his electric guitar and He enjoys hanging out with his friends, He dose the Inspiration of Bill and Ted, By saying Excellent and Bogus, and He's good at being at a rock n' roll band known as the Sly Dogs along with his friends, Caleb, Leon, Carlos Carutthers and Kyle, He's even best friends with Charlie Barkin Jr. and Bentley Itchiford and He goes to all kinds of adventures along with his Sister, Stacey, Randy never wanted to do any bad deeds or Let bad things happen to Sierra or Stacey at all and He's good at every single Guardian Angel and Rescue Mission all the time.

Randy is voiced by T.J. Miller.


Stacey is Tiffany and Jeremy's Daughter, Randy's Sister and Caleb's girlfriend, She enjoys hanging out with her friends and being the best Show Dog like her Mother, She doesn't care about winning any Trophies, Ribbons or Metals, All she does is trying her very best to win and exercise and She even takes her break and Hang out with Jess for a walk.

Stacey is voiced by Anna Chlumsky.
Bethany is Gerta's Niece, Sergeant Yorkie's Daughter and Bentley Itchiford's girlfriend, She helps her Aunt Gerta out during her works, She became best friends with Flo's Niece, July when she visited San Francisco from London, Bethany and Bentley had the one thing in common such as cooking and being confident, She even love to hang out with all of her friends along with Charlie Jr. Bethany is even good at keeping track of time, Reading Schedules and making sure everything's in order.

Bethany is voiced by Kirsten Dunst.…
  • Reading: Alpha and Omega 2 and Balto 4 Spirit of the Wolf
Kevin is Manfred's Nephew and a friend of Charlie Jr. and Bentley Itchiford, He's great a Lifting Weights and Kick Boxing and He always Hangs out with his friends and his girlfriend, Rose, Kevin even made is own band with Carlos, Kyle, Caleb and Randy, "The Sly Dogs" Leon never gave up his friends or gave up without a fight.

Kevin is voiced by Aziz Ansari.
  • Reading: Alpha and Omega 2 and Balto 4 Spirit of the Wolf

Kai is a Japanese Spitz born in Japan as a Master of Ninjutsu and Karate, When he and his good friend Wong arrived in America in San Francisco They became friends with Charlie Barkin, Sasha La Fleur, Itchy Itchiford and David when they first came to Easy Street, Kai became friends with Bess when he came to help Itchy out during her Dog School Reunion, Sometime later, Kai and Wong taught Itchy Kung Fu, Ninjutsu and Karate so that he can defend Bess from Manfred anytime he tries to mess with her.

Kai is voiced by George Takei.


Reimei is a Japanese Spitz/Chihuahua Mix born in Japan with her father a Japanese Spitz and her mother a Chihuahua born in Mexico and grew up in India, She came to San Francisco, She came to see her Uncle Kai and later became friends with Charlie Jr. and his friends, She speaks Hindi and English and is very passion at learning languages and Karate, Reimei always love hanging out with her friends and spending time with her boyfriend, Kyle, When they first met, They didn't wanted to go on separate ways at all.

Reimei is voiced by Priyanka Chopra.
  • Reading: Alpha and Omega 2 and Balto 4 Spirit of the Wolf

Wong is a Chow Chow born in China as a Master of Kung Fu, When he arrived in America in San Francisco, He and his good friend Kai became friends with Charlie Barkin, Sasha La Fleur, Itchy Itchiford and David when they first came to Easy Street, Awhile later, Wong became friends with Bess, He grew fond of her as a friend, Sometime later, Wong and Kai taught Itchy Kung Fu, Ninjutsu and Karate so that he can defend Bess from Manfred anytime he tries to mess with her.

Wong is voiced by Chow Yun-fat.

Yuè Guāng

Yuè Guāng is a Chow Chow/Cocker Spaniel Mix, Wong's Niece and a girlfriend and Carlos Carruthers, She grew up in China and came to live in San Francisco after her visit with her Uncle Wong, She learned Kung Fu from him along side Carlos, Yuè Guāng even hangs out with Carlos, Kyle and Reimei all the time and She never even turns her back on them.

