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Today, Scooby Doo Meets the Cluefinders! by iamnater1225 Today, Scooby Doo Meets the Cluefinders! :iconiamnater1225:iamnater1225 3 0
The Birth of Damian Wayne
It was a dark night at the Gothem Hospital, Selina "Kyle" Wayne was in labor after nine months of his pregnancy with hers and Bruce Wayne's first born child.
Selina "Kyle" Wayne: (breathing) Where's Burce? I need him!
Leslie Thompkins: Don't worry, Selina, I'm sure he won't be long.
As for Batman, he was having a close encounter with the Joker, Poison Ivy, and the Penguin who're on the run from him downtown no far from the hospital.
The Joker: Too bad the bat won't give up chaisng us, it is such a doozy!
The Penguin: Perhaps, I can slow him down! (shooting bullets with his umbrella)
Unfortunately for them, Batman caught up to them in the Batwing and dropped on the car hard enough on the hood. While avoiding a lot of encountering attacks from Poison Ivy and the Penguin, the Joker had to hit the brakes while Batman jumped clear as the car hits against the wall.
Poison Ivy: It's no use, we're sitting ducks out here!
The Penguin: Let's get out of here!
Batman: (capturing Poison Ivy and the
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Mickey with the Infinity Scepter by iamnater1225 Mickey with the Infinity Scepter :iconiamnater1225:iamnater1225 9 5 Alexander Fox Xanatos by iamnater1225 Alexander Fox Xanatos :iconiamnater1225:iamnater1225 3 0 Infinity Scepter by iamnater1225 Infinity Scepter :iconiamnater1225:iamnater1225 2 3
MLP FIM TK (Sunset Shimmer included)
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Twilight's Kingdom (Sunset Shimmer included).
One day at the Crystal Empire, Twilight Sparkle and her friends were just on their way to welcome the Duke and Duchess of Maretonia.
Spike: Seems like only yesterday I was saving this place from being totally destroyed. Hey, you guys remember that?
Rainbow Dash: You only mentioned it about fifteen times on the train here.
Rarity: (sarcastically, to Rainbow Dash) Yes, and we never hear a peep out of you about your exploits.
Rainbow Dash: Heh, point taken.
Twilight Sparkle: I'm glad you all wanted to come, but I don't think it's gonna be that exciting. I pretty much just have to smile and wave as the dignitaries arrive.
Rarity: Yes, but you get to smile and wave like a princess.
Applejack: How exactly is that different than smilin' and wavin' like not a princess?
Twilight Sparkle: It isn't.
Fluttershy: What's wrong, Twilight?
Pinkie Pie: Why the looooooooong face?
Twilight Sparkle: I've just been feeling a
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Friendship University (as a Friendship School) by iamnater1225 Friendship University (as a Friendship School) :iconiamnater1225:iamnater1225 5 0
Mumfie's Equestrian Journey Chapter 30
Chapter 30, Honoring the heroism.
Soon enough, Mumfie told Twilight, Star Swirl, Sandbar, and the others about his plan.
Star Swirl the Bearded: You what!?
Mumfie: I know making a deal with Hades is a bad idea, Star Swirl. But trust me, I know I can win my wager. But I'll need all the help I can get, I can't do this alone.
Twilight Sparkle: Say no more, Mumfie, you have our support.
Gallus: We got your back, Buddy.
Mumfie: Thank you, Gallus. Thank you all very much.
Sandbar: Anytime, Mumfie.
So, they set off to stop the villains for good.
As Mumfie, Twilight, Star Swirl, Gallus, and their friends begin their first challenge, they begin their fight with Rasputin.
Stygian: Rasputin! Show yourself and face us!
Rasputin: Over here!
Mumfie: Rasputin, we've come to stop you from harming anyone, anypony, and any creature!
Rasputin: You're welcome to try and stop me! Because this is the last time you come between me and the Romanovs, Mumfie! (possessing his reliquary)
Mumfie: You don't scare u
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Mumfie's Equestrian Journey Chapter 29
