Bingo for Blood (Updated: what we have done.)

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Deviation Actions

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You CAN make a difference

If you go to the Website of SFW you will notice the Nikon Logo is DOWN…

I have also had official communication from Public Relations of Nikon confirming this, and I was reassured that no Nikon branded product would be distributed at the event and that ties with the event have been cut.

I applaud Nikon for requesting that the logo be pulled and sponsorship withdrawn. By doing so Nikon, including the camera division as well as the optical Hunting division of the company is supporting ethical, conversationally minded hunting and outdoor lifestyle practices.

They deserve our thanks and encouragement for this action.

Also because of journals on Da, blogs tweets and many other internet social methods thousands have come across this journal. A countless number of you have called and emailed protest. Every call email and link drives this type of event every bit further into extinction.
This event has no place in modern society! At least 10,000 individuals have come across this content with countless more page views hidden in the masses of the web.

There is still much that can be done, and plenty of resources to contact. Feel free to read the journal if this is your first visit and take action. But you have made a difference today and for that I thank you.  


Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife (a national non profit organization) is hosting multiple predator derbies in Idaho. This organization has very strong ties with both Idaho Governor Butch Otter and the Idaho Department of Fish and Game.

Earlier this year this organization was given the first wolf tag and auctioned it off to raise profits to keep the wolf off of the Endangered Species List.

IDFG recently voted to extend the wolf hunting season until March of next, which will allow wolves to be a part of this contest. Perhaps this is a coincidence; perhaps not.

What is a predator derby?

A predator derby is a killing spree of carnivorous animals. No consideration is taken for the care of the hide; high-powered rifles are used and after the tally is counted the carcasses are wasted. There are no tags, permits, or government oversight.

Contestants compete against each other on the clock to kill as many predators as possible. They use sophisticated electronic calls that mimic the natural sound of a predator and  scents to impersonate foods or to imply a willing mate is nearby. They have exactly 24 hours to shoot as many animals as possible to be the winner.

- Bobcats are worth 2 points
- Foxes are worth 2 points
- Coyotes are worth 2 points
- Wolves are worth 3 points
- Ties are resolved by weight.

Predator Derbies are nothing new. They have been around for hundreds of years, but they are based on an archaic culture that understood little of ecosystems and cared nothing for the environment.  Predators' importance in the ecosystem are ignored and they are senselessly slaughtered for a frenzied bloodlust of a competition. These contests arose from ranching and railroad interests to help them get rid of what they considered to be pests on the land.  Offer cash prizes, invite your friends, and have them lower the population for you.

To make matters worse, all proceeds from this event support the Idaho Sportsmen Wolf litigation movement, an organization that has been against the reintroduction of the wolf from day one. They continue to fight with litigation for the highest hunting quota and the eventual re-eradication of wolves.

What does a Predator Derby look like?
the following images are screenshots captured from the organizations website and are posted by me under the fair use copyright clause of News and Critical reporting.




The effects of our war on predators are only beginning to be understood, but a term called "trophic cascade" is coming into play often. Explosions of rodent populations can occur, areas become overeaten, and the behavior of animals changes when you remove predators. All of these effects compound and can have a drastic negative effect on the health of an ecosystem…

This journal is NOT anti hunting. I do not consider myself to be an anti-hunting individual; I personally avoid the sport because I find more thrill in photographing and allowing an animal to be seen another day. I support ethical hunting. Ethical sportsman follow ecological hunting practices and do not waste what they hunt.

It's true that even the management of predators often does need to occur, but it should be done with a sound basis in science, using non-lethal methods whenever possible, and with respect for the ecosystem - NOT as an adrenaline based sport of cash prizes.

This contest is a bloodthirsty slaughter. It is killing for thrill, it is senseless harm of living breathing animals.
It is Bingo for blood.
And it is happening on YOUR public lands.

And Who is supporting this?

Update the Nikon logo has since been removed, and in consideration of Nikons response to our request I have removed this image.
The updated website can be seen here…

Cabelas and Sportsman's Warehouse are the two largest major sponsors of this event.

Email Sportsmans Warehouse…

Email Cabelas…

There is still much to be done,
We are not going to change Idaho overnight and we need the help of other organizations. Here are some good options:

PLEASE contact the Natural Resources Defense Council let them know about this event and urge them to take action on this and other injustices against predators in the west.

Another excellent non profit for animals specializing in predators Predator Defense:…

Contacting the following contacts may be more akin to talking to a brick wall, they are the problem. But they need to hear until they understand the public will not tolerate this.

The organizers of this event can be contacted here:
Nate Helm (208-899-3122) or
Sean Cluff (208-697-3167) or

Butch Otter Governor of Idaho…

Idaho Fish and Game:…

Salazar Secretary of the Interior

Feel free to utilize any of your social networking means to spread the news about this story!

