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SpongeBob's Ponyville Adventure S2 Ep4
Season 2 Episode 4: Wonderbolt SpongeBob.
Theme Intro: DuckTales 2017 Intro with old and new themes mixed:
One day, SpongeBob, Twilight, Mickey, and their friends enjoying a wonderful picnic at the Everfree Forest, it was a good time for good friends to come together.
SpongeBob SquarePants: (sighed in relaxation) You know? This is what I needed, a nice day for a picnic, I really need a break for all the stress I’ve been getting lately.
Twilight Sparkle: You said it.
Mickey Mouse: (chuckles) I couldn’t agree more, SpongeBob.
Donald Duck: Me either.
With Mickey and Donald eating their corns on a combs like typewriters, Goofy’s head bounces and shakes it. As he grabs the corn with a fork, he tried to pull it out but accidentally hits an electric radio and turned into popcorn. Then, Goofy looked at the last corn when turns into a popcorn before hitting his eye.
SpongeBob SquarePants: Wow, what a weird way to cook popcorn there,
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Full House Gang ready to battle Lord Nooth by iamnater1225 Full House Gang ready to battle Lord Nooth :iconiamnater1225:iamnater1225 1 0
SpongeBob's Ponyville Adventure S2 Ep3
Season 2 Episode 3: Adventures in Flurrysitting.
Theme Intro: DuckTales 2017 Intro with old and new themes mixed:
After a few weeks has past since the time traveling incident, the trio were still hiding around the corners in Ponyville thinking of another plan.
Jack: Man, there’s nothing to do around here, but it’s still better than back home.
Xavier: You said it, our master could’ve at least give us a new lair where we can crash in, not just waiting in the shadows like the homeless would! Hey, Travis, do you got another plan on what we can do?
Travis: I’m doing the best I can, Xavier, don’t rush me! Jeez, it’s bad enough to hide in here, but I can’t hear myself think!
As he continued to think, he picked up a power sense that far away from Ponyville, and he detects where SpongeBob is heading.
Travis: Change of plans, Guys, I think I know where SpongeBob is going, and it could be our chance to get him.
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SpongeBob's Ponyville Adventure S2 Ep2
Season 2 Episode 2: Blast to the Past Part 2.
Theme Intro: DuckTales 2017 Intro with old and new themes mixed:
                                              Previously on SpongeBob’s Ponyville Adventure...
SpongeBob SquarePants: I came from around here and I was wondering where I am.
Mickey Mouse: Why, you’re in my magic kingdom. (chuckles) Name’s Mickey Mouse by the way.
SpongeBob SquarePants: Name’s SpongeBob SquarePants, your friendly neighborhood sponge! Pleasure to meet you, King Mickey.
Merlock: So, there is a newcomer from another dimension.
SpongeBob SquarePants: I’m sure my pals are gonna be happy about this if we work together.
Gyro Gearloose: I call it the Gate Master 3000! With this portal generator, it’ll take you to any kind of dimension.
Merlock: At last, revenge will be all ours
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Full House Gang ready to battle Tzekel-Kan by iamnater1225 Full House Gang ready to battle Tzekel-Kan :iconiamnater1225:iamnater1225 0 0
SpongeBob's Ponyville Adventure S2 Ep1
Season 2 Episode 1: Blast to the Past Part 1.
Theme Intro: DuckTales 2017 Intro with old and new themes mixed:
From the fields of Ponyville, Xavier, Jack, and Travis are hiding from the shadows just to witness the whole world that they're in.
Xavier: Wow! This place is a dump! I much prefer the blood moon then this.
Travis: I know, this place is terrible, Guys. But remember, we’re on a mission to wipe out the protectors of this world at all costs. So, we can’t get distracted.
Jack: I don’t think this needs protectors, this place is boring that it doesn’t need heroes.
Travis: We’ll never know for sure, let’s start by looking if there’s an HQ or something. But first, we need to blend in…
The two of them know what he said then they disguised themselves as ponies with only Travis’s black magic.
Jack: I look ridiculous…
Xavier: Oh, quit your complaining, will you? I hate this more than yo
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Full House Gang ready to battle Baron Sheldgoose by iamnater1225 Full House Gang ready to battle Baron Sheldgoose :iconiamnater1225:iamnater1225 2 0 SpongeBob's Ponyville Adventure Season 1 Poster by iamnater1225 SpongeBob's Ponyville Adventure Season 1 Poster :iconiamnater1225:iamnater1225 16 0 SpongeBob's Ponyville Adventure Poster by iamnater1225 SpongeBob's Ponyville Adventure Poster :iconiamnater1225:iamnater1225 10 13
SpongeBob's Ponyville Adventure S1 Ep26
Season 1 Episode 26: The New Member of the Magic of Friendship Part 2.
Theme Intro: SpongeBob SquarePants Theme (Avril Lavigne version):
                                              Previously on SpongeBob’s Ponyville Adventure...
Fizzlepop Berrytwist: These are called Power Energy Crystals, we all found this on a sacred cave on our expedition in the forest.
Grubber: Yeah, these were so cool looking and it holds something else we don’t know about.
Sunset Shimmer: Whatever they were, they must be really dangerous if they fall into the wrong hooves.
Lord Tirek: Friendship is nothing but torture to us, but we can still have our revenge and fulfilling our own dreams to rule our worlds.
Star Swirl the Bearded: Didn’t you realized what would happened if Tirek or the Storm King get their hands on them!? Equestria woul
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SpongeBob's Ponyville Adventure S1 Ep25
Season 1 Episode 25: The New Member of the Magic of Friendship Part 1.
Theme Intro: SpongeBob SquarePants Theme (Avril Lavigne version):
In the fiery depths of Tartarus, it was very quiet and creeping as usual. At the very core, Tirek was stood still speaking to himself as usual.
Lord Tirek: It’s been quite for a while in my time in Tartarus, every single day I spend in here. It’s always been torture! I have no one else but those vile creatures, and an overthrow king! For what? Those...
He had an image in his head who were Twilight and the gang, and showing Twilight destroying him.
Lord Tirek: Princess Twilight Sparkle… I was sent here because of her!
The Storm King: Don’t remind me… I still haven’t forgot my defeat. My loyal commanders are all gone and both my loyal comrades betrayed me over friendship! And it was all thanks to that despicable princess!
Lord Tirek: Yes… I for one find this so embarra
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The Beautiful Generous heroes with closest friends by iamnater1225 The Beautiful Generous heroes with closest friends :iconiamnater1225:iamnater1225 2 0
SpongeBob's Ponyville Adventure S1 Ep24
Season 1 Episode 24: Get a Griff.
Theme Intro: SpongeBob SquarePants Theme (Avril Lavigne version):
In the quiet outdoors, SpongeBob was sitting alone near the waterfalls practicing to gather spirit energy. Nothing was around him, the environment was quiet while the birds are chirping and the tree waving, it was really peaceful. SpongeBob stood quietly relaxing his whole body and mind to practice his mind.
SpongeBob SquarePants: (thinking) Come on, SpongeBob, be a man! You can’t lose your own focus to this, you must master this skill in order to be better, just a few more minutes…
Patrick Star: Hi, SpongeBob! (notices him not doing anything) Hello? Can he hear me...?
Just as he went up to me closely and quietly, he poked his chest to get his attention and it worked, he opened his eyes and saw Patrick in front of him.
SpongeBob SquarePants: Huh? Oh, hi, Patrick. How’s it going?
Patrick Star: I’m okay, but why are you al
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The Hope and Laughter heroes with closest friends by iamnater1225 The Hope and Laughter heroes with closest friends :iconiamnater1225:iamnater1225 2 0
SpongeBob's Ponyville Adventure S1 Ep23
Season 1 Episode 23: Guy's Night is Guy's Time.
Theme Intro: SpongeBob SquarePants Theme (Avril Lavigne version):
That late at night, it was really quiet here in Bikini Bottom. Plankton was busy in his computer working as usual, until he got a call.
Plankton: (grunted) Hello? Call from Plankton, you reached the Chum Bucket! To whom am I speaking to?
Cozy Glow: Hi, Plankton, it’s Cozy Glow.
Plankton: Oh, it’s just you, Cozy. What is it? I’m currently busy at the moment, so if you want to ask me something, make it quick.
Cozy Glow: Spike, Big McIntosh, and Discord was inviting more guys for Guy’s Night,
Plankton: A Guy’s Night? Yeah… no. I’m gonna pass on it, besides, I’m busy right now.
Cozy Glow: Come on, Plankton, it’ll be fun, even for your friends in Bikini Bottom.
As he thought for a moment, and for once, he wasn’t against this offer. He had memories of his own Guy’s Night
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SpongeBob's Ponyville Adventure S1 Ep22
Season 1 Episode 22: Begin the Pillars Test.
Theme Intro: SpongeBob SquarePants Theme (Avril Lavigne version):
It was one afternoon in the fields of Ponyville, SpongeBob was all alone in the field training all by himself. He was so worned out that he had to pushed himself to become strong.
SpongeBob SquarePants: (out of breath) Oh boy! I’m so exhausted... All this training is really wearing me down… but I have to keep pushing on! If I want to get strong like Twilight, then I must reach my own limit! Here we go!
So, he started to charge up magic energy to perform the Power-Up DX technique. He struggled himself to keep balance of his form, and it worked. He started to run around in laps and practicing punching and kicking. Soon after that he, he finally collapsed in the floor still breathing but really tired from all the training he did.
SpongeBob SquarePants: Okay… maybe I overdid all that training a bit. Time for a break
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Beast Morpher Orange Ranger by Greencosmos80 Beast Morpher Orange Ranger :icongreencosmos80:Greencosmos80 61 13 Green Beast Morpher Ranger by Greencosmos80 Green Beast Morpher Ranger :icongreencosmos80:Greencosmos80 78 7 pillars of equestria by Tassji-S pillars of equestria :icontassji-s:Tassji-S 52 5 101 Dalmatians Grown-Up Pups ALL by Stray-Sketches 101 Dalmatians Grown-Up Pups ALL :iconstray-sketches:Stray-Sketches 310 29 . [ Spyro Reignited Trilogy ] . Cynder + Sting by CreCheri . [ Spyro Reignited Trilogy ] . Cynder + Sting :iconcrecheri:CreCheri 596 31 Aunt Lofty and Aunt Holiday Canon Version by digimonlover101 Aunt Lofty and Aunt Holiday Canon Version :icondigimonlover101:digimonlover101 96 13 Rocky the Rhino by Blackrhinoranger Rocky the Rhino :iconblackrhinoranger:Blackrhinoranger 19 3 Commander Branding Blade by SwiftgaiatheBrony Commander Branding Blade :iconswiftgaiathebrony:SwiftgaiatheBrony 26 49 Branding Blade armor by SwiftgaiatheBrony Branding Blade armor :iconswiftgaiathebrony:SwiftgaiatheBrony 22 11 The Mane 8 by Joshuat1306 The Mane 8 :iconjoshuat1306:Joshuat1306 21 12 Owl Fin by Baeleth Owl Fin :iconbaeleth:Baeleth 3 1 Ninarika- Madagascar OC by AvianVnaivA Ninarika- Madagascar OC :iconavianvnaiva:AvianVnaivA 156 70 Sunburst and Starlight glimmer's wedding by unicornsmile Sunburst and Starlight glimmer's wedding :iconunicornsmile:unicornsmile 33 7 PAW Patrol by KingLeonLionheart PAW Patrol :iconkingleonlionheart:KingLeonLionheart 273 0 The Amazing One and Only Queen Novo by Creativa-Artly01 The Amazing One and Only Queen Novo :iconcreativa-artly01:Creativa-Artly01 7 1 Big mac and Sugarbelle's wedding by unicornsmile Big mac and Sugarbelle's wedding :iconunicornsmile:unicornsmile 32 6



Season 2 Episode 4: Wonderbolt SpongeBob.

