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 photo kenny01fns8_zps5rol4xt0.jpg

this is kenny. he is one of the many homeless in downtown seattle.
i saw him squatting one day with his sign asking for money
and i went and squatted next to him.
i told him my name was katia and he told
me his name was kenny.
i told him he was beautiful.
i didn't lie. he is beautiful to me.
he said no, i'm not.
i said yes.
he said no.
i said well, i see beauty when i look at you.
he said how could this be?
i said it be.
he smiled and his eyes twinkled.
i'm not lying - they twinkled.
i gave him some money and asked
if i could take his photo,
could i make a frame of his beautiful face?
and then we hugged and i kissed his cheek.
it was beautiful.


i'm leaving for lisboa, portugal in two days!! :dance: i'll be there for 3 weeks, until september 15th..
i'm going to meet my very best friend in the world!!! it still feels like a dream..

anyone watching me from portugal? maybe we could have a coffee or a beer or a walk, sim?
show me around a bit.. ;)

for those interested, you can catch up with me more on my informal journal here:

hope you're all well!



my best friend, flip. he's here too:… his amazing photography is here:… :heart:  love you sunshine..

oh, and anyone who gets a screenshot of my 100K pv's will get a 8 1/2 x 11" print of their choice from my gallery. :D
thanks for all your well-wishes for my journey. i wish you all well on yours too, inner & outer. ;)

até ja!

after my first gathering it was an enlightening experience - it was new it was
unlike anything i'd ever encountered before but everything i'd ever hoped for.
mindblowing. you take off your clothes, you take off your defenses,
you take off everything you rely on to define yourself.
and you trust.. co's you're home.

from 'warriors of the rainbow, pt i'

warriors of the rainbow, pt i - 10 mins.

warriors of the rainbow, pt ii - 10 mins.

warriors of the rainbow, pt iii - 5 mins.

watch them.
and later i'll tell you a lil bit about my trip. :)
but only if you watch them!! haha ;9


i'm going home to the rainbow gathering, this year held in the colorado rockies.
it's always a very real experience of love, sharing, openness, communion and Utopia for me.
and on july 4th (interdependence day) 20,000 of us strong are praying for peace on this beautiful planet.
i hope you can join us in that wherever you are. ;)
be back in a week! take good care. :)

:peace: all we are saying is give peace a chance. :peace:

regarding the song, on the day of july 4th, all the thousands at the gathering are silent. meditating. embodying peace.
then at high noon all wordlessly stand and gather into a massive circle.
the person in front of you is just a small dot.
everyone clasps hands and prays in whatever way they wish.
some start to ommmmmmmmmmm. it's a chilling experience to hear hundreds
of people in a unfathomably giant circle ommmmmmmmmmmmmm.
then the children burst out of kiddy village and lead a colourful
parade down to the middle of the circle, singing this song.
little children with their beautifully joyous high-flying voices singing,
'all we are saaaaaaaying is give peace a chaaaaaaaaaaaance'
you're a stone if you're not drenched in tears by then.





:boogie: I LOVE BIRTHDAYS!!!! :dance:

i'll do what i do every year that always brings me such Joy
and ask you kindly to leave me a favourite photo
(whether yours or someone elses)
or bring me a favourite song,
(you can use '')
or bring a loved poem, quote, emoticon, website link..
you could even tell me a joke,
tell me anything.. a secret..
you could leave me a single word
that you love,
like mellifluous



ohh! and here is a gift for YOU, sure to make you laugh. :rofl:

:airborne: merci! obrigada! thank you! :airborne:


on assignment... pt. I

Thu Apr 13, 2006, 6:30 AM

once in awhile i should do these "Katia Roberts - On Assignment" posts.
my editor calls me and asks me to go here or there and get
this or that photo. i jot down the information,
grab my camera bag,
jump in my car and in my head
as i drive i say, dramatically,
"Katia Roberts ..... On Assignment".
i even have a song that plays through my head as i drive to the scene.
(here -… - listen to it!! :D)
yes i do. and it makes me smile. haha. and it makes
me feel important and goofy and happy.

so here's my favourite shot from a recent assignment:

chloe and emma at the same-sex marraige rights rally.
they came to stand up for the right to be
married to each other
if they chose to
one day.

someone took a photo of me taking the above photo!
i just saw it on the web. haa..

love is love is love is
the greatest thing
that we have.


no restrictions.