© 2009 - 2021 Iamidaho
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TPPR10's avatar
This is just wrong. Sports what contain killing animals if just wrong. Expect fishing to me.
Raptor-Tooth's avatar
This is just horrible, they NEED to stop the senseless killing!
raspberrypop101's avatar
what happened to them?????:(:iconsadnessplz:
Wockyjunior's avatar
wouldn't even think about killing animals unless it's for food, or to protect the safety of others. But this is outrageous.
BadDudez's avatar
There is no flag that is large hide the shame of america - SOAD A.D.D.
linawifeofL's avatar
This is an outrage! I understand hunting if it is done with the respect for the animal and the body is actually used for some practical purpose afterward, but senseless killing like this is just an "overcompensate for my tiny dysfunctional dick" fest.
thebluekraken's avatar
i dont think i could say it any better. killing to kill does not make a man a hunter. it does not even make him a sport hunter. It makes a man a killer and fills his insides with cold poison.
Erinwolfrus's avatar
Real hunters respect and use materials from the animals they kill. These are just people who kill for the sake of killing. Fucking pathetic, wasteful, and cruel.
guardianofire's avatar
I am in shock....
Kuwaizair's avatar
well that is weird, no permits and tags?

that's stupid as well as ruining the fur

they can do this with no tags and I need a stack of papers to legaly keep a fox that gets hit by a car?
SRfineArt's avatar
How could they be so careless? This nonsense only causes more hate and worsens the relationship of wolves and humans. I can't believe how many people don't care, even my own mother doesn't care. -_- She just walked in and said "That is not something a 12 year old should be concerned about, I need to get on the computer now, my work is much more important than that." She honestly just said those exact words. -_- Now, I may be just a child, but at least I care.
Ama-no-Gawa's avatar
what da F??
I thought sport hunting was bad but...this just took the cake @_@
How could people do this?? its discusting in every way.

There should be a human derby. We should be able to hunt and run over bastards[sorry for language] like these people.
KRd1st's avatar
This is horrible! What the hell are you people thinking? Killing random forest animals, especially foxes.. I love foxes! And wolves! And so do other people. You're ruining planet earth, killing one by one for stupid points.
SherbertTCat's avatar
I only support the hunting of predators for the sake of population control, not for sport.
NAZI-LOVER's avatar
I do hunt and I support the hunting of animals when the population gets out of control [predators included] but these derbies are rather pointless and destructive waste.
Ivory648's avatar
im all for it if it was for food but this is just horible
Macushla's avatar
I wanted to resist commenting on your journal since I had already commented on your article about this topic.
But I'm really sad to see people take your journal for absolute truth instead of doing research themselves. But I will point out some points that bug me the most.

-The Idaho Sportsmen Wolf Litigation is not against the reintroduction of wolves. Your statement on them is completely false. They are against the wolf being put back on the endangered species list. The population is big enough so they were taken off, if they are put back on they cannot be managed and risk overpopulating. Someone else mentioned pregnant mothers and pups being hunted; that is definitely not the case. That is against the law. An extension on a hunting date is merely an extension, nothing more. Only a certain number of tags are given out, the extension does nothing to the number of wolves being hunted beyond giving hunters more time to fill the tag they won or bought. No one is giving tags out like crazy, there is a set number that ensures safe numbers for the species.

-I have never heard of a point system in predator derbies. Or even of multiple species being hunted in a derby. The derby you linked to is for coyotes. And as ~wyomingwildman said, they are wildly over populated. These derbies are an attempt to bring down their population numbers closer to a safe number.

Yes, those photos are very bloody and not something a non-hunter would want to see. But I doubt they'd want to see photos of dead livestock before their processed and put on their grocery store shelves.

I'd really like to know where you get you information. I'd also like to know the "non-lethal" methods that would be used instead to managed animal populations.
madrush08's avatar
endangered species can be properly managed. Also, they wouldn't be listed on the endangered species list unless they were at low population levels. Do you know how much legit scientific research goes into those listings? And trust me, it could be much worse than you think. The ESA can specify critical habitat for a species and basically declare that the land that is needed for this species cannot be disturbed in anyway.

Hunting is on a decline in all states, a blessing and a curse really. But decreased hunting rates mean increased need for predator control, there is no scientific debate about that. That is, unbiased scientific debate. And almost all researchers I have ever met are unashamedly unbiased, to a point that they will publish papers that ever single hypothesis they have is disproved.
Iamidaho's avatar
You are entitled to your opinion.
Completely False? Hardly.
From the very beginning ISFW has been against the wolf being brought back to Idaho, and they currently want to keep it off the ESA so they can motivate IDFG to keep wolf populations much much lower than what they need to be to properly meet the objectives of the ESA mandate for a genetically viable population. This is the entire argument of litigation to take state control away once again.

The State of Idaho refuses to respect the existence of the wolf as a valuable contribution to Idaho's Wildlife. Why are Wolves still endangered in Wyoming? Because the state refuses to present a plan that will support the long term survival of the species. This years hunt went forward because Molloy blocked a injuction and basically granted Idaho and Montana the opportunity to show they are ready for the task. It is my impression they have failed.

The extension of the hunt was done without a public period of comment, was done with objections to those who work with the wolves in IDFG and was a poor choice directed by self serving interests of a board on the IDFG that is controlled by lobbying from ISFW and ranching interests. I assure you, if the board of directors sitting on the chair for IDFG and Idaho Sportsman could, they would eliminate the wolf again.