Theme Intro: DuckTales 2017 Intro with old and new themes mixed:…

One day, SpongeBob, Twilight, Mickey, and their friends enjoying a wonderful picnic at the Everfree Forest, it was a good time for good friends to come together.

SpongeBob SquarePants: (sighed in relaxation) You know? This is what I needed, a nice day for a picnic, I really need a break for all the stress I’ve been getting lately.

Twilight Sparkle: You said it.

Mickey Mouse: (chuckles) I couldn’t agree more, SpongeBob.

Donald Duck: Me either.

With Mickey and Donald eating their corns on a combs like typewriters, Goofy’s head bounces and shakes it. As he grabs the corn with a fork, he tried to pull it out but accidentally hits an electric radio and turned into popcorn. Then, Goofy looked at the last corn when turns into a popcorn before hitting his eye.

SpongeBob SquarePants: Wow, what a weird way to cook popcorn there, Goofy.

Plankton: How is that even possible?

Patrick Star: I have to agree, but it looks cool though. And they look yummy! (started eating the popcorn)

Ocellus: Save some for me, Patrick.

Patrick Star: (sharing his popcorn) Here you go, Ocellus.

Ocellus: Thanks.

Plankton: Well, when it comes to have a simple day but screwing it up with silliness, I say you all got it hands down.

Then, Rainbow Dash came after returning from the Wonderbolt Academy.

Rainbow Dash: Hey, Everyone, Everypony, and Every Creature!

SpongeBob SquarePants: Hi, Rainbow Dash!

Pinkie Pie: Dashie, you’re back.

Sandy Cheeks: Howdy, R.D.! How’re things goin’ with them there Wonderbolts?

Rainbow Dash: Better than usual, Sandy. We’ve been doing some training as always.

Twilight Sparkle: I’m sure you have a wonderful time, Rainbow. (to SpongeBob) What do you think, SpongeBob?

Then, SpongeBob begins to grow to that idea.

SpongeBob SquarePants: Wait, do you say training? What kind of training do you do in there? I’ve never actually see what you do in there.

Rainbow Dash: Well, SpongeBob, that’s what you’re about to find out. You know, I’ve seen you done so much training with Twilight a bunch of times before, and now it’s my turn!

Twilight Sparkle: Rainbow Dash, what are you talking about?

Rainbow Dash: Nothing really, all I want to do is just show him around and see if I could teach him a thing or two with my own skills! I always want to teach some with my own! What do you say?

SpongeBob SquarePants: Well… Okay, I don’t see why not.

Later at Cloudsdale, SpongeBob and Scootaloo meet up at the Wonderbolt Academy for their attempt to try out for the team.

Scootaloo: Are you sure it’s a good idea, SpongeBob? I barely practice flying, I always had help with Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle.

SpongeBob SquarePants: Not really sure for myself, Scootaloo. But hopefully, Rainbow Dash might know what to do with this.

Just as soon as they arrived at the academy, Spitfire, Soarin, and Fleetfoot were there.

Spitfire: Well now, looks like we got some more company here. What’s the occasion here, Dash? By bring more rookies in my academy?

Rainbow Dash: Glad you’ve asked, Spitfire, I actually want to teach these guys my own skills of training.

Smolder: You know, I didn’t actually think you guys had what it’d take to be a Wonderbolt member.

Scootaloo: Smolder? Gilda? What’re you two doing here?

Gilda: Rainbow Dash invited us too, we’re trying out to be the first griffon and dragon in the Wonderbolt junior team.

SpongeBob SquarePants: Wow, really? I didn’t know there’s gonna be more of us here. If only I got wings, (gets an idea) maybe Gyro and Herman might have an idea.

Soon, they arrived to see Gyro Gearloose and Herman the Bootle Beetle.

SpongeBob SquarePants: And the only way for me to try out for the Wonderbolts is to fly, the trouble is that I don’t have wings like pegasi, dragons, changelings, hippogriffs, or griffons. I tried flying once and… (chuckled) I failed miserably...

Gyro Gearloose: Well Herman and I have just the pair of wings for you to try out, SpongeBob. (to Herman) Show them, Herman.

Herman the Bootle Beetle: (brought out the blueprints) These are his own mechanical wings for working on tall buildings, Gyro and I showed it to Professor Ludwig von Drake, and he liked it.

SpongeBob SquarePants: Does it work?

Gyro Gearloose: Why don’t you and Scootaloo try a pair and find out.

As SpongeBob and Scootaloo tasted them out, they worked perfectly.

SpongeBob SquarePants: Okay, here I go!

So, he went out and started to fly.

SpongeBob SquarePants: (laughing) I can't believe it! It worked! I’m really flying in the air! I feel light as a feather...

Scootaloo: I could get use to this, at least until my wings are ready to fly again.

Gyro Gearloose: Just be sure to charge their batteries before you fly again, SpongeBob, they have to be at one hundred percent, it would be dangerous if you don’t charge them right away.

Herman the Bootle Beetle: Gyro’s right, we don’t want you two getting hurt.

Scootaloo: Don’t worry, Herman, we’ll be fine.

SpongeBob SquarePants: You got it, Gyro, thanks again for this awesome gadget! (thinking) I wonder if I could lock into my power with this test.

Then, SpongeBob and Scootaloo meet up at the Wonderbolt Academy for their attempt to try out for the team.

SpongeBob SquarePants: What do you say, Scoots, shall we show Rainbow Dash and the Wonderbolts and their new recruits what we’re made of? Because I’m pretty excited about this!

Scootaloo: Me too, let’s look at our batteries first.

As they took a quick check, they still have their batteries at 100% and ready to go.

Scootaloo: Everything is all set, SpongeBob.

SpongeBob SquarePants: Great! Here we go!

Sure enough, they start to test their gadgets and flew around for a bit. The others were watching them over as they were a little impressed by their performance.

Fleetfoot: Wow! Look at them go!

Soarin: I know, this is getting really awesome.

Spitfire: Alright, You two rookies, better go join up with them along with Rainbow Dash.

Gilda: I have to admit, this should be good.

Smolder: I can hardly wait.

SpongeBob SquarePants: Yahoo! We nailed!

Spitfire: Well, Rainbow Dash, having SpongeBob and Scootaloo come to Wonderbolt Academy was a great idea.

Rainbow Dash: I know, right? I’ve seen a lot of practice moves before, but that was… Awesome!

Soon, Spitfire brought them to the Dizzitron for a spinning test run.

Spitfire: Alright, You two, this here is the Dizzitron, It's gonna make you very... I repeat... very dizzy. Your task is to try and recover and fly straight again, as soon as possible. Once you have recovered you must come in for a smooth landing.

SpongeBob SquarePants: Uhh… Why do you guys have that thing? It’s just a giant spinning wheel?

Spitfire: The landing after the spinning is the tricky part, you go first.

As SpongeBob climbed inside the Dizzitron, Soarin begins to spin as he started spinning as he was let go and flew his wings.

SpongeBob SquarePants: WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO!!! This is fun!

Spitfire: Release!

With Soarin releasing SpongeBob, he started using his mechanical wings and landed.

SpongeBob SquarePants: WOO! Touchdown!

Spitfire: Scootaloo, you’re up next.

Scootaloo: Yes, Ma’am!

Just as Scootaloo climbed up inside the Dizzitron next, Soarin start the spin with her preparing to fly.

Spitfire: Release!

As he released Scootaloo, she used the mechanical wings and had a calming landing.

Scootaloo: I did it!

With that, Spitfire begins her expectations on SpongeBob and Scootaloo as they got through many tests to prove their worths.

Spitfire: Well, I have to admit, you rookies aren’t as bad as I thought you were, I’ll give you that.

After the demonstrations, Spitfire was approved as he addressed him to Rainbow Dash's team.

Spitfire: So, SpongeBob. Think you and Scootaloo have what it takes to be Rainbow Dash’s newbies compared to Gilda and Smolder?

SpongeBob SquarePants: Yes, Ma’am! I’ve been doing a lot of training with Twilight man times, I can take this!

Sylvia Marpole: Gyro, are you sure you and Herman tested these mechanical wings before?

Gyro Gearloose: Of course we have, Sylvia, every machine needs a good test run before the official work can begin.

Herman the Bootle Beetle: Oh yes, indeed it does, Gyro.

Sylvia Marpole: Alright then, let’s hope it’s enough.

So, Sylvia witnessed her leading the rookies work on their speed, agility, and strength.

Suddenly, there was a huge tornado coming their way.

SpongeBob SquarePants: Huh, what’s going on?

Scootaloo: Oh no! It’s a tornado coming towards us!

Rainbow Dash: What?!

SpongeBob SquarePants: Stay here. I’m gonna take care of this tornado!

With that said, SpongeBob was starting to fly towards it but was about to lose confidence to use his mechanical wings.

SpongeBob SquarePants: Barnacles! I can’t stop that tornado! I need more power to stop it!