Chapter 29, Saving Star Swirl, Twilight and their friends.
At the wide open space, Mumfie knew that he'd be finding Hades elsewhere.
Mumfie: Hades, I know you're out there! Come out and show yourself!
Soon enough, Hades reappeared and answered a call from Mumfie.
Hades: Well, look who's starting to show a little backbone. Huh?
Mumfie: Where are Star Swirl, Twilight, Gallus, Mirage, and the others!?
Hades: Well, they're imprisoned at the Castle of Friendship we took over about now. Why'd ya ask?
Mumfie: Pharynx told me you like making deals, challenge me to released everyone, everypony, and every creature. If I win, you will leave Equestria and Beyond it in peace!
Hades: Well, that sounds a little redundant.
Pharynx: Hades, Mumfie is still waiting for your answer if you accept his wager. Going once! Going twice!
Hades: Okay, okay, okay, okay. You rescue Star Swirl, Twilight, and the gang, you fight the baddies, you win. But if you loose, you be my slave for all eternity. (sticks out his
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Mumfie's Equestrian Journey Chapter 28
Chapter 28, Forming a rescue plan.
As the rainstorm came, Mumfie and his friends struggled trying to return to the others.
Mumfie: The storm is too strong! (to some of his friends) Napoleon, Puffin, Whizzer, follow Pharynx, and Terramar, find Derek and the others!
Napoleon Jones: At once, Mumfie!
So, Napoleon, Puffin, and Whizzer flew ahead ti find the group they'd left behind.
Meanwhile, the search party for Mumfie and his friends has begun.
Whizzer: Derek! Guys!
Prince Derek: Napoleon, Puffin, Whizzer, where're Mumfie and the others?
Puffin: They're coming back!
Terramar: The storm was too strong for them because of the hurricane, they need our help!
Li Shang: Terramar, Pharynx, take us to them!
Pharynx: Come on.
So, they lead the search group right to where Mumfie and the others were.
Unfortunately, Mumfie had to keep some of his friends away form any danger.
Mumfie: (notice the branches about to fall on Moon Dancer) Watch out!
Moon Dancer: Huh?
As Mumfie pushed her away from the co
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Mumfie's Equestrian Journey Chapter 27
Chapter 27, Pharynx and Terramar warned Mumfie.
As Mumfie kept on running, Twilight and her friends and Students, the Zebracans, and CMC tried to catch up to him along with the rest of their friends who had a head start.
Apple Bloom: Mumfie! Wait!
Cozy Glow: Come back, Mumfie!
But as Dr. Facilier whistled for his shadows, they snatched Twilight, and all of their friends one by one.
Terramar: Oh no! Silverstream!
Pharynx: Don't look back, Terramar! Come on!
So, they had to fly as fast as their wings could keep them away from the Shadow Man.
Meanwhile, Mumfie was all alone up on the hilltop hoping not to endanger his friends.
Mumfie: I hope my friends are okay.
Then, the rest of his friends caught up with him.
Scarecrow: Mumfie!
Sunburst: You had us worried for a minute!
Mumfie: Why are you guys even here, can't you see I don't want to endanger any of you?
Puffin: But, Mumfie, you brought us together, didn't you?
Hubie: Puffin's right, you got us.
Scully: We're your friends, besides, I o
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Mumfie's Equestrian Journey Chapter 26
Chapter 26, Capturing the leaders and royalties of the Equestrian Realm.
Just as everyone came to Canterlot for the Grand Gala, Mumfie notice where the Pillars are.
Mumfie: Hey, where are the Pillars and Stygian?
Speed: I don't know, but I got a bad feeling about this.
Scarecrow: Me too.
Hubie: Me three.
Goose: What if the Pillars got captured? Might be out of whack, eh.
Suddenly, Jafar and his evil alliance appeared out of nowhere.
Jafar: (as he laughed evilly along with the others)
Starlight Glimmer: Oh no!
Iago: It's Jafar!
Louis: And the Shadow Man!
Panic: And Hades! He is so gonna kill us when he finds we're betraying him.
Pain: You mean, "if" he finds out!
Panic: Of course he's gonna f... If.. If is good.