Yuè Guāng is voiced by Liu Yifei.…
  • Reading: Alpha and Omega 2 and Balto 4 Spirit of the Wolf
July is Flo's Niece and Charlie Jr.'s Girlfriend, She was born in London and moved to America in San Francisco, Her passion is helping others and help her Aunt Flo looking after the homeless Puppies at Flo's Orphanage for Puppies, She hangs out with her friends, July and Charlie Jr. had a lot in common, they both wanted to see the world and they love seeing new worlds and having great adventures, July even love making new friends around San Francisco when she first came here to see her Aunt Flo, She doesn't want to live anywhere else after she first met Charlie Jr.

July is voiced by Emily Blunt.
  • Reading: Alpha and Omega 2 and Balto 4 Spirit of the Wolf

Seamus is a West Highland White Terrier born in Scotland, He and his best friend Matthew became partners and being noblest Guardian Angel Dogs ever, Seamus is fearless and tough enough to take down a Dog bigger then him, Back at Scotland long ago, He rescued Matthew from being at the pound and traveled to Louisiana where they first met Charlie Barkin and Itchy Itchiford, Seamus always plays his Bagpipes and he always enjoys telling Puppies stories about Nessie known as the Loch Ness Monster, The legendary Sea Monster of Scotland and cared less how crazy other dogs think about him.

Seamus is voiced by Billy Connolly.


Travis is a Westie/Pomeranian Mix and Seamus' Nephew who arrived from Scotland to come and live in San Francisco, He enjoys visiting his Uncle Seamus and is great at playing his own Bagpipes, Travis plays it to impress his Girlfriend Jess who loved the sound of Bagpipes and doesn't care how loud it is, Travis never let bad things happen to her or Bentley not even their friends, He sometimes hangouts with his friends and always go on rescue missions, Compassion and Confidence keeps him going no matter what.

Travis is voiced by James McAvoy.…
  • Reading: Alpha and Omega 2 and Balto 4 Spirit of the Wolf

Matthew is a kindhearted Border Collie and a good friend of Charlie Barkin and Itchy Itchiford, He and his partner and best friend Seamus the West Highland White Terrier have been fine Guardian Angels ever since before they met Charlie and Itchy, He always show competition to them including Sasha and Bess, Matthew never gave up on his friends or Seamus, He's always there for them no matter what.

Matthew is voiced by Mel Gibson.


Caleb is Matthew's Nephew and Rose' Brother and wears black and white fur on him, he and Rose grew up in Kansas and became best country singers, Caleb is good at wrestling Bulls and Rams and he and Rose are the best Sheepdogs in the whole country, When they came to San Francisco, They came to stay with their Uncle Matthew, Then Caleb first met Tiffany and Jeremy's Daughter Stacey and fell in love with her and always doing good deeds to them to earn their trust with her.

Caleb is voiced by Jonathan Taylor Thomas.


Rose is Matthew's Niece and Caleb's Sister and wears brown and white fur on her, She and Caleb grew up in Kansas and moved to San Francisco with their Uncle Matthew, Later she met Manfred's Nephew Leon and they fell in love with each other, She's great at herding a flock of Sheep with Caleb and scaring Crows away from Gardens and she always able to help out her friends and Brother at any mission Guardian Angels do to rescue other animals and people all the time.

Rose is voiced by Mandy Moore.…
  • Reading: Alpha and Omega 2 and Balto 4 Spirit of the Wolf
Carlos Carruthers

Carlos Carruthers is the Nephew of Carface, He enjoys eating, making money and hanging out with his friends, Including his girlfriend Yuè Guāng and his best friend Kyle, He doesn't care about the money except his friends and Uncle Carface, As long as he save up more money for anything he could sometimes want.

Carlos Carruthers is voiced by Jonah Hill.


Kyle is Killer's Nephew, He likes to hang out with his best friend Carlos because they've known each other ever since they visit their Uncles, They became good friends of Charlie Barkin Jr, Bentley Itchiford and their friends, Kyle sometimes didn't want bad things happen to his girlfriend Reimei because he made a promise to her Uncle Kai that He would always watch over her and never let danger come to her.

Kyle is voiced by Justin Timberlake.…
  • Reading: Alpha and Omega 2 and Balto 4 Spirit of the Wolf
Bentley Itchiford

Bentley Itchiford is Itchy and Bess' Son and Jess' Brother, He's a lot like his Father Itchy and loves seeing his Mother Bess, He loves to cook and he sometimes loses his glasses, He doesn't care how geeky he looks when it comes to Confidence, He goes to all kind of adventures with his friends including Charlie Jr. Because they were like Cousins, He even loves dating his Girlfriend Bethany, Sometimes he gets scared but he eventually learn to be brave.