Scootaloo: SpongeBob’s gonna get hurt! I gotta help him!

But as Scootaloo was about to help him, she saw the clouds were coming to him and he was charging up his Power XD form to stop the tornado.

SpongeBob SquarePants: Power Up!

Scootaloo: Hold on, SpongeBob!

Rainbow Dash: Be careful, Scootaloo!

So, he started to go around the tornado with light speed but it didn’t work, he was sent flying and landed on a cloud.

SpongeBob SquarePants: Tartar Sauce! My form didn’t work! Guys! I need help here.

With much worse to come, his mechanical wings stopped working.

SpongeBob SquarePants: Rainbow Dash! Scootaloo! Anybody! Anypony! Help!

Scootaloo: Don’t worry, SpongeBob! I’m coming!

SpongeBob SquarePants: Scootaloo! Be careful!

Just then, Scootaloo had to try and save him as she tried her best to flap her wings.

Scootaloo: (grabbing SpongeBob and started flying with her wings) I got you, SpongeBob!

SpongeBob SquarePants: (gasped) Holy cowfish, Scootaloo! You’re flying!

Scootaloo: I am? (noticing her wings) I’m flying! I’m flying!

So, Scootaloo brought SpongeBob down as the Wonderbolts cheered on SpongeBob and Scootaloo for their triumph through the tornado together.

Soarin: Hooray for SpongeBob!

Spitfire: You sure did a bang up job there, Scootaloo.

Rainbow Dash: Scootaloo! Are you and SpongeBob okay?

Scootaloo: We’re better than okay, Rainbow Dash, I was flying! Did you see me?

Rainbow Dash: I sure did, Squirt, I’d never thought you had it in you like last time.

SpongeBob SquarePants: Yeah. (to Scootaloo) Thanks for saving me back there, Scootaloo, I really owe you.

Scootaloo: Anytime, SpongeBob.

SpongeBob SquarePants: I thought I could’ve top that tornado with my form, but I went into it without thinking.

Scootaloo: Nah, it’s cool, at least I was able to fly and save you, that’s what friends are for.

Just then, Bow Hothoof and Windy Whistles came to see Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo.

Bow Hothoof: Hey, Rainbow Dash!

Windy Whistles: We’ve been looking all over for you!

Scootaloo: SpongeBob, you remember Rainbow Dash’s parents, Bow Hothoof and Windy Whistles?

SpongeBob SquarePants: No, but nice to meet to you two.

Bow Hothoof: Windy and I’ve brought Scootaloo’s Aunt Holiday and Auntie Lofty to see our girls, and we were amazed at what a huge rescue for SpongeBob you did, Scootaloo!

Windy Whistles: Have you two got it on tape?

Aunt Holiday: You know it, Windy!

Auntie Lofty: We could not be more proud of you, Scootaloo!

Scootaloo: (chuckles) Thanks, Aunt Holiday. Thanks, Auntie Lofty.

Rainbow Dash: So, why are you two really here?

Windy Whistles: Well, your father and I spoke with Holiday and Lofty and we have officially got adoption custody granted for Scootaloo!

Scootaloo: What!? Are you two serious?

Auntie Lofty: They’re more than serious, Scootaloo.

Aunt Holiday: We’ve decided since you’ve been a part of our loving family, we believe that the three of us are bound to be a part of Rainbow Dash’s family too since you two are like sisters!

Scootaloo: Yay! I got Rainbow Dash as my new big sister!

Rainbow Dash: Lofty, Holiday, I just don’t know what to say.

Windy Whistles: Don’t say anything, just be glad to have Scootaloo as your new sister.

Bow Hothoof: That’s right, we now got two daughters to share love with.

SpongeBob SquarePants: Congratulations, Scootaloo!

And so, they happily came together for a group hug for a new happy beginning.

                                                                                                                                                    The End
SpongeBob's Ponyville Adventure S2 Ep4
Here is the fourth story of my fourth episode of the second season of SpongeBob's Ponyville Adventure.

My special thanks goes to :iconblackwhite9120:, Zack Schulz, and :icontmntlonewolf: for his help.
Full House Gang ready to battle Lord Nooth
It's the Full House Gang getting ready to battle Lord Nooth.

Full house gang ready to battle belongs to :iconepic-wrecker:
Season 2 Episode 3: Adventures in Flurrysitting.

Theme Intro: DuckTales 2017 Intro with old and new themes mixed:…

After a few weeks has past since the time traveling incident, the trio were still hiding around the corners in Ponyville thinking of another plan.

Jack: Man, there’s nothing to do around here, but it’s still better than back home.

Xavier: You said it, our master could’ve at least give us a new lair where we can crash in, not just waiting in the shadows like the homeless would! Hey, Travis, do you got another plan on what we can do?

Travis: I’m doing the best I can, Xavier, don’t rush me! Jeez, it’s bad enough to hide in here, but I can’t hear myself think!

As he continued to think, he picked up a power sense that far away from Ponyville, and he detects where SpongeBob is heading.

Travis: Change of plans, Guys, I think I know where SpongeBob is going, and it could be our chance to get him.

Jack: Well, where’s he going?

Travis: Back into the School of Friendship. And not only him, but Princess Twilight Sparkle is getting ready to run her office as well.

Jack: Does that mean we need to go back into pony forms again?

Meanwhile, SpongeBob was just visiting Ponyville just to see how Twilight’s doing.

SpongeBob SquarePants: Okay, I finished all my assignments and I’m ready for another day of learning. And hopefully, I could train later on.

He went inside, and entered Twilight’s office.

Twilight Sparkle: Hi, SpongeBob. What brings you all the way from Bikini Bottom?

SpongeBob SquarePants: Hi, Twilight, I just came in to turn in these assignments I was working on, and do some training too.

Twilight Sparkle: That’s great, SpongeBob. So, any changes since your last training?

SpongeBob SquarePants: Well, I was hoping I could work on more of my Power XD form. Because lately, I’ve been getting weak and I think my strength is getting down. So, I was hoping I could figure out if I can handle it more better.

Twilight Sparkle: I see, I mean I did remember you said you got weak and hurt while using it. But you have to remember one thing, SpongeBob, it’s great that you’re using it to protect. But you can’t use it all you want, you just have to use it as wisely as you can.

SpongeBob SquarePants: Why?

Twilight Sparkle: Because I’ve been reading up on how it works, and it says that could be risky to use. By wasting all your energy to walk, damaging your body, and it can even lead into death.

With that, it shocked SpongeBob by those news.

SpongeBob SquarePants: Death?! Why didn’t Sunset tell me that sooner? She never say that to me once I learned it! I’m… I’m so sorry, Twilight, I didn’t know it has side effects, I guess that answers why I’ve been more weaker.

Twilight Sparkle: It’s all good, SpongeBob. Now, I’d best be getting back to work.

SpongeBob SquarePants: Okay… I need to lay off this form for a while, I don’t want to hurt myself even more than usual...

Just then, Shining Armor and Princess Cadance arrived with Flurry Heart in her stroller.

Shining Armor: Hey, Twily.

Princess Cadance: I hope we’re not interrupting you two, SpongeBob.

SpongeBob SquarePants: Oh, hey, Cadance, Shining Armor. How’s it going?

Princess Cadance: We’d just thought we’d bring Flurry Heart to visit her favorite aunt today.

Shining Armor: You don’t mind, do you, Little sister?

Twilight Sparkle: Not at all, Big bro. (looks at Flurry) Hi, Flurry. (kisses her cheek)

SpongeBob SquarePants: Hey there, Flurry Heart. It’s me, your Auntie Twilight’s friend, SpongeBob.

Flurry Heart: (cooing and wanting SpongeBob)

Princess Cadance: (chuckles) Look at her, SpongeBob, Flurry wants you to hold her.

SpongeBob SquarePants: Yeah, don’t worry there, I’m “mostly” good with kids. (holding her)

Flurry Heart: (giggles)

SpongeBob SquarePants: You sure are cute, Flurry. I didn’t expect that you and your parents to come by, so I’m happy to have company. (tickling her) Yes I am! Yes I am!

Flurry Heart: (giggles)

SpongeBob SquarePants: (laughing)

Shining Armor: (chuckles) She sure likes you a lot, SpongeBob, especially when you’re always great with foals.

SpongeBob SquarePants: Yeah, sometimes. Though, I’d be happy to take care of her.

Princess Cadance: That’s a great idea, SpongeBob. Why Shining Armor and I have sometime to ourselves and while Twilight works at her school, you can do some foalsitting.

Shining Armor: What do you think, SpongeBob?

SpongeBob SquarePants: Well, I’m not a great one, I did have some trouble taking care of the Cake Twins, but it can be fun too.

Princess Cadance: That’s great, SpongeBob. (showing him the diaper bag) Here’s the diaper bag with all the stuffs Flurry needs. (showing the baby stuff) We got diapers, baby wipes, baby powder, toys she likes to play with, mashed food she likes, and this is her Whammy.

Shining Armor: It’s her stuffed snail, just give it to her so she’ll calm right down if she gets fussy.

SpongeBob SquarePants: So, this toy snail helps her calm down? Got it.

Twilight Sparkle: Are you sure you can handle it, SpongeBob? I mean don’t get me wrong, I know you’ll do a great job. But I’ll be honest with you, foalsitting a baby alicorn can be tricky.

SpongeBob SquarePants: Well… (having a flashback to his time with the Cake Twins) I suppose I could give it a shot.

Shining Armor: Well, guess this is where we should be taking off. (kissing her filly) You be a good filly, Flurry.

Princess Cadance: (kissing her cheek) We love you.

So, Cadance and Shining Armor left while they go out for a few hours of walks around Ponyville.

Twilight Sparkle: Good luck with that, SpongeBob, you’ll be needing it. (to Flurry) Be a good filly to SpongeBob, Flurry, I’ll see you soon. (kisses her cheek)

SpongeBob SquarePants: Wait, where’re you going?

Twilight Sparkle: Just keep an eye on her, SpongeBob, I still have to run the school. (closed the doors)

Later on at the Castle of Friendship, SpongeBob was bringing out Flurry’s toys for her.

SpongeBob SquarePants: Okay, Flurry. Since it’s just the two of us now, what do you want to do first?

Flurry Heart: (using her wings to play Peek-a-Boo)

SpongeBob SquarePants: Oooh! You want to play Peek-a-Boo! You got it! (covering her eyes) Where’s SpongeBob...?! (revealed) Here I am! (covering her eyes) Where’s SpongeBob...?! (revealed) Here I am! (covering her eyes) Where’s SpongeBob...?! (revealed) Here I am!