Mumfie: And Rothbart, Clavius, Zelda, Sarousch, Mr. Winkie, Rasputin, Tzekel-Kan, and all corrupt ones from Equestria!
Zelda: I'm afraid we're going to contain the leaders and royalties.
Princess Luna: Guards! Stop them!
Rothbart: Ah, ah, ah! (casts his spell to stop the guards)
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Mumfie's Equestrian Journey Chapter 25
Chapter 25, Capturing Stygian and the Pillars.
While Stygian was practicing his magic, he heard something out there.
Stygian: Who's there? Show yourself!
And out of the flames, Hades appeared out of nowhere form the shadows.
Hades: Geez Louise! What a way to make an entrance, huh? Baboom. Name is Hades, Lord of the Dead. Hi. How ya doin'?
Stygian: Hades, what do you want with me?
Hades: I'm just here to make a deal with you, Stygie ol' buddy.
Stygian: If you want me to be the Pony of Shadows, you can forget it.
Hades: Hey, hey, hey, hey! Just, hear me out, okay? So I would be eternally grateful if you would just... take a day off from this hero business of yours. Geez, I mean, monsters, natural disasters. Phew! You wait a day, okay?
Stygian: I have no intention of trusting your deal at all, Hades.
Hades: Not so fast, because, ya see, I do have a little leverage... You might wanna know about. (snaps fingers as the Pillars appeared)
Stygian: Star Swirl? Rockhoof? Meadowbrook? Somnambula?
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Mumfie's Equestrian Journey Chapter 24
Chapter 24, Discovering Hades leading all evil.
Soon, Dallben and Sylvia brought out Hen Wen to show a vision.
Dallben: You know what to do, Sylvia.
Sylvia Marpole: Right, Dallben.
With Hen Wen near the bowl of water, Sylvia wields her staff and begin saying the magic words.
Sylvia Marpole: Hen Wen, from you I do beseech... Knowledge that lies beyond my reach... Troubled thoughts weigh on your heart... Pray you now those thoughts impart...
Just then, the visions were being shown with Hades along with his legion of evil.
Mumfie: Whoa. Isn't that...?
Philoctetes: Hades.
Pain: Lord of the Underworld.
Panic: And he's gathering an evil legion too.
Mumfie: I know, Mr. Winkie, Sarousch, Tzekel-Kan, Jafar, Dr. Facilier, Rasputin, Rothbart, Clavius, and Zelda, and the foes Twilight and her friends encountered long go, Abacus Cinch, Film and Flam, Glandmane, Suri Polomare, Wind Rider, Svengallop, Ahuizotl, and Dr. Caballeron.
Spike: Oh no!
Then suddenly, Mumfie notice a vision that shows him sta
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Mumfie's Equestrian Journey Chapter 23
Chapter 23, The Shadows attack.
That night, Queen Novo honored their old and new friends with a banquet for their arrival.
Queen Novo: (tapping her glass with a spoon) Can I have everyone, everypony, and every creature's attention please?
Mumfie: Quiet, everyone, everypony, and every creature!
Queen Novo: (as everyone paid attention and she looked at Mumfie) Thank you, Mumfie. (clears her throat) Now that I have everyone, everypony, and every creature's attention, I would like to honor the arrival of Prince Derek, Princess Odette, and company, especially Mumfie and his Alliance of Friendship. So, let's enjoy the occasion for tonight.
Mumfie: Cheers!
As they all raised their glasses of their drinks, Mumfie was glad to shared his honor.
Silverstream: Best Banquet Ever!
Princess Skystar: Woohoo!
But suddenly, one of the shadow demonss snatched Twilight and her friends out of nowhere.
Twilight Sparkle: Help!
Mumfie: Don't worry, Twilight. I'll save you!
With a few tricks up his sleeves, Mu
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Mumfie's Equestrian Journey Chapter 22
Chapter 22, Meeting with Queen Novo, Princess Skystar and Silverstream's family.
When everyone and everypony arrived in Mount Aris, Mumfie was amazed at this place.
Mumfie: We made it. This is it, Mount Aris.
Silverstream: I can hardly wait to see my parents, my cousins and Cousin Skystar, and Auntie Novo! Just wait until you guys meet them, they're going to love you!