There current goal is to drive the population down to 1 wolf more than needed to avoid endangered reenlistment, with out taking into account natural causes of population decrease such as distemper and mange.

Pregnant wolfs being shot? It is going to happen, with the hunting season extended into march. Wolves breed in February typically. so yes pregnant wolves are under fire. And no it is not illegal under current Idaho laws.
We do not hunt elk or deer in the spring to give them a change to birth, why do we continue to pressure a animal during the winter and spring?

No other animal under control of Idaho Fish and Game gets an extended hunt this year except the wolf ? and why? no justification or reason given. Tags were sold to anyone and everyone about 15,000 tags were sold this year. Including the first ten sold off at auction for thousands of dollars by ISFW. IDFG has no business whatsoever donating state property to a private interest group end of story.

Risk of over populating? hardly, we humans are so arrogant to think that we must control everything. This year Wolves in Yellowstone experienced a 20 percent decrease in population without human intervention and from the years of data we have gathered they are not as prolific and reproductive as all the anti wolf crowds claim to them to be.

Elk have done just fine as well, populations are at targets. But yes it is harder to hunt them. They are behaving like elk should. The wolf will also serve a invaluable role in helping slow the spread of CWD (Chronic Wasting Disease) Ever heard of CWD?

There indeed is a point system for this predator derby, go to there own website and read the rules and regulations yourself
1. All legally harvested coyotes are worth two (2) points; fox and bobcat
are (2) points each. Wolves are worth (3) points. (see rule #7)
2. Team with most points wins. Heaviest weight will break all ties.

The link to the official rules and regulations with the point system.

Wildly overpopulated? Where is your data source on that claim, or wyomingwildmans? Coyotes are not a saftey concern but they are a annoyance for livestock ranchers. even though they only account for .08 percent of yearly deaths of livestock compared to all other forms of diesease ect. (this data coming from the USDA)

Judging by the fact that this year the county where I live proposed a 5 dollar bounty for every ground squirrel brought into the courthouse because of a over population causing damage to canal systems it sounds like we could sure use a few more coyotes and fox in the region.

Non-Lethal methods
there are plenty,
Fladry, Guard animals such as llamas donkeys and dogs, electronic motion activated sentry systems, Or good old human sheparding. Many areas where cattle reside need to be shut down altogether anyways because of excessive damage to stream beds and vegetation.

Once again you are free to disagree with me. But do not accuse me of not being informed on the issue.
madrush08's avatar
"Wildly overpopulated? Where is your data source on that claim, or wyomingwildmans? Coyotes are not a saftey concern but they are a annoyance for livestock ranchers. even though they only account for .08 percent of yearly deaths of livestock compared to all other forms of diesease ect. (this data coming from the USDA)

Judging by the fact that this year the county where I live proposed a 5 dollar bounty for every ground squirrel brought into the courthouse because of a over population causing damage to canal systems it sounds like we could sure use a few more coyotes and fox in the region"

Very nice!! Thanks for that post about the actual death percentages, people really do overestimate their impact on livestock!
Macushla's avatar
I'm sorry I wrote the comment like that; I apologize for being a jackass. I guess emotions got the best of me. I've dealt with way too many "save the animals" extremists, and that's not what you are. Though I didn't think that anyways, if that makes sense.

When I had first read your article I had the same reaction as other people; shock and disgust. But I do know of other predator derbies and this did not sound like them. So I tried to do research of my own, but I couldn't find anything to support your statements. Especially about the Litigation movement, I found articles saying that pro-wolf organizations were using the endangered species list to their advatage, so they could raise money to fund themselves.
I've looked more into Idaho wildlife as a whole, and there seems to be problems with management in other areas too.

Being from California, I've never heard of something like the shooting of pregnant wolves or pups. If it ever did happen, there would be a huge uproar from ethical hunters, and I haven't heard one. There were comments about 4 wolves being legally shot. That makes me think that people aren't being ethical and going out there to just harvest a wolf under the radar.

I looked all over that derby page and couldn't find the link to the point system file, so thank you for linking that to me. I've never seen that before, it actually turned my stomach to see it. I still support derbies to control populations, but multiple species' is too much.

Though I am a bit confused over who exactly is in charge of the management of wildlife in Idaho. Different articles say different things. I'm also frustrated that I can't find an article or website that has the actual population of animals. I did find wolves, they were close to 2,000; but I couldn't find coyotes. But you hadn't linked to a page with a population number either, so I'm wondering if you've found one?

The whole thing sounds like an issue of non-ethical hunters. Not the state as a whole, but some bad people ruining it for everyone else.

I kind of feel like I suppose Nikon does. Supporting something that looks legitimate on the surface, but learning later that it wasn't what I thought it was. Or what it should've been.

Again, I apologize. Idaho's wildlife mangagement seems to have more problems than I thought. I didn't read enough articles to possibly cover everything. Thank you very much for replying.
Kuwaizair's avatar
rules and regulations on the site
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