Flurry Heart: (giggles)

SpongeBob SquarePants: Boy, that was fun! Now, what else to do?... what a sec… (realized) Oh no! I totally forgot that I have work today! Oh, What to do!? If I leave Flurry Heart alone, Twilight will kill me! (gets an idea) Wait! I can babysit and flip the krabby patties at the same time!

While through the distance, the trio spys on him from a corner.

Jack: Hey, Guys, take a look at Mr. Hero there!

Xavier: Wow! He’s just become a glorified babysitter now, how embarrassing…

Travis: Yes indeed… But my records showed me that baby alicorn right there carries huge amounts of energy.

Jack: What does that mean?

Travis: It mean that baby alicorn can hold more power to take down all the princesses. If we can get here while he’s not looking, we could steal all her power.

Xavier: I don’t know, killing ponies is one thing, but killing a baby? No! That’s too far even for me.

Unfortunately for them, SpongeBob pushed them all away from him as he took Flurry through the magic mirror all the way to his summer home.

Xavier: Crud! He’s gone!

Jack: Now, what do we do?

Travis: He has to come back eventually, if he does, we’ll get her. And don’t worry, we won’t kill the baby, even we have standards when it comes to our missions. So, calm down.

As soon as he made it on time, Mr. Krabs was losing patience with SpongeBob.

Mr. Krabs: SpongeBob! Where’ve you been, Boy? You’re only five minutes late.

SpongeBob SquarePants: Sorry, Mr. Krabs, but Shining Armor and Princess Cadence wanted me to take care of Flurry Heart while they’re away and I have no idea I had work today.

Mr. Krabs: No harm done, Lad.

Scooter: Hey, Dudes! Come take a look at Flurry Heart! Ain’t she cute!

With that, the Krusty Krab started to flood up with crowds of customers just looking at her.

Mr. Krabs: Yeah, it might be a good idea to not being her here lad. Bring her back and get back to wor… (gets an idea) On second thought… that gives me an idea. While you work at the kitchen making patties, I’ll attract the customers to see Flurry Heart. This is making me more money!

SpongeBob SquarePants: I don’t know, Mr. Krabs, using a live alicorn baby to bring customers to view her is not a good idea.

Mr. Krabs: Nonsense, Boyo. I’ll keep an eye on her while you make the patties, no biggie.

SpongeBob SquarePants: Well, okay, Mr. Krabs. But don’t say I didn’t warn you.

So, SpongeBob started making krabby patties while Squidward takes orders from the customers and Mr. Krabs attracting more customers to come see Flurry Heart.

Squidward Tentacles: Uhh… SpongeBob? Could you please explain to me why is Flurry out there?

SpongeBob SquarePants: It’s Mr. Krabs’ idea to attract the customers with her, Squidward, I did warn him that it might not be such a good idea.

Squidward Tentacles: Well, whatever happens, you’re on your own. Because I’m not getting involved with this.

Later, Twilight was getting concern about SpongeBob's well being for Flurry Heart.

Twilight Sparkle: (sighed) Where’s SpongeBob? I just see him with Flurry Heart a few minutes ago, and now they’re gone! Where are they?

Soon, Sunset Shimmer came to see how Twilight is doing at her office.

Sunset Shimmer: Hey, Twilight. What’s going on here?

Twilight Sparkle: It’s SpongeBob, Cadance and Shining puts him in charge at foalsitting Flurry for a few hours. I don’t know what to do, Sunset, I just hope they’re not running into any predicament.

Sunset Shimmer: Well, why don't you go and check on him, Twilight? I don’t mind taking over your job for a while, I for one didn’t mind Starlight taking care of my job as well compared to Discord at hers.

Twilight Sparkle: You’re right, I guess I could go see how they’re doing at Bikini Bottom.

Meanwhile, the trio saw the news and figured out what do with it.

Xavier: Oh great, now Twilight’s involved with this! What are we gonna do now, Genius?

Travis: Relax, Xavier. Just let her get the back, I have a plan to get the baby and she’s be in great hands soon.

Jack: I hope you mean not hurting her!

Suddenly, the trio knew Launchpad’s crash landing plane too late as it landed on them.

Travis: (groans) Where did that come from?!

Twilight Sparkle: (as the plane doors opens) Scrooge McDuck, Launchpad, what’re you two doing here?

Launchpad McQuack: Hey, Twi. Mr. McDee and I thought we’d pay you a visit.

Scrooge McDuck: So, Twilight Lass, how’re things at the School of Friendship?

Twilight Sparkle: I’ve put Sunset in charge of my spot for the time being, Mr. McDuck. I just thought I’d come by at Bikini Bottom to see how SpongeBob’s doing with Flurry Heart.

Launchpad McQuack: Wait a sec, you mean SpongeBud’s babysitting your baby niece you told us about?

Twilight Sparkle: Yeah, you could say that, Launchpad.

Scrooge McDuck: Well, Twilight, you’re in luck. Gyro and Herman have just finished a plutonium battery that’ll take us to all kinds of one dimension to another.

Launchpad McQuack: Sounds like a good call, Mr. McDee. (to Twilight) Would you like a ride, Twi?

Twilight Sparkle: I suppose a plane right won’t hurt.

Scrooge McDuck: Then you might as well get used to his crash landing, he always crash land all the time.

So, the plane took off as it zapped out of sight through the portal to another dimension. As for the trio, they got back together.

Xavier: Man, his plane skills are terrible…

Travis: Oh well, since they’re all gone, we’ll then have to keep working on a new plan in time.

Back at the Krusty Krab, Flurry Heart was feeling scared with too many people seeing her.

Flurry Heart: (fusses with too many people)

Suddenly, all the customers notice the stench as Flurry notices her dirty diaper.

Mr. Krabs: What in blazes is going on around he...... (noticed the stench) Whoa! (covers his nose) Jumpin' jellyfish, Flurry Heart! Mind your manners!

SpongeBob SquarePants: Mr. Krabs, Flurry is getting too scared by all the people here!

Mr. Krabs: I’ll say, she just soiled her diaper! (as SpongeBob notices her stinky diaper) Just take her to restroom and get it changed! The stench is scaring away me customers!

SpongeBob SquarePants: Yes, Sir! Yes, Sir!

Just as SpongeBob took her to the restroom, he brought out the changing pad and pillow on the changing table.

SpongeBob SquarePants: Okay, Flurry! Hold still! (changing her) And, oh, boy!

Outside the restroom, there was a huge crash landing busting through his roof by the plane.

Mr. Krabs: What in mother of Neptune’s name is going on?!

Launchpad McQuack: (as he, Scrooge, and Twilight came out) My bad, Mr. K! I’d just thought I’d demonstrate my crash landing skills to Twi here.

Twilight Sparkle: Are SpongeBob and Flurry okay, Mr. Krabs? I just wanted to make sure.

Mr. Krabs: Aye, Lass, everything’s all good. SpongeBob had to change Flurry’s diaper after the stench scared away me customers, and then you three came crash landing on me roof!

Scrooge McDuck: Me apologies for that, Eugene. (finish writing his checkbook) Here’s the check to cover the damage of your roof.

Mr. Krabs: (writes his check) And here’s the check of the rent I owe ya, Scrooge. Now, we’re even.

As soon as SpongeBob brought Flurry out of the restroom with a clean diaper, he was relieved to finished.

SpongeBob SquarePants: Phew! Glad that’s over with, huh, Flurry? Sorry about that whole stinky diaper smell Mr. Krabs, but I fully changed Flurry, so what do you want me to do...

Twilight Sparkle: (clears her throat)

SpongeBob SquarePants: (notice Twilight, Scrooge, and Launchpad) Twilight, Mr. McDuck, Launchpad, What’re you three doing here?

Scrooge McDuck: We’ve been looking for ya, SpongeBob. Twilight was a wee bit concern for you and Flurry Heart, Laddie.

Twilight Sparkle: (looking half crossly) Is there something you want to tell me, SpongeBob?

SpongeBob SquarePants: Okay, Twilight. I was doing fine with Flurry before, until I didn’t knew I had work today. So, I had to multitask here. So, Mr. Krabs thought he’d attract the customers with Flurry Heart while I cook the krabby patties for them.

Mr. Krabs: Say no more, Lad. You did plenty of work today, (giving his check to him) Here’s your paycheck for all the hard work for brining Flurry and for the mistake I’ve caused.

SpongeBob SquarePants: Wow! Thanks, Mr. Krabs. Does this mean I’d get the rest of day off.

Mr. Krabs: Aye, Me boy, you’ve earned it fair in square. (shouting out) Squidward! Get the patty machine ready on the double, we’ll need a lot for more customers soon!

Squidward Tentacles: Aye Aye, Captain…

Scrooge McDuck: I’ll tell ya what, SpongeBob Lad. Why don’t you come over to me mansion? It’s perfectly quiet here, and Twilight just put Sunset in charge of her job.

SpongeBob SquarePants: Sure, Mr. McDuck, that is if Twilight doesn’t mind.

Twilight Sparkle: Not at all, SpongeBob, we both could use a break anyway.

So, they took off on Launchpad’s plane and left for Duckburg.

Meanwhile, the trio finally detects where SpongeBob was and make a move for it.

Travis: Okay, the wait is finally over, Boys. I found where the baby is!

Xavier: Finally, it’s about time! How are we gonna do this?

With that questioned, he formed a portal with his magic and form a magical claw to grab a fake Flurry to demonstrate that.

Travis: (chuckles) It works!

Jack: Wow! I never seen you do that technique before!

Soon, SpongeBob and Twilight spend their time with Flurry Heart in McDuck Manor.

Scrooge McDuck: So, Twilight, what’d you and SpongeBob think of this place?

Twilight Sparkle: It’s amazing, Mr. McDuck, you must really made a fortune that way.

SpongeBob SquarePants: (holding Flurry Heart) Yeah, it reminds me of a mansion I once had.

Outside of the manor, the tiro were just about to grab Flurry when they got hit by a car that sends them flying far away as Travis opened a portal that sends them back to their dimension.

Scrooge McDuck: (hears the doorbell) Bless Me Bagpipes! That must be Donald, Daisy, Della, Huey, Dewey, Louie, April, May, and June coming for a visit!