Gallus: Yeah, I know.
Speed: Sure sound like a nice place to visit.
Yona: It true, Speed. Yona can hardly wait to visit Mount Aris!
Ocellus: Aren't you excited too, Zazu?
Zazu: Indeed I am, Ocellus.
So, they make ready for their arrival at the beach
When they got here, Mumfie was mostly amazed to see the sight of Mount Aris.
Mumfie: Wow! This place is amazing!
Jean-Bob: Clearly, make way for the prince.
Archimedes: Pinfeathers, here he goes again.
Twilight Sparkle: Hi, Skystar. How're your mom, aunt and uncle, and Terramar doing?
Princess Skystar: Doing fine actually.
Silverstream: Cousin Skystar!
Princess Skystar: Cousin
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Skippy, Marian, Robin, and Kits by KBAFourthtime Skippy, Marian, Robin, and Kits :iconkbafourthtime:KBAFourthtime 35 65 Pregnant Maid Marian by KBAFourthtime Pregnant Maid Marian :iconkbafourthtime:KBAFourthtime 12 66 Robin and Marian on a Walk by KBAFourthtime Robin and Marian on a Walk :iconkbafourthtime:KBAFourthtime 22 50 The Lionhearts - 20th anniversary by TomArmstrong20 The Lionhearts - 20th anniversary :icontomarmstrong20:TomArmstrong20 10 5 Queen Novo by ArcticWinds143 Queen Novo :iconarcticwinds143:ArcticWinds143 11 5 Young Granny Gladys by TeamPlasma70 Young Granny Gladys :iconteamplasma70:TeamPlasma70 9 5 Resource: Elements of Harmony Shield by DragonChaser123 Resource: Elements of Harmony Shield :icondragonchaser123:DragonChaser123 52 4 Grogar by EdoNovaIllustrator Grogar :iconedonovaillustrator:EdoNovaIllustrator 46 39 AiE: Lian 2 by HewyToonmore AiE: Lian 2 :iconhewytoonmore:HewyToonmore 29 7 AiE: Nikola Thomason 2 by HewyToonmore AiE: Nikola Thomason 2 :iconhewytoonmore:HewyToonmore 23 5 AiE: Mezmo and Salem by HewyToonmore AiE: Mezmo and Salem :iconhewytoonmore:HewyToonmore 34 34
Possible idea for S9 arc
If this season is going to be the last, then I think I have a perfect way to cap it all off.
The season 9 premiere starts with a force of evil coming in to Equestria. The Mane 6 managed to take it down by the end, but only just. The girls realise they aren't as connected to the elements and need to find new element barers as quickly as possible. 6 of the episodes feature the Young Six with their best qualities and by the time the finale happens, it up to the Young Six to take down Tirek and Cosy Glow once and for all. The series would close with the mane 6 passing the elements down and the young six graduating school.
I think other episodes in the season may focus on the Kirin we saw in Sounds of Silence, introducing a new student to the school, seeing Terramar interact with the Young Six (Brother/sister interactions FTW), perhaps see what Babs Seed's doing, and maybe Scootaloo's parents. That would be nice. Of course, more episodes are needed to fill the season, but
:icontobyandmavisforever:TobyandMavisforever 3 42
Cozy Glow [Adult] by Suramii Cozy Glow [Adult] :iconsuramii:Suramii 292 13 Autumn Blaze by Suramii Autumn Blaze :iconsuramii:Suramii 410 37 Graduation Ceremony by EmeraldBlast63 Graduation Ceremony :iconemeraldblast63:EmeraldBlast63 243 17
New elements of harmony?
For the longest time, I always thought the CMC and two other foals would be the new element bares. But... what if the Young Six become them instead?
It'd be super cool for them to wear the necklaces and crown. But... who would get what? I think I got it.
Kindness - Ocellus. Always gentle and kind to the core. It's a perfect fit.
Laughter - Silverstream. Very hyperactive and playful. No brainer here.
Honesty - Gallus. Blame The Hearth's Warming Club for that.
Generosity - Yona. I don't know, she seems to give that vibe off to me.
Loyalty - Smolder. Yeah, she can be a bit insensitive sometimes, but I do get that from her.
Magic - Sandbar. Ironic right? The earth pony gets this one. But Sandbar does seem to be the leader of the crew.
:icontobyandmavisforever:TobyandMavisforever 4 26


