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I was sickened this evening to learn the news that a large motor sport dealer in Challis Idaho is hosting a coyote killing contest with cash prizes being given out to those who kill coyotes in many different categories including the most, the largest, the smallest, oldest and youngest among others within a 12 hour period of time.

These animals will be killed in many barbaric ways including baited with meats to traps, called in with electronic calls and shot from long distances with high powered rifles, ran down with snow machines to the point of exhaustion and either shot point blank or ripped apart by being ran over from the snowmobile. Many of them will be shoot from the roadside a highly illegal and dangerous practice.

Whats worse is these wild animals deaths are generating profit for the motor sport company because they are charging a fee for entry into the contest, the contest has been advertised in several newspapers and a big turn out is expected.

Mass killings like this do horrible things for the environment and can lead to population explosions of rodents. The rodents that would of been killed by the coyotes hunting are then killed with deadly poisons with your tax dollars costing you even more money.

There is not much we can do to stop this event from happening because there is absolute zero protection afforded to the coyote by Idaho law as they are classified as a trash animal or varmit.

But if you have a moment please call the Challis Chamber of Commerce at 208.879.2771 and express your outrage for this inhumane event phone calls work best for protest but if you are crunched for time shoot an email to them at challischamber@custertel.net , tell them specifically you will now refuse to do business with there community and will pass by there town whenever you are in there region for promoting and allowing such an event to occur call for the removal of Bent Rod Sports from the Chamber of Commrence.  You can also call the sponsor of the contest 'Bent Rod Sports' at 208.879.2500 and speak to the demons directly!

Be sure to CC your emails to the chamber of commrence to Bent Rod Sports themselves at,

For more information please see Ralph Maughns Website posting here Ralph Maughn is one of the leading experts on wildlife conservation and efforts here in this area his page is full of some of the brightest minds represent deviant art well if you decide to post there please :-)


Another Great resource is project coyote, click and learn!

Project Coyote www.projectcoyote.org/

Im beyond fed up with the attitudes and mindsets of the public here in Idaho about our wildlife, our state and other bordering states enjoy the largest mostly intact ecosystem in the 49 states (save Alaska) and its time we respect it. Coyotes are beautiful and essential animals to the wilderness out here and with proper management and sound science could even be very beneficial to the agricultural industry.

First off I want to thank the community for the overwhelming response I have seen from this event in other journals, news articles and blogs around the internet from fellow deviants, It is a awesome thing to see the deviant art community rise up and BE ACTIVE when it comes to issues that affect what we love to photograph and document.

Secondly, we are MAKING A IMPACT. Calls and emails from Deviants and other activist groups that have become involved have expressed there outrage to the Chamber and it is not being taken lightly,

I would like to ask anyone witting or calling them to remain professional and cool yet direct with them. Now is certainly not the time for any vulgarities or threats to be made to the chamber especially when they are being responsive and listening to our claims.

There are a few other offices you can express outrage to,

The Governor of Idaho
-sadly butch otter is the type of man that would probably attend this event himself but it is worth sending a complaint to none the less.

Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation:
Robert L. Meinen 208-514-2251 email: jjohns@idpr.state.id.us (assistants email)
Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation
(express outrage to this individual that the face of motorized recreation is being portrayed by a dealer with such barbaric practices.)

Idaho Fish and Game:
idfginfo@idfg.idaho.gov Telephone: (208) 334-3700
Your message should include to them your disappointment in a private business being able to make profit off of a public resource without any state management.

United States Forest Service
Part of your message should express disappointment in allowing an event to occur without any management, permits, or science behind it. Also express anger that a business is being able to profit off of a event that is killing wildlife without government oversight.

Harv Forsgren
Regional Forester
324 25th Street
Ogden, UT 84401
email: info@fs.fed.us (general usfs email)

Lastly another good idea is to contact various motorized recreation groups and manufactures about how disappointed you are in this motor sports dealer portraying the industry in such a bad light. Organizations such as the Blueribbion coalition www.sharetrails.org/contact/ are scared that motor sports redneck ways with activities such as this are going to ruin chances of motorized access to the back country for all, and its possible they will express there anger to the dealer because they have very close ties to them.

Once again thank you, I am completely amazed by how much Deviant Art has risen to the cause.  