Just as soon as Scrooge opened the door, Huey, Dewey, and Louie came bursting through and going wild all over the manor playing with the toy guns and arrows.

Donald Duck: Boys! Where are your manners, is this anyway to behalf!?

Huey, Dewey, and Louie: Sorry, Uncle Donald.

Daisy Duck: Honestly, Donald. Go easy on the boys, they’re just happy to spend their day with your Uncle Scrooge.

Della Duck: Daisy’s right, they can’t help it when they’re like this.

Donald Duck: Oh, you’re right, Della. (to his nephews) No hard feelings, Boys.

Della Duck: We hope you don’t mind watching Huey, Dewey, Louie, April, May, and June, Uncle Scrooge, Donald and Daisy are going out on their date while I keep Mrs. Beakley company.

Scrooge McDuck: Certainly not, Della, I won’t mind some extra company if you don’t.

June: If you guys need us, we’ll be at our girl clubhouse next door to Huey, Dewey, and Louie’s.

Bentina Beakley: I’m so glad you and your boys are paying a visit, Della.

Scrooge McDuck: Why don’t you boys go outside and play with Bubba for a while.

Huey: Okay, Uncle Scrooge!

Dewey: Bye, Uncle Donald!

Louie: Bye, Aunt Daisy!

And so, they ran outside playing with Bubba while Donald and Daisy left on their date.

Webby Vanderquack: Can I play with Flurry Heart, Uncle Scrooge?

Scrooge McDuck: Certainly, Webby, it’s alright with me if it’s alright with Princess Twilight.

Twilight Sparkle: Sure, Webby.

Bentina Beakley: Now, do be careful with her, Webbigail.

Webby Vanderquack: (carrying Flurry Heart) Don’t worry, Grammy, I will. (to Flurry Heart) Come on, Flurry, let’s have a tea party, you’ll be my guest of honor.

With that, SpongeBob decided to speak to Twilight about earlier.

SpongeBob SquarePants: Twilight, can I talk to you for a minute?

Twilight Sparkle: Sure, SpongeBob. Is something on your mind?

SpongeBob SquarePants: Actually, Twilight, I’d just wanted to apologize about what happened back there. Sorry I disregard about my schedule at the Krusty Krab, I completely forgot by mistake when I have to keep an eye on Flurry Heart. And now, I’ve ended up doing two things all at once. I hope you’re not mad at me, I just got side tracked with other stuff.

Twilight Sparkle: It’s okay, SpongeBob, you didn’t know. Besides, I’ve been through a lot of things like you once had. When I was foalsitting Flurry Heart, I forgot I had to attend my visit to the sick foals who’re recently catching the horsey hives.

SpongeBob SquarePants: Really, you did?

Twilight Sparkle: Yeah, and Sunset wanted to help foalsit Flurry when I couldn’t let her. It happens to both of us now, SpongeBob, we can’t always be too careful doing all at once.

SpongeBob SquarePants: So, Twilight, are we good?

Twilight Sparkle: Of course we’re good.

While they’re hanging around, a portal forms and a magic claw came in and missed Flurry as it caught a stuffed animal instead.

Travis: Dang it! I missed!

Jack: Try again!

He tried again, he kept on trying to grab Flurry again and again until the trio gave up.

Xavier: Oh for heaven's sake! You’re doing it all wrong! Let’s just give it a rest!

Travis: (sigh) Fine. I suppose we can wait just a bit longer, they should be back soon.

At the Castle of Friendship, SpongeBob was playing hide and seek with Flurry Heart just as soon as Shining Armor and Cadance got back from their walk.

Shining Armor: We’re back, SpongeBob!

Princess Cadance: How did everything go?

SpongeBob SquarePants: Hi, Cadance! Hi, Shining Armor! We were just playing hide and seek!

Princess Cadance: Well, that sure sounds fun, I wonder where could our little filly be? (winked at her husband)

Shining Armor: (winked at SpongeBob) I hope she isn’t lost or anything.

SpongeBob SquarePants: I just had no idea where she’d be! (as Flurry slowly flew behind him) Gotcha! (grabbed her as they both giggled) Anyway, I had a good time taking care of her and she had fun too.

Shining Armor: We noticed, SpongeBob. Twilight and Scrooge McDuck told us what happened back there.

Princess Cadance: And we just couldn’t believe how wonderful you were with her, (as Flurry flew up to her gets held) we’re proud of you, SpongeBob.

SpongeBob SquarePants: Gee, thanks. Anytime, Cadance!

While they’re talking, the trio saw them and decided to give up.

Travis: Nah, we’ve got into a lot trouble as we did, we’ll get them next time.

Jack: Yeah, I guess kidnapping a baby isn’t a good idea.

Xavier: Yeah, we’ll let them off the hook this time.

Princess Cadance: SpongeBob, how would you like to foalsit Flurry Heart for part time with Sunburst as a reward?

Shining Armor: Flurry sure always liked you all the time after all.

Before SpongeBob could answer, Flurry gave SpongeBob a hug.

SpongeBob SquarePants: It was great to take care of you for a while, Flurry. I really had fun taking care of you. I hope we can do this again some other time, what do you say?

With that, Flurry agreed but glowed into a bright yellow aura that has the same of Power XD, so she grabbing him into the air like dead weight.

SpongeBob SquarePants: Hey! Flurry! Put me down! And she knows Power XD too?!

But then, they all laughed happily for a fun time they all had. So, Flurry kept on flying with him for a ride so he enjoyed it as it goes along.

SpongeBob SquarePants: I’ll never understand how you’re doing this, but you got me carried away! (laughed)

                                                                                                                                                    The End
SpongeBob's Ponyville Adventure S2 Ep3
Here is the third story of my third episode of the second season of SpongeBob's Ponyville Adventure.

My special thanks goes to :iconblackwhite9120: for his help, and for the new villains, Jack, Xavier, and Travis.

Episode 4
Season 2 Episode 2: Blast to the Past Part 2.

Theme Intro: DuckTales 2017 Intro with old and new themes mixed:…

                                              Previously on SpongeBob’s Ponyville Adventure...

SpongeBob SquarePants: I came from around here and I was wondering where I am.

Mickey Mouse: Why, you’re in my magic kingdom. (chuckles) Name’s Mickey Mouse by the way.

SpongeBob SquarePants: Name’s SpongeBob SquarePants, your friendly neighborhood sponge! Pleasure to meet you, King Mickey.

Merlock: So, there is a newcomer from another dimension.

SpongeBob SquarePants: I’m sure my pals are gonna be happy about this if we work together.

Gyro Gearloose: I call it the Gate Master 3000! With this portal generator, it’ll take you to any kind of dimension.

Merlock: At last, revenge will be all ours again!

Sylvia Marpole: Someone evil already found a way to another dimension.

Mickey Mouse: Merlock!

The episode continues with the School of Friendship, blowing up with the students running away from it. Outside the door, SpongeBob, Twilight, Mickey, and the gang running out the door.

SpongeBob SquarePants: Let’s get out of here!

Cozy Glow: Help! My leg is caught!

Scrooge McDuck: Hang on, Lassie, I’m coming!

As they all got out just in time, Merlock was waiting for them outside begging to be caught and they all screamed In terror.

SpongeBob SquarePants: Who in the heck is that?

Plankton: Great, more weirdos to deal with. And why does that guy have a grudge against you?

Mickey Mouse: That’s Merlock, he was our enemy, we’ve encountered him many times before.

Then, Merlock and his lackeys came outside the school with everyone else stood in fear.

Merlock: Do you think that you and your friends can stop me that easily, Mickey!?

Mickey Mouse: I thought we’re done with you for good, Merlock, how’d you even know where to find us?!

Merlock: So kind of you to ask, Mickey. We were just fighting off Max Goof and his little friends shortly, and they led us straight to where you are now. Once I get my hands on all six Infinity Stones, I will travel one dimension to another. And once I’m through with all of you, I shall rule this one dimension, yours, and the next, including the entire universe!

SpongeBob SquarePants: Wait, what’re the Infinity Stones? And what is he talking about?

Sylvia Marpole: Merlock must not get his evil hands on the Infinity Stones, otherwise, it’ll endanger the entire universe!

Plankton: Those stones has the ultimate power of everything?! That’s so cool! I’m so jealous!

Merlock: You should be jealous, My little insect friend! Now, Mickey, it’s time for you and your friends to surrender the Infinity Stones!

Mickey Mouse: Not a chance, Merlock! If you want them, you’ll have to come and take them from us!

Merlock: Have it your way! (to his lackeys) Get them!

Baron Von Sheldgoose: (to the Toon Patrol) You heard him, Boys! Get the Infinity Stones!

Then, Merlock dashed to SpongeBob and punched him in the face.

Merlock: Got ya!

He waited for a few seconds, until his face popped right back in front.

SpongeBob SquarePants: Ow… I almost felt that one!

Merlock: Huh? You didn’t feel that? One more time!

He punches him again, and it still didn’t do anything.

Merlock: Did it hurt?

SpongeBob SquarePants: (popped his face back in front) Not really, you just soften my body.

Smarty: Well that’s weird, why can’t this sponge get any damage?

Baron Von Sheldgoose: We don’t have time for this, Smarty! Get the sponge first!

Mickey Mouse: SpongeBob! Run!

SpongeBob SquarePants: Not a chance, Mickey, I got this! (charging up) Power-Up!!!

With that, he charges up to the max to “Power-Up DX”

Baron Von Sheldgoose: How did he…? What the...?

As he rushes over to Baron, he struck him with a punch which drove the Toon Patrol laughing.

Psycho: (chuckles)

Stupid: (laughing)

Baron Von Sheldgoose: You idiots! Stop laughing! (whacking them one by one) Have you imbeciles forgot what happens if you don’t stop laughing? You’ll eventually die laughing!

SpongeBob SquarePants: I won’t count on them, either leave right now or face the music.

Baron Von Sheldgoose: You haven’t seen the last of us!

Merlock: We’ll be back in time, Mickey! Be warned, you’ll never see the last of us and never will!

With Merlock used his talismen and transforms into a dragon, he and his legion regrouping, Jack, Xavier, and Travis saw where they went off.

Star Swirl the Bearded: Well, we’ve seen the last of them for now. How do we stop this?

Gallus: Beats me, but I hope this Merlock guy isn’t doing anything else stupid.

Squidward Tentacles: Uh, Guys? Not to be such a bother but, we’re all standing to meet our doom here! What are we gonna do?!?!