Bentley Itchiford is voiced by Macaulay Culkin.…

Jess Itchiford

Jess Itchiford is Itchy and Bess' Daughter and Bentley's Sister, Her full name is Jessica Winifred. Itchiford, She looks a lot like her Mother Bess, She loves exercising with her because she loves becoming a show dog just like her, She won the dog show competition ten times over, She enjoys being with her Brother and friends for adventures she even hangs out with her Boyfriend Travis and helps Sierra with her work at the Flea Bite, and she doesn't even care about being clean as long as she washes her self up all the time.

Jess Itchiford is voiced by Christina Ricci.…
  • Reading: Alpha and Omega 2 and Balto 4 Spirit of the Wolf
Charlie Barkin Jr.

Charlie Barkin Jr. is Charlie and Sasha's Son and Sierra's Brother, His full name is Charlie B. Barkin II, He's a lot more like his parents But he takes his responsibilities seriously, Charlie Jr. along with his Sister Sierra and their friends were chosen as next Guardian Angels, He shows compassion to others and enjoyed going to all kinds of places around the world, He even enjoys hanging out with his friends Bentley and Jess Itchiford, Travis, Leon, Caleb, Rose, Randy, Stacey, Carlos, Kyle, Yuè Guāng, Reimei, Bethany and his Girlfriend July, He never turns his back on his friends and family and he doesn't even mind being called Junior by his Father, Charlie Barkin.

Charlie Barkin Jr. is voiced by Elijah Wood.

Sierra Barkin

Sierra Barkin is Charlie and Sasha's Daughter and Charlie Jr.'s Sister, Her full name is Sierra Samantha. Barkin, Sierra helps her Mother Sasha at the Flea Bite, She graduated from Medical School after her training of being a Doctor, She learn a lot about finding cures for any diseases and viruses, After working with his Mother, Sierra even come visiting her Boyfriend Randy, She takes care of everything while her Mother isn't at the Flea Bite, She became a fine Guardian Angel after becoming a Docter.

Sierra Barkin is voiced by Ariana Richards.…
Ladies and Gentlemen, Allow me to show you all the cast of Balto 4: Spirit of the Wolf in honor of DarthGoldstar710:

                                                                          The Returning cast

                                                                     Kevin Bacon as Balto
                                                                   Bridget Fonda as Jenna
                                                               Charles Fleischer as Boris
                                                                       Phil Collins as Muk and Luk
                                                                   Jim Cummings as Steele
                                                                       Jack Angel as Nikki
                                                                     Danny Mann as Kaltag
                                                                       Robbie Rist as Star
                                                                  Lacey Chabert as Aleu
                                                                       Mark Hamill as Niju and ThunderBolt
                                                                       Sean Astin as Kodi
                                                                 Keith Carradine as Duke
                                                                     Kevin Schon as Mr. Simpson
                                                                       Jean Smart as Stella
                                                                  Bill Fagerbakke as Ralph and Mr. Conner
                                                                   Charity James as Dusty
                                                                    Kathy Najimy as Dipsy
                                                                   David Paymer as Mel
                                                                  Carl Weathers as Kirby
                                                               Monnae Michaell as Aniu

                                                                          The new cast

                                                                George Segal as the new voice Nava
                                                                Christina Ricci as Nunivat
                                                               Jason Marsden as Justin
                                                                    Justin Long as Dingo
                                                                Neve Campbell as Dana
                                                                     Moira Kelly as Saba
                                                          Matthew Broderick as Josh
                                                                    Bruce Willis as Yukon
                                                                        Ming-Na as Yin
                                                                     B.D. Wong as Yang
                                                                 Cameron Diaz as Fiona
                                                                    Mike Myers as Vincent
                                                                 Tom McGrath as Rico
                                                                     Mel Gibson as Conner
                                                                  Alec Baldwin as Forrest
                                                               Sandra Bullock as Angel
                                                                    Ned Beatty as Max
                                                                  Glenn Close as Molly
  • Reading: Alpha and Omega 2 and Balto 4 Spirit of the Wolf