It was a dark night at the Gothem Hospital, Selina "Kyle" Wayne was in labor after nine months of his pregnancy with hers and Bruce Wayne's first born child.

Selina "Kyle" Wayne: (breathing) Where's Burce? I need him!

Leslie Thompkins: Don't worry, Selina, I'm sure he won't be long.

As for Batman, he was having a close encounter with the Joker, Poison Ivy, and the Penguin who're on the run from him downtown no far from the hospital.

The Joker: Too bad the bat won't give up chaisng us, it is such a doozy!

The Penguin: Perhaps, I can slow him down! (shooting bullets with his umbrella)

Unfortunately for them, Batman caught up to them in the Batwing and dropped on the car hard enough on the hood. While avoiding a lot of encountering attacks from Poison Ivy and the Penguin, the Joker had to hit the brakes while Batman jumped clear as the car hits against the wall.

Poison Ivy: It's no use, we're sitting ducks out here!

The Penguin: Let's get out of here!

Batman: (capturing Poison Ivy and the Penguin with a triple ball bola) You two aren't going anywhere!

The Joker: Don't forget to count me, Bats! (laughs evilly and goofily)

Just then, Robocop came out of nowhere ready to capture the Joker.

Robocop: Joker, you are under arrest! Surrender now, or I will be forced to come after you myself!

The Joker: (sarcastically) Oh, Robocop coming after me, I'm so scared! (laughs and aim his fist gun) Sucker!

As he fires his fist gun, Robocop grabbed it and destroyed it and forst the spring and bring the Joker to him.

Robocop: (grabbing him) Dead or alive, you're coming with me.

The Joker: Come on, Robocop, that was my best toy you broke. I was only having fun, where's your sense of humor?

Robocop: Right here! (hits him)

The Joker: (immitates Daffy Duck) You're despecible! (passed out)

Batman: (brining Ivy and Penguin tied up) They go to Arkham Asylum along with the Joker, Robocop, you know where to go.

Robocop: Batman, (sticks out his hand) I thank you for your cooperation. (as Batman shook) I shall see to it that they will be put to Arkham.

Just as Robocop took them to Comisioner James Gordon and the other cops, Batman got a call from his butler, Alfred Pennyworth.

Alfred Pennyworth: (communicating) I apologize for the imterruption, Master Bruce, but your wife is at the hsopital right now and will be giving birth soon.

Batman: I'm on my way, Alfred. Can you inform Dick, Barbara, and Andrea to meet us there soon?

Alfred Pennyworth: Can do, Master Bruce, congratulations by the way.

So, Batman took off on the Batwing to make ready for the hospital to see his wife.

Just as Bruce got the hospital in time, Matthew Thorne (who became a fine doctor) was there waiting for him.

Matthew Thorne: I'm gald you're able to make it, Bruce, Selina was just brought in the delivery room.

Bruce Wayne: How long was she in labor?

Matthew Thorne: Probably not too long the last she's brought here, she'll be getting ready to push soon.

Bruce Wayne: Thank you. Matthew.

With that done, Bruce had to be in the delivery room for his wife and child to be born.

As soon as Bruce got inside, Selina was happy to see her husband witness the birth of thier own child.

Selina "Kyle" Wayne: (breathing) Bruce! You made it!

Bruce Wayne: (by his wife's side) I'm here, Selina.

Leslie Thompkins: (getting ready to deliver the baby) Alright, Selina. It's time to get ready to push.

Selina "Kyle" Wayne: (breathing and groaning)

Outside the delivery room, Dick Grayson was passing while Conner and Kara Kent, and Babara Gordon were sitting on the bench.

Dick Grayson: It's taking so long. Shouldn't Bruce and Selina have their baby by now?

Conner Kent/Kon-El: (chuckles) Look at yourself, Dick. You would think this was your own brother. Tell me, were you this anxious when Bruce raised you?

Dick Grayson: Well, yes and no, Conner. It was different when he took me in. But now that Bruce and Selina got married, I was surprised that I was gonna be an older brother.

Just then, a baby's cry was heard as soon as Andrea Beaumont and Maven came to see how Bruce and Selina are doing.

Maven: What's going on?

Andrea Beaumont: Am I late?

Matthew Thorne: You're just in time to meet your godchild, Andi.

Inside, Leslie delivered a healthy baby boy Selina gave birth to.

Leslie Thompkins: Congratulations, Bruce. You and Selina had a boy, a beautiful and healthy baby boy.

Selina "Kyle" Wayne: (exhausted) It's about time.

Soon enough, Dick, Kara, Conner, Barbara, Andi, Maven, and Alfred witnessed the miracle of Bruce and Selina's newborn son.

Maven: Can you belive it, Andi? Bruce and Selina had a baby.

Andrea Beaumont: I guess I know now what it's like to be a godmother.

Dick Grayson: I'm really happy for you and Selina, Bruce.

Bruce Wayne: Thanks, Dick, he's now your new brother.

Barbara Gordon: He's so adorable.

Kara Kent/Kara In-Ze: I know, he's kinda cute.

Alfred Pennyworth: Have you and Madame Selina got a name for him, Master Bruce.

Bruce Wayne: We have, Alfred.

Selina "Kyle" Wayne: "Damian".

Maven: Damian is such a perfect name for him.

Dick Grayson: (holding him as Selina passed her baby to him) Hey, Damian. Hey, Buddy. I'm Dick, your big brother.

Selina "Kyle" Wayne: Would you like to hold your godson next, Andi?

Andrea Beaumont: Sure, Selina.