Merlin: Not to worry, My lad, we still got a whole lot of tricks up our sleeves as well as Mickey.

Plankton: Wow, that sure was one heck of that transformation there, how did you pulled it off?

SpongeBob SquarePants: I only channeled my energy so I could perform one attack. It was risky but I did it without harming my body.

Archimedes: I see, and yet, you barely felt any punches from Merlock.

SpongeBob SquarePants: You know he did, Archimedes. Even with those punches, I barely got hurt by it. So now that they’re gone, is it over?

Mickey Mouse: I’m afraid our encounter with Merlock and his gang were only always the beginning, SpongeBob.

Soon, SpongeBob, Twilight, Mickey, and their friends found themselves together as they regroup at Twilight’s Castle of Friendship for very important matter.

Mickey Mouse: Is that everyone, Xandra?

Xandra: All present and accounted for, Mickey.

Twilight Sparkle: SpongeBob, are you okay?!

SpongeBob SquarePants: Not really, Twilight. My energy is getting low when I pulled off that attack on those goons, and yet, I’m not hurt at all.

Twilight Sparkle: We need to think of plan to get rid of these guys soon, they left, but I don’t think it’s over yet.

SpongeBob SquarePants: Yeah, what else are gonna do now that they’re all running off and hiding?

Sylvia Marpole: I think I may have found one solution to this ordeal, SpongeBob. The Journal of Star Swirl the Bearded, Artifact of Sorcery, the Shovel of Rockhoof, Artifact of Strength, the Healers Mask of Mage Meadowbrook, Artifact of Healing, the Blindfold of Somnambula, Artifact of Hope, the Flower of Mistmane, Artifact of Beauty, and Netitus, the Fireproof Shield of Flash Magnus, Artifact of Bravery. And the copies of the Elements of Harmony, Magic, Honesty, Kindness, Laughter, Generosity, Loyalty, and the latest Element, Redemption. And finally, the exact copies of the Bloodstone Scepter, fit for a Dragon Lord of Dragon Lands, the Idol of Boreas, the ultimate treasure for a griffon ruler of Griffonstone, the Pearl of Aris, the most powerful artifact of Mount Aris, the Changeling Amulet, suitable for a changeling ruler, the Yak Horn, the most loudest artifact of Yakyakistan, the Amulet of Aurora, the Talisman of Mirage, the Helm of Yksler, the Crown of Grover, Knuckerbocker's Shell, and Clover the Clever's Cloak. And all we have now, are the Infinity Stones, Space, Mind, Reality, Power, Time, and Soul.

Plankton: ARE YOU SERIOUS?! How much power we need to defeat these guys?! There’s only like a few of them, don’t you think that’s too much to defeat a few bad guys?

Max Goof: As much good ones we can take, we can’t risk losing any of these artifacts.

Mickey Mouse: Each six of the Infinity Stones contains great power from the Infinity Gauntlet Thanos used to wipe out half the universe long ago. But as you can see, Twilight. Now that we have these artifacts in good hands, we must ensure that these must not be taken by someone evil.

Twilight Sparkle: Is there anyway to stop Merlock?

Mickey Mouse: There’s always a way, Twilight.

Plankton: Not to say this, but are you sure there’s an alternative? I can find something in my secret lab, I could repair my machine and try to oneup those guys. This sounds too much for something so little.

Squidward Tentacles: I agree, I mean we are going so far with only one guy maybe Plankton can have something to solve this.

Plankton: Thank you! At least someone understands my genius, but yeah, maybe I can do something to stop this. Which is why I have an idea for my own! Okay, so, that Merlock guy got out of my portal machine earlier ago. Right? Well, I might have something up my sleeve to defeat this guy with no magic at all! Who want to hear it?

Launchpad McQuack: What do you have in mind, Plank?

Plankton: Well, the portal machine I have runs on Equestrian Magic, and I thought if we bring in a small amount of alicorn magic into the generator, I can trigger the machine and make it into a vacuum like effect that will suck him back to where he came from and close it so he won’t escape ever again! It’s foolproof, and it’s like getting trapped in the moon.

Mickey Mouse: That should work, Plankton. (to SpongeBob) SpongeBob, do you and your friends still have the Equine Gems that transform you guys into your own heroic alter egos?

SpongeBob SquarePants: I think so, I think it’s still here in the castle. But I think I can do this with and/or without them, all I need is more energy recovery and I’ll be all set.

Star Swirl the Bearded: Perfect, with your Equine Gems, the six of you shall become your own heroic egos when needed. If what Mickey say is true about the Infinity Stones, we must never let Merlock get his evil hands on any of them.

Mickey Mouse: And if we work together, we can save our worlds from Merlock and his gang for good. It’s not going to be easy, but we have to try and stop them before it’s too late.

Mirage the Illusionist: Then let’s put our hands, hooves, wings, claws, pas, and tentacles in the middle. For the sake of our worlds to be saved, we’ll do what we must to protect them.

Plankton: Okay then, so, they’ll be the distraction, while I do the rest! I just need so magic to fire it up!

While everyone finished their plan, Plankton stepped in and joined in.

Plankton: Alright, You blasted machine, I hope you survive by all this amount of power.

Meanwhile, Jack, Xavier, and Travis were still walking around trying to think what were those people that they saw.

Jack: Wow, and here I thought those guys might be worth of something. But no, they all look weak.

Xavier: You’re telling me, and what’s with that sponge looking guy I saw? That guy just dealt them like it’s no big deal.

Travis: Well, you guys are right for one thing but I’m still trying to figure out what power he just perform back there…

Jack: Do you think that? He’s one of the heroes of this land?

Xavier: I doubt it, he looks like a walking talking block of cheese, no one like him can be a hero!

Travis: Hold those thoughts, You two, I just figured out what it is!

Jack: What?

Travis: That red formation he performed there is called “Power-Up DX”. It’s a form that allows you to increase your strength, speed, and hearing in only a short amount of time.

Xavier: A form that allows you to get more stronger? That’s pretty cool! I want to learn it!

Travis: However, there’s one catch. If you use it more then it’s timespan, you will lose half your energy and your strength to fight for a short while, or possibly even death!

Jack: That’s kinda overkill right?

Travis: I agree, but we must seek alliance with these evil beings the ponies and creatures fought now. If we don’t hurry along, we might miss them and those jokers again! Hurry!

So, they kept moving and find Merlock and his legion.

As for Merlock and his gang, Phantom Blot found a locked doorway to Tartarus.

Merlock: Are you certain this is the place, Phantom Blot?

Phantom Blot: Yes, Merlock. And with Lord Tirek, the Storm King, and Grogar free from Tartarus, there will be no stopping us from our revenge ever again.

Merlock: Excellent. Stand back, only a pure dark magic can open this doorway.

With one cast of his dark magic spell, he opened the doorway as he and his lackeys go inside, when they went inside the trio found them.

Jack: Are you sure they went inside there?

Travis: I picked up their power senses nearby, so they have to be here.

Baron Von Sheldgoose: Who the heck are you guys?

Travis: Relax there fellas, we come in peace and we come unarmed…

Bushroot: Just when did you three notice us?

Xavier: That’s not important, what is important is that we all noticed something dangerous that’s happening around Ponyville, did all of you caused it?

Negaduck: So what if we’re the cause of it? Get to the point! Who are you three and what do you three want with us?

Travis: We’re very sorry, Men, My name's Travis and these are my brothers: Xavier and Jack. And who might you all be?

Xavier: Yeah, you all look like a bunch of rejected animatronics for a birthday party.

Baron Von Sheldgoose: Baron Von Sheldgoose, these are Flintheart Glomgold, the Beagle Family, Bradley Uppercrust III, Mortimer Mouse, Phantom Blot, the Fearsome Five: Negaduck, Megavolt, Bushroot, Quackerjack, and Liquidator, Mr. Winkie, and these are my hench weasels, the Toon Patrol.

Liquidator: And say hello to our main boss, Merlock.

Jack: And he’s your leader?

Merlock: Correct, what business do you three have?

Quackerjack: What do you three clowns want? (as Mr. Banana Brain) What’s your story?

Jack: What?!

Xavier: Are you trying to mock us, huh?

Travis: Seems is though, they think we’re jokes, Boys! Let’s show them our power…

With that, the three of them charged up Dark energy of Fire, Rock, and Magic.

Flintheart Glomgold: Did ya see that, Merlock!?

Merlock: Impressive, what dark purpose do you three seek?

Xavier: We don’t, we’re on a mission to serve our master and lord of Dimension X. He goes by the name: King Xaldin Von Dark. And we’re on a mission to wipe out the heroes of this world in order to create a new world.

Bradley Uppercrust III: Maybe there’s something we can help one another.

Mr. Winkie: We’ll help you three with your mission if you help us freeing Lord Tirek, the Storm King, and Grogar, I’m sure they too seek their revenge and succeed their dark purpose to rule Equestria.

Jack: Don’t worry, we know who they are. By the way, I heard you guys are having a pest problem?

Merlock: We’re listening.

Travis: We’ll help you all, on one condition… If you promised to help us and our master for total conquest in this land, he’ll give you whatever you all want.

Jack: But first, you all must pledge your loyalty to him. Disobey him, and you all will have a one way ticket to afterlife!

Megavolt: You three got yourselves a deal!

Mr. Winkie: When do we start?

Travis: In order to defeat the enemy, you have to know your enemy and what he’s about to plan to defeat you all. We can help you, here, take this.

So, he sent out a book about the info of the heroes.

Travis: This book holds information of those people you fought before, perhaps it’ll help.

Merlock: (takes the book) Let’s go, we have overlords to free from Tartarus.

Jack: What’s Tartarus?

Bushroot: It’s some kind of prison for all evil beings, just go with it.

Xavier: Where we come from, we have one called hell.

Just as they all went deeper through the path, they found Lord Tirek, the Storm King, and Grogar in chains, and guarded by Cerberus who was growling at them.

Merlock: Now, Mortimer!

Mortimer Mouse: (shoots a sleeping dart at it) Ha Cha Cha! Knocked it out cold, Boss.

The Storm King: Huh? Who’s there!?

Grogar: Show yourselves!

Merlock: Time to free you two from your imprisonment! But first, that yellow one is a threat to us, and making himself even more powerful!

The Storm King: Don’t tell me, it’s SpongeBob again… He embarrassed me the last time I got out! And I still didn’t forgot that!