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Light is my Lover...

Fri Mar 17, 2006, 2:55 PM
:thumb28070878:   old shoot:01 by gabriell332    Summertime by HealYourself

Siouxsie and the Banshees by Stephane-Burlot  :thumb30026156:    Untitled 2 Daniel Murtagh Phot by Sweet-Scarling

bang by iamkatia  

Mature Content

the Shark by vidi
   your dark euphoria by iamkatia  

Mature Content

Interlude by johnmccall
   Irish dancing. by soooaps  :thumb16642569:

Why by Ciril   

Mature Content

no title by welder
   IN: 23456 OUT: 23456 by kalenisis

Book by MatthewFreund   Reflections in Suspension by Karezoid   untitled4 by natashalyonne

poetical dreams 5 by aykanozener   BREATH by I-R-A   isolated by yougottalove  

:thumb28284571:   I wonder... by Nullermanden:  

Mature Content

PC155525 by MichalTokarczuk

poetical dreams 6 by aykanozener  :thumb24370064:   Szuuuwar _ WPA by troyek

Looking back... by Michel-Lag-Chavarria  :thumb25531279:  :thumb27592026:

:: untitled :: by Jazer  :thumb20424056:   Morning by chryztoph

Light up my face by Ciril



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just made the first before/after submission on improvement-movement

the work is very personal and precious to me
so i hope you'll take the time
to go have a look. :)


a quick note to let you all know i've made a journal post today on :iconimprovement-movement: here: improvement-movement.deviantar…

any and all help and feedback is welcome!

oh and graffit has made us a fantastic stamp here:

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thanks! :blowkiss:


please check out Nishad's gallery here: :iconcarvinganish:
one of the most worthy of attention, yet under-appreciated artists here.


some recent favourites for you..

:thumb28849046: :thumb28530031: :thumb28814591:

i kick ass by FigoTheCat the omega by lithia

Mature Content

PC155525 by MichalTokarczuk

JACK FLOWER by metaphysica Dancer in the dark by teemupoika :thumb28342019:

feeel itt by muted-pain Pa Khiap against missionaries by ophius in the garage by ohyouhandsomeDevil


I MISS YOU YANN!! :iconjosh76: come baaaaack! :cries:

love to you all,



improvement movement update

Thu Feb 9, 2006, 1:36 PM
ok guys. really need some help getting the improvement-movement up and running.
please go read today's journal entry here: improvement-movement.deviantar… on ways you can help.
do you have links to good tutorials on and off DA?
are you or do you know someone with great skills who would like to help others learn and grow?
can you make a cool ID that personifies what we're trying to do here?
then WE NEED YOU!!

and thanks to everyone who is already helping!
seriously, this is going to be a beautiful thing! :D


thank you for the avatar Lohey!!




ok, so i was seeing only negatives and reacted solely emotionally from that.
then many people came to remind me of all the
wonderful and positive things here,
not to mention - the LOVE.
mygod. the love...

and leaving solves nothing.

so what then?

well, i want to help balance all the negative with something really positive.
a community of people that are willing to assist others in improving their skills.
right now it's just a seed of an idea.

i've given probably 20 or more private b/w conversion tutorials over msn with people from DA and
have seen the quality of their work improve dramatically with a mere 60 minute one-on-one session.
to be more precise we are both on msn together with the same work
starting at the same place and going step-by-step together.
so i'm willing to offer that to anyone interested.
would need other people to volunteer in other areas.
hopefully LOTS more people.
then the submissions could be before and after shots of the work.
that's how far i've gone in my thinking about it.
i just know i'm VERY EXCITED.
i really want to hear from others.
this could be amazing, big, beautiful!
what are your ideas about all this?
let's start a DA improvement-movement!! :dance:


i want to thank :iconavenescent: for being the first person ever
to give me some invaluable photoshop tips that helped me
improve the quality of my own works soooo much and also
served to infuse me with JOY about what i was doing.
i'll never forget that and this new helpful
community is born from the seed of that.

i love you avie. :glomp:

and i LOVE ALL OF YOU and am so grateful for
all your amazing words of love and encouragement
in the last few days and in all the time i've been here.

you have no idea how much that means to me.

:heart: :hug: :heart:



We have to go into the despair and go beyond it,
by working and doing for somebody else,
by using it for something else.

~ Elie Wiesel

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