Just as Dick passed Damian to Andi, her tears begin to flow as a sign of her joy and happiness.

Andrea Beaumont: Hello, Damian. Welcome to the world, we're so happy to finally meet you.

So, Andi passed Damian back to Selina as she and Bruce gazed at their newborn son.

Bruce Wayne: Little Damian. Am I kidding myself hoping he'll never have to spend sleepless nights prowling rooftops and hunting criminals? But should the world still need a dark knight, I'll see to it that you're more than just a Batman by birthright.

And with that vowed made, they alll smiled gazing on the birth of Damian Wayne who eventually grew 13 years later as the new Robin.

                                                                            The End
The Birth of Damian Wayne
Here is my story of Damian Wayne, son of Bruce and Selina "Kyle" Wayne.
Mickey with the Infinity Scepter
Here is Mickey Mouse as the sorcer wielding the Infinity Scepter, he can control Space, Mind, Reality, Power, Time, and Soul to keep the universe safe.
Alexander Fox Xanatos
Here is Alexander Fox Xanatos as a mature, and became a half oberon sorcerer after posessing the Three Keys to Power: The Grimorum Arcanorum, the Eye of Odin, and the Phoenix Gate, he was reward by his grandmother, Titania, and step-grandfather, Oberon with a gift, a pair of Infinity Gauntlets contained with all six Infinity Stones: Space, Mind, Power, Reality, Time, and Soul. It was after during the Infinity War against Thanos and his legion, Alex cut off his left hand just before he could wipe out half the entire universe.

Alex Xanatos was made by :iconjoshuat1306:

His head mostly made by :iconangeltiger777:

I for one added the Infinity Gauntlets.
Infinity Scepter
This is the Infinity Scepter, the most powerful and useful weapon that only the wisest and most poweful and possess when contained with all six Infinity Stones.
These are my OC Characters of The Legend of Korra.

Book 1: Air

  1. Black Cattle (Son of Courage Eagle, Nephew of Wild Wolf, Younger Brother of Sunrise Hawk, Father of Cunning Fox, Love Interest of Lin Beifong, Waterbender and Owner of the Republic City Animal Sanctuary)
  2. Cunning Fox (Son of Black Cattle, Nephew of Sunrise Hawk, Grandson of Courage Eagle, Great Nephew of Wild Wolf, Waterbender and Love Interest of Asami Sato)
  3. Sunrise Hawk (Older Brother of Black Cattle, Uncle of Cunning Fox, Earthbender and Chief of the Nawakee Tribe)
  4. Charging Bison (Strongest Earthbender of the Nawakee Tribe)

Book 2: Spirits

  1. Liu Shang (Son of Haku, Husband of Kya, Father of Jaden and Katana, Uncle of Jinora, Ikki, Meelo and Rohan and Waterbending Master of the Northern Water Tribe)
  2. Jaden (Son of Liu Shang and Kya, Nephew of Tenzin, Pema and Bumi, Grandson of Haku and Katara, Older Brother of Katana, Cousin of Jinora, Ikki, Meelo and Rohan and Waterbending Student)
  3. Katana (Daughter of Liu Shang and Kya, Niece of Tenzin, Pema and Bumi, Granddaughter of Haku and Katara, Younger Sister of Jaden, Cousin of Jinora, Ikki, Meelo and Rohan and Waterbending Student)
  4. Grey Heron (Shaman of the Nawakee Tribe and Waterbender)

Book 3: Change

  1. Bitter Swan (Grand Niece of Grey Heron, Best Friend of Cunning Fox, Love Interest of Jaden, Former Nonbender of the Nawakee Tribe and Airbending Student)

Book 4: Balance

  1. Kuzon (Grandson of Zuko, Son of Izumi, Younger Brother of Iroh, Love Interest of Katana, Firebender and Crowned Prince of the Fire Nation)
  2. Tsung Lai (Dictating conqueror of the four nations)

The Voice Actors

  1. Rodney A. Grant as Black Cattle
  2. Eddie Spears as Cunning Fox
  3. Gil Birmingham as Sunrise Hawk
  4. Brad Garrett as Charging Bison
  5. Matthew Broderick as Liu Shang
  6. Sam Huntington as Jaden
  7. Kirstin Dust as Katana
  8. Wes Studi as Grey Heron
  9. Tinsel Korey as Bitter Swan
  10. Elijah Wood as Kuzon
  11. Gary Oldman as Tsung Lai


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