Lord Tirek: I feel you pain there, (to the group of villains) but we’ll to what you have in mind.

Jack: You guys have ambition for revenge too? How devious...

Merlock: It’s true that you all have a common goal of revenge, eh? Getting rid of the heroes and having the world to yourselves? Who wouldn’t want that? But my plan is, if we steal these artifacts they’ve possessed, the world will be ours for the taking!

The Storm King: I like that idea, but we need to get rid of SpongeBob and Princess Twilight first! If they’re here, they’ll stop us without any problem! So, we need them out of the picture!

Merlock: Oh, not to worry, Storm King, I know the perfect solution to keep him busy for a while.

Lord Tirek: Really? What is it?

Grogar: We’re listening.

The Storm King: Yeah, what’s the catch?

Merlock: They’ll find us no matter where we go, don’t you see? Well, how about we’ll lead them in here and trapping them in here for all eternity?

Lord Tirek: Trapping them in here? That’s perfect!

The Storm King: Yes! They’ll all have to suffer the way we suffer! And if we do that, what else do we have to do?

Lord Tirek: He’s right, and since you’re gonna free us, we want to rule Equestria for ourselves!

The Storm King: I’ve waited long enough for this.

Merlock: Calm yourselves, it will happen soon enough. But that will have to wait, all we have to do is trap them first, and then conquer!

Travis: Hmm… that’s not bad, but you need to think more to this.

Grogar: Such as?

Xavier: You need to make sure you give it all you got, and use each of your abilities to stop them. Lucky for us, we got it covered for ourselves

As Merlock used his black magic, he opened the cage Tirek was in and got stronger and the Storm King was removed from the shackles.

Merlock: Thank you, Trusty Infinity Power. Now, let’s get their attention to let them know where we are.

So, he raised his Infinity Power into the air and make a signal beam into the sky.

Back with SpongeBob, Twilight, Mickey, and their friends, they started planning a strategy.

Plankton: Finally! My machine has been fully upgraded. Now, Merlock won’t stand a chance, and it will be my turn to save the day!

SpongeBob SquarePants: Are you sure this will work?

Plankton: Don’t doubt the fields of science, SpongeBob. I got it all covered up.

Then, Mickey used the Time Infinity Stone to use the magic of time to see any possible outcomes.

Plankton: Hey, what’s with that beam over there?

Star Swirl the Bearded: Merlock must’ve reached Tartarus, this can’t be good.

Sylvia Marpole: Mickey’s using the Time Infinity Stone to see any possible outcomes.

SpongeBob SquarePants: That’s really weird having any powerful stone, don’t you think it’d be too dangerous to hold something like that?

Scrooge McDuck: Not unless all six Infinity Stones remained contain, SpongeBob, Mickey has been practicing that spell many times before.

Plankton: But didn’t that Merlock guy had it before? How did he get one?

Sylvia Marpole: Once, until he only absorbed the endless energy from the Infinity Stones. But unless he has the stones in his evil hands, the entire universe will be at it’s risk.

Star Swirl the Bearded: Mickey, are you alright?

Mickey Mouse: (finished casting his spell) I’ve just went forward in time to see all the impossible outcomes from Merlock, the Storm King, Lord Tirek, Grogar, and all of our enemies we faced.

SpongeBob SquarePants: The Storm King and Lord Tirek? They’re back too?

Gallus: And Grogar, he’s a problem too, SpongeBob. (to Mickey) So, Mickey, how many outcomes do we win?

Mickey Mouse: Six. Everyone, gather around, I might have a plan that’ll put a stop to all evil.

So, SpongeBob, Twilight, Mickey, and their friends gathered together as Mickey whispers.

Meanwhile, back in Tartarus.

Jack: Well… this place isn’t too bad, reminds me back home.

Xavier: Ehh… it’s too stale in my taste, still better than dealing with the blood moon.

Then, Merlock and Travis detect the heroes are coming here. So, he started to plan his attack too.

Travis: Hmm? Get ready, Boys, those heroes are coming!

Merlock: You’re not the only one, Travis. So, Mickey and his friends are detecting my power from his own? Typical…

Jack: Yeah, coming to their own trap? Simple...

Lord Tirek: Let them come, it doesn’t matter anyway.

Grogar: Once they step in Tartarus, we’ll be ready for them, and they’ll get what’s coming for them.

The Storm King: Yeah! Soon, they’ll learn our suffering!

Negaduck: Enough talk, let’s get this over with!

Merlock: Brace yourselves, we’re about to embark our great and glorious revenge, I can’t wait for them to get trapped soon!

Travis: I’m glad you all are excited about this plan, but let’s not get cocky! Villains need to have brains, not brawn.

As for SpongeBob, Twilight, Mickey, and their friends, they were traveling through the mines of Tartarus as soon as they found a strong sense of power.

SpongeBob SquarePants: Are you guys sure we’re heading to the right place?

Sunset Shimmer: We’re certain, SpongeBob, we’ve entered Tartarus before in a long time ago.

Cozy Glow: At least I tried to forget the whole evil thing, I put my mistakes behind me ever since.

Jiminy Cricket: So, Twilight, how close are we to Tartarus?

Twilight Sparkle: We’re almost there, Jiminy, we’re getting close.

Plankton: Hey! Come out and face us already! I got a portal jail with your name on it!

As they were closing in, they heard a voice from the distance.

Jack: What do we do now, Guys?! They’re getting close!

Travis: I might have an idea, Merlock, may I ask you a favor?

Merlock: Make it fast.

Travis: How good are you at tricky? Because I may a summoning spell or two.

While SpongeBob is still walking with the group, he was still aware to know what’s ahead, until he heard a angry roar.

Xavier: Hello?! Is anybody there?!

SpongeBob SquarePants: What was that?

Sylvia Marpole: Shh… (whispering) I’m sensing something or someone.

Xavier: Someone help me! A wild Bugbear is attacking me!

SpongeBob SquarePants: A Bugbear? Be right back, Guys, this won’t take long.

Sylvia Marpole: SpongeBob, get back here!

As Travis and the others are watching from afar site, and they giggled for themselves.

Xavier: Help me, please! This Bugbear is gonna kill me!

SpongeBob SquarePants: Don’t worry, Ma’am! I’ll get you out! Hey, Bugbear! Get away from her! Take this!

As SpongeBob throw a bomb, Plankton got him. But the Bugbear was a fake.

SpongeBob SquarePants: Huh? Was that fake?

Negaduck: Get him!!!

With that, the Fearsome Five all dashed at him to attack all at once.

SpongeBob SquarePants: (screams) Someone help me!

Bushroot: (using his plants) Nowhere to run! We got ya cornered!

Megavolt: Well that was easy, this is what you get for making a fool out of me! And now… you die!!!

Just then, Darkwing Duck’s trademark blue smoke appeared again.

Darkwing Duck: (as his blue trademark smoke appears) I am the terror that flap in the night! I am the rainbow in seven colors! The light that overcomes the darkness! I am Darkwing Duck!

Megavolt: Great! It’s Darkwing Duck again! Remember our plan, Guys?

Liquidator: Not a problem the Liquidator can’t handle!

Quackerjack: You think you’re funny, Darkwing Duck? We got more stuff that we all have planned, and we still got you all cornered with no escape.

Megavolt: Before we deal with you, Darkwing Duck, I’ll have fry this sponge into ashes!

As he’s about to use a terrifying bolt to attack, Darkwing used his gas gun to shoot a water balloon at him.

SpongeBob SquarePants: You guys are a bunch of loonatics, full of hatred. Well, no more, you’ll pay for this!

Darkwing Duck: Don’t use your power up stuff just yet, SpongeBob, you and your friends use the Equine Gems to stop Quackerjack, Bushroot, Megavolt, and Liquidator, I’ll take care of Negaduck!

SpongeBob SquarePants: Oh, right, thanks, Darkwing Duck. (to his friends) That’s our cue, Guys!

Patrick Star: Yay! We get to do this again!

Sandy Cheeks: With ya all the way, SpongeBob!

Squidward Tentacles: Let’s just get this over with!

Plankton: It’s as good as time as any I suppose.

Mr. Krabs: Time to teach these hooligans a lesson like we did before!

Plankton: Fine by me, Krabs!

So, they used their Equine Gems and transformed into Invincibubble, Mr. Superawesomeness, The Rodent, Sour Note, Sir Pinch-A-Lot, and Plank-Ton.

Darkwing Duck: Alright, Team, this is it. Let’s get dangerous!

Plankton: (Plank-Ton) Don’t have to tell me twice, Darkwing Duck! Let take care of them, in case if you guys didn’t know, I’ve learned something new in this form.

Quackerjack: Like what?

Plankton: (Plank-Ton) All I need to do to make this work is with my power of my fist.

So, he punched the ground and waited for the right moment.

Bushroot: Ha! So much for your special attack, You little one eyed freak!

Spongebob SquarePants: (Invincibubble) Wait, what happened?

Plankton: (Plank-Ton) Wait for it…

Suddenly, there was an earthquake right at the center of where the Fearsome Five are now.

Negaduck: What’s happening!?

Plankton: (Plank-Ton) Oh, it’s over for the five of you jokers, and I did it with only my fist… goodbye!

With the floor collapsing, the Fearsome Five fall down to Mickey’s magic portal which leaves them weaponless and sends them to St. Conard Prison.

Spongebob SquarePants: (Invincibubble) Oh, for Neptune’s sake! How did you do that, Plankton?!

Plankton: (Plank-Ton) Oh, it’s a new move I’ve learned. Apparently, I’m so strong, I can cause earthquakes with my fist on the ground. So, I caused a little earthquake to get rid of these guys without any problem. It’s a move I call “The Quake Breaker”!

SpongeBob SquarePants: That’s amazing!

Mickey Mouse: Come on, our battle is not over yet!

Soon enough, Twilight worked her alicorn magic and opened the gateway to Tartarus.

Meanwhile with the trio, they were shocked with the Fearsome Five defeated that easily.

Xavier: Well, that flopped…

Jack: What do you except? You all look like a couple of jokes if you ask me.

Travis: Don’t waste your breaths of them Boys. Incoming!

As soon as they all got here, Merlock, his lackeys, the Storm King, Grogar, and Tirek were waiting.

Merlock: Well, you sure took your sweet time, Mickey, it is a pleasant surprise to see you and your pitiful friends again.

Mickey Mouse: We’ve come to stop you and your gang, Merlock!

