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Spin Cycle

This style of photography is extremely demanding on oneself and your equipment. Each exposure lasts at least 30 minutes and the night disappears into morning quickly. Little sleep as you wake up every hour and reset equipment, dew and frost loves to attack your equipment and your battery gives out quickly. Was it worth the effort? you be the judge.

When we look into space we often see a static and still world, but our earth is moving around the sun at a speed of 67,000 miles an hour. Meanwhile the earth spins on its axis at a speed of around 1000 miles per hour measured from the equator.

Shot taken along a dusty country road above Idaho Falls in an area called 'Bone' Idaho. Its a quiet area I lost count of the Jack Rabbits i saw, counted 10 owls and heard the very distant howl of a shy coyote. A great yet sleepless evening. I slept perhaps an hour and a half out in the field during exposures and pulled into the drive way home at 5:30 in the morning.

An interesting fact is if we were to properly calibrate the camera we could determine the approximate surface temperature of each point of light The blue and white streaks in the sky represent stars that have a surface temperature much hotter than the others while the redder ones followed by the yellow stars are progressively cooler. Of course someone is going to show up and point out that Stars are not perfect black bodies but we can make approximations.
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Canon EOS 5D Mark II
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1811/1 second
Focal Length
16 mm
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Aug 1, 2009, 3:34:08 AM
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Andres-Cadena's avatar
Amazing photography and beautiful description! :)
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Excellent work! It was TOTALLY worth the effort!

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Your work has been featured here: [link]
xXxEndlessxXx's avatar
this is the essence of photography..realy impressive
tourofnature's avatar
How the hell do you get a shot like this? Merging multiple exposures? I'm a bit naive in the ways of night shooting. Stunning work tho.
raido-ehwaz's avatar
great shot! :) i really like how you composed your picture to get the north star right next to the tree, it works really well.
Indigo76's avatar
Nathan!, this is incredible :wow:
I just a 5D MKII too and I am just learning how to shoot these type of photos.
This is very inspirational! Thank you for the awesome post, Instant :+fav: =D
kade-em's avatar
Absolutely beautiful! Any chance you will make this a print?
WarrenBodnaruk's avatar
Awesome work - well done!
Q-tipper's avatar
These shots are incredible!
DominoDude's avatar
Great photo, marvelous! *thumbs up*
I'm amazed you had so little wind that all the branches look so crisp in the foreground. A sure addition to my fav's.
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Amberwood's avatar
Gosh that's pretty.
meihua's avatar
Wow, incredibly beautiful capture! I'd say it was well worth it. I love the information you put in the descriptions of your photos too :D
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Okay, so I commented on this picture last night but I just thought of something as I listened to Owl City. Their song Fireflies would be perfect for this picture. Check it out!
solefield's avatar
I love these shots - absolutely incredible way to give us perspective. :)
Suinaliath's avatar
I have mad respect for you and this picture. Amazing :)
SnuggliePuff's avatar
Hi there :wave: Great shot! I was just wondering how far from a city/town you have to be to be able to get these type of shots. Thanks!
Silvercresent11's avatar
Beautiful. Definitely worth the effort! I've always been fascinated by photos like these - great work! :love:
Papineau's avatar
it was worth it honestly this is spectacular
wow, really impressive picture
i was stunned when i saw it, and just clueless as to how you could make something look like this...

you have my respect for biting through a whole night to accomplishe this great work!

i hope you get good critiques for this :)
Torsten-Hufsky's avatar
the startrails are great.

what i miss is a foreground scene
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I have featured your stunning :+fav: shot hear [link] .. :wave:
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100% worth it in my opinion.
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