You are free to spread the news, copy and paste this journal to other blogs websites ect, lets get this thing viral and make a stand!
If anyone has any other good sources or points of contact please let me know, it takes only a few minutes to shoot a email or make a few phone calls and it makes a HUGE difference.

We may not be able to stop the contest on Saturday but we can help show this state that the world does not approve of its attitudes and actions!
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while the over population of coyotes is a problem in some places there really is no call for events such as this. a humane season on coyotes with strict enforcement of hunting and trapping laws would keep the numbers in check without causing wholesale impact on the ecosystem. i know i use furs in much of my work but they are aquired through legal and reputable means. there must be something done to keep things like this from happening.
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im not against hunting, but i dont see a point in tourtering the animals. If your going to kill them then kill them quickly dont go running them over and stuff.
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That's disgusting!!!!!
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people sicken me, how can they do something so horrible to such a beautiful animal, not to mention endangered. just comes to show how fickle humans can be and why i prefer the company of my fury companions as to that of an person. i would like to see those people be hunted down the same way.

i hate people!!!

i hate corporations!!!

but mostly people.
GodsOnVacation's avatar
I know some of those people have pets.. how could they kill something so like there dog at home?
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That is simply disgusting. :(
confused-equine's avatar
That is simply disgusting.
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That is so vile. I sent an email, but I was so angry I'm afraid I wasn't very coherent. Dude, they better call that thing off, its so disgusting. I didn't realize there were such scummy people in the world. :(
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Have you: Iamidaho, or anyone else, heard about whether the hunt went on, and if so what is happening? Assuming I've got my times right it's scheduled to have occurred earlier today/still be happening...

I would love to hear that it was called off in the end...

NB (I've posted about my feelings on this atrocity earlier in the comments)
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Jesus. I just read an article from an Idaho new channel and the comments of "In California coyotes drag babies off of playgrounds" were all over the boards. Are you kidding me? People really are insane and there are times like this, and unfortunately it would probably miss people like this, when I have to embrace the Joker's line...."The World Needs an Enema"
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This is just sickening. What the HELL are these people thinking--have they no respect at ALL for the environment?! Apparently not. Wish I was closer to the area, I'd give them a piece of my mind...
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If they were hunting with the intent of eating the animals, I wouldn't see harm in this, only that they don't have a limit on them.
But killing animals simply for the fun of it is just horrible!
I've never understood how people could be so cruel.

Those coyotes have just as much of a right to live there as the people do. D:
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even the things like how my mom reacts to Coyotes is annoying....she goes saying we need a tough, large dog in the yard....what for? we have no crops or chickens, its like they think the coyote will come up to the door and want to eat us! after her so called animal lover life, she cant figure out that coyotes arent monsters?

we dont live in the city, the coyotes have a right to live here too...as long as they keep a safe distance, I dont see a a problem.
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That's revolting!! What is wrong with those people?!
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I just wanted to let you know I am copying your journal. I am shocked at the sickness of this slaughter.
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That is seriously sick.
Marshmellofluff's avatar
This is terrible.
These kind of people make me sick.
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This is horribly and absolutey the most disgusting thing i've ever heard of! What is the point of all this? It's meaningless killing! I'll post this on my journal and spread the word about this terrible contest!
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Sent an email to the Bent Rod "Sports" people. Mentioned 'red neck' sports....Hope they think again.
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That's absolutely disgusting.
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...I can't believe this kind of thing is still allowed... I get so disapointed at people sometimes...think that the world shoul'd have learned from everything that's happening to our environment
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I can't belive that o.o What would be the interest of such a contest?! I find it so pathetic and ridiculous to organize that. Moreover, it's a Motor Sport Dealer who organize this contest?! I can't understand why... What is the link between their activity and this contest? It let me outraged and vengeful! I'll send an e-mail to some offices, trying to stop this thing! Maybe an e-mail sending from France would be more taked into account (is it a correct sentence?)
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And I forget that I would pass the word top my friends. Maybe it will be more helpful...
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This is truly disgusting, thank you for bringing it to my attention.

I e-mailed both the chamber of commerce and Bent Rod themselves, and I also linked to this in my journal, I hope it helps.
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