SpongeBob SquarePants: (as Invincibubble) And that goes double for you, Grogar, and Tirek too, Storm King! And besides, we got more power then all of you guys combined.

Plankton: (as Plank-Ton) Not so much for those clowns I faced back there.

The Storm King: So what if you dealt them, you still got to deal with us!

Mr. Krabs: (as Sir Pinch-A-Lot) Not so fast, Storm King!

At last, Sir Pinch-A-Lot blasted his claws at the Storm King as he charges an attack.

The Storm King: Ouch!

Patrick Star: (as Mr. Superawesomeness) What’s with that evil looking goat here?

Silverstream: Grogar used black magic to brainwash Headmare Princess Twilight once, it’s a really long story! We gotta put a stop to the bad guys right now!

Patrick Star: (as Mr. Superawesomeness) Don’t worry, I’ll take care of them. But first, you want to see something cool, Silverstream?

Silverstream: Awe! What is it?

Patrick Star: (as Mr. Superawesomeness) Look at this!

At that moment, he used his mind and let out a ball of spirit energy with ice cream cones.

Patrick Star: (as Mr. Superawesomeness) I’ve learned this move all by myself! Want to play some catch?

Pinkie Pie: I do, Patrick!

Silverstream: Me too!

Patrick Star: (as Mr. Superawesomeness) Be careful with it, Girls! Now, have it!

Just as he threw the ball at Silverstream and Pinkie, they began to form an attack.

Silverstream: Wow, that was easy.

Patrick Star: (as Mr. Superawesomeness): Throw it now!

With every attack one by one, Merlock and his legion were brought to the ground.

SpongeBob SquarePants: (as Invincibubble) Hey, Merlock, want to see what I can do with this form? Time to activate our trump card!

Just when SpongeBob used the Infinity Stones, the copies of the Elements of Harmony, and the Pillars Artifacts, he trapped all the villains in chains and cages.

Baron Von Sheldgoose: No! I can’t reach my staff while in chains!


At last, they begin facing Grogar, Tirek, and the Storm King.

Grogar: We’re not done with any of you just yet!

Lord Tirek: This is where we end this now!

Squidward Tentacles: (as Sour Note) Bring it!

The Storm King: You fools ask for it!

Sure enough, SpongeBob, Twilight, Mickey, and their friends had a huge struggling battle.

Grogar: Any last words, Yellow Boy!

SpongeBob SquarePants: (as Invincibubble) Two words, Grogar! “Power XD!”

Just as they all used their power up abilities, SpongeBob, Twilight, Mickey, and their friends grabbed each other’s hands, hooves, claws, wings, paws, and tentacles together and formed one blast of rainbow and drained away the magic from Tirek, the Storm King, and Grogar, trapping them in cages once again.

Grogar: Not again!

The Storm King: We’ve lost!

Lord Tirek: This can’t be! This isn’t supposed to happen!

With Equestria saved once again, everyone, everypony, and every creature respected SpongeBob, Twilight, Mickey, and all their friends for their heroisms.

SpongeBob SquarePants: We did it!

Twilight Sparkle: And it’s all thanks to you and your friends, Mickey, we couldn’t have done it without any of you.

Mickey Mouse: (chuckles) Think nothing of it, Twilight, that’s what friends do for one another.

Scrooge McDuck: Aye, and we’re friends for the start.

Just then, Yen Sid arrived from the magic portal with Mickey and his friends shocked.

Scrooge McDuck: Bless Me Bagpipes! It’s him!

SpongeBob SquarePants: Who?

Mickey Mouse: My mentor, Yen Sid, he’s the most powerful all the Disney universe.

Sylvia Marpole: (to SpongeBob, Twilight, and their friends) Bow to him, we must show our respect.

As they did what Sylvia advised, Yen Sid only raised his hand showing them to stand up.

Mickey Mouse: Master Yen Sid, I can explain!

Yen Sid then raised a hand as Mickey Twilight, and their friends move to the side, revealing SpongeBob as he bowed to him.

Yen Sid: I've been foretold a great deal about you, SpongeBob SquarePants. You came to our dimension, seeking help from my apprentice, Mickey and his friends, leading Merlock and his legion to Equestria, disregarding their whereabouts of their plot, putting all of your friends at risk, by fighting off Lord Tirek, the Storm King, Grogar, and your enemies! And... (just as SpongeBob closed his eyes at fear) you have saved us all.

With that, Yen Sid bowed to his friends along with SpongeBob, Twilight, and their friends.

Yen Sid: Well done to all of you, our worlds are saved thanks to all of you. Our dimension will always be opened to all of you compared to Mickey’s kingdom. (to Mickey) You have chosen your new friends wisely, My apprentice.

Mickey Mouse: Thanks, Master Yen Sid.

Yen Sid: Because of your friendship with Mickey and all of his friends, You, SpongeBob, along with Princess Twilight, and all the rest of your friends have shown a great difference to them by showing that our worlds are meant to collide as long as they remain in the balance.

Twilight Sparkle: Thank you, Yen Sid. But we all owe it all to Plankton and SpongeBob for it.

Just for that, they all give cheer to SpongeBob, Twilight, Mickey, and their friends.

While they were celebrating, Jack, Xavier, and Travis appeared next to them.

Xavier: So, you all defeated those rejects? Congrations, you proved your worth of beating up worthless weaklings…

Plankton: Hey, who said that?

Jack: Don’t get all too happy just because you all beaten them.

Travis: That’s right, you all may have won the battle, but not the war.

With that, this made the gang confused on what’s going on here.

SpongeBob SquarePants: Hey, Mickey, do you know anything about them?

Mickey Mouse: Not that I’m aware of, but I do sense more evil within them.

Travis: Just be careful now, you’ll never know what else lies ahead for each of you. So, we’ll let you go for now. But remember this, the power that we hold has enough energy to destroy everything you all love and care about.

SpongeBob SquarePants: Say what you want, but no matter what, we’ll do whatever it takes to stop whatever’s in our way for good! Now, you three should leave us alone!

Travis: Fine, we’ll leave. Just enjoy your little victory for now, because it might be your last…

Xavier: And before we go, here’s a little farewell gift.

So, he raised his hand to form a huge fireball.

Xavier: Here, have it!

When the fireball is about to hit them, SpongeBob deflect them with a block from his leftover power he had.

SpongeBob SquarePants: Wow! What power he has!

With that, the trio disappeared leaving the whole gang alone once again.

Soon, the trio arrived in Dimension X to report to their leader.

King Xaldin: So, you three fail the mission and those other buffoons you trusted got knocked out so easily by them?

Jack: Well, yes… but they weren’t that powerful to begin with, Your Majesty…

Xavier: Yeah, we do the best efforts to know who are we dealing with.

Travis: And I came up with the idea, please, Sire! Don’t punish us, all we did is some research on what are the heroes.

King Xaldin: Relax, Boys, I’m not mad. Yet even though you failed, I have to bring my utmost confidence in order to complete wiping them off. Just don’t keep screwing up, if you do, then you three boys will be punished! Understand?

All Three: Yes, Your Majesty!

King Xaldin: Good… Now, run along, I want to be alone for awhile…

With that, they left the room with a bow.

King Xaldin: Very soon once the project comes to full action, then everything that surrounds around Equestria will die and I will show each of them on how to rule an actual world, even if it means to destroy everyone alive… (chuckles evilly)

                                                                                                                                                    The End
SpongeBob's Ponyville Adventure S2 Ep2
Here is the second story of my second episode and second part of the second season of SpongeBob's Ponyville Adventure.

My special thanks goes to :iconblackwhite9120: for his help, and for the new villains, Jack, Xavier, Travis, and King Xaldin.

Season 2 Episode 3
Full House Gang ready to battle Tzekel-Kan
It's the Full House Gang getting ready to battle Tzekel-Kan.

Full house gang ready to battle belongs to :iconepic-wrecker:
These are my OC Characters of The Legend of Korra.

Book 1: Air

  1. Black Cattle (Son of Courage Eagle, Nephew of Wild Wolf, Younger Brother of Sunrise Hawk, Father of Cunning Fox, Love Interest of Lin Beifong, Waterbender and Owner of the Republic City Animal Sanctuary)
  2. Cunning Fox (Son of Black Cattle, Nephew of Sunrise Hawk, Grandson of Courage Eagle, Great Nephew of Wild Wolf, Waterbender and Love Interest of Asami Sato)
  3. Sunrise Hawk (Older Brother of Black Cattle, Uncle of Cunning Fox, Earthbender and Chief of the Nawakee Tribe)
  4. Charging Bison (Strongest Earthbender of the Nawakee Tribe)

Book 2: Spirits

  1. Liu Shang (Son of Haku, Husband of Kya, Father of Jaden and Katana, Uncle of Jinora, Ikki, Meelo and Rohan and Waterbending Master of the Northern Water Tribe)
  2. Jaden (Son of Liu Shang and Kya, Nephew of Tenzin, Pema and Bumi, Grandson of Haku and Katara, Older Brother of Katana, Cousin of Jinora, Ikki, Meelo and Rohan and Waterbending Student)
  3. Katana (Daughter of Liu Shang and Kya, Niece of Tenzin, Pema and Bumi, Granddaughter of Haku and Katara, Younger Sister of Jaden, Cousin of Jinora, Ikki, Meelo and Rohan and Waterbending Student)
  4. Grey Heron (Shaman of the Nawakee Tribe and Waterbender)

Book 3: Change

  1. Bitter Swan (Grand Niece of Grey Heron, Best Friend of Cunning Fox, Love Interest of Jaden, Former Nonbender of the Nawakee Tribe and Airbending Student)

Book 4: Balance

  1. Kuzon (Grandson of Zuko, Son of Izumi, Younger Brother of Iroh, Love Interest of Katana, Firebender and Crowned Prince of the Fire Nation)
  2. Tsung Lai (Dictating conqueror of the four nations)

The Voice Actors

  1. Rodney A. Grant as Black Cattle
  2. Eddie Spears as Cunning Fox
  3. Gil Birmingham as Sunrise Hawk
  4. Brad Garrett as Charging Bison
  5. Matthew Broderick as Liu Shang
  6. Sam Huntington as Jaden
  7. Kirstin Dust as Katana
  8. Wes Studi as Grey Heron
  9. Tinsel Korey as Bitter Swan
  10. Elijah Wood as Kuzon
  11. Gary Oldman as Tsung Lai


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