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This is Montana and his pet possum.
Montana is one of the better-known homeless here in Seattle.
He lives in an underground dug-out with his possum, his dog and numerous birds and raccoons that he has befriended.
(I'll be going to photograph it next week. Unfortunately someone recently ransacked it and almost all his belongings were either stolen or destroyed.)
He just got his section-8 so hopefully he'll have his own apartment soon.
That's Rob (also homeless and an amazing artist) skate-boarding by.
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the random black guy with dreads longboarding made me laugh
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Twattage|Student Traditional Artist
Wow! What a great shot! =)
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He has such a kind face :)
Amazing shot!!! great comment..
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totally amazing shot. you really have good relation with the homeless.
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hockenberry's avatar
"...acknowledge their existence" : you do that wonderfully !
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I love the idea of befriending all those animals :). It's great that you talk to the homeless, and don't just try to avoid them like most people.
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This image has been added in People around the world Feature #1

I hope that this feature opens up your amazing artwork to many new watchers!

Have a nice day!
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oh great foto!
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pearwood|Hobbyist Photographer
Dignity, beauty, and a really neat ';possum.
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I just saved this photo as my wallpaper. A striking image. I'll keep it there probably until I get tired of looking at the opossum. Opossums creep me out. But they tantalize me, too. Probably Freudian.

Whenever I read your comments, my mood is instantly lifted. You convey so much positive energy, and I thrive on that. Guess I'm more on the sullen side.
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This is awesome. His facial expression really tells a story. Your photos all remind me of classic magnum shots, really.
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Rob's got the best #($*ing board I've ever seen.
Tell them hello from me!
And.. that pet is amazing. =) Love your photos.

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i like the shot. and the characters you find are very amusing.
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DrNoPlan| Photographer
When a pic is a good one? At this moment if you have a movie in your mind. This capture is telling a story. Nice framed and and good grayscaled bw. :)
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now featured in my journal :)
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i love this kind of pictures ! :+fav:
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I have to stop looking at these photos, before I break into tears. If only Bush had only spent the 300 billion on humanity instead of war...:(
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300 billion - can you even believe that?!
we could've housed sooo many homeless and sick people.

so sad...
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His expression is amazing. I love the other random guy in the back skateboarding. It's relaxing to look at if I can use that word....

Oh andmost certainly a :+fav:
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BeatKiLL| Photographer
really nice photo
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I've met him before. He really is a nice guy. The photograph is lovely by the way. All of your stuff is.

I was going to the art institute and living in the dorms but ended up withdrawing and therefore had to move out. It landed me in Texas for the last 3 months, but I'll be back in June. I'll be living in Downtown Puyallup and then in August, my friend and I are gonna get an apartment up in Seattle. Anyways, when I get back I plan to visit westlake and probably give out free hugs again. Point being, I would love for you to take my picture. :smile:
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