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Grey Wolf of Yellowstone b

This is a Grey Wolf, Canis Lupus,
He is a member of the Mollie pack in Yellowstone and is the Alpha Male. At the time of this photo he commanded the strongest pack in the park.

This image is a repost...I am reposting because I have been trying different techniques and enhancements for the past 6 hours trying to bring the most out of it, I am wanting to use this image as one of my final images for my photoshop classes term final project.

The original image before editing is:


compare the two and let me know what you think.

I am not a huge fan of reposting images on Deviantart because It is a bit like watching re-runs on late night tv.

However using a new set of skills that I have learned since I last posted this image, I feel that I have put sufficient time and effort into this image to consider it 'remastered' rather than a 'repost' Plus i really want to get the community's feed back on this.

please be as critical and open in your critique as you would like, there are a few things about the image that I am still undecided on as to whether they benefit it or not, perhaps you can pick them out.
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Canon EOS-1D Mark III
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1/800 second
Focal Length
400 mm
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Nov 4, 2007, 8:39:02 AM
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just learning about the packs in Yellowstone and seeing all the fine work from there about wolves. we are doing a show about legendary wolves in Santa Cruz for and about wolves..I am inspired by the photo.
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oh, and, AMAZING PHOTO!!!! That detail is incredible!!!
may i use this as reference please
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Yes please link finished work. Non profit use only
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we are not a non profit but donating to a non profit  if the artist wants to..the show is for developing awareness of wolves..and a group of artists, all visual arts who want to help further wolf protection. I am organizing the event. I have no idea how to add the flyer info onto this site and not sure it is appropriate but I am connected with Save Our Wolves with the Center for Biological Diversity and have helped petition in opposition to the delisting of wolves..I love seeing all the art about wolves and wish it could be in a larger show for the public to see how inspiring wolves are and also how important they are.
alright ty ye it's non profit
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I love this one- everything is so sharp and defined. :]
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Honestly, I like the original a bit better. That's just my own opinion though.
The high contrast makes the shadows look darker and a few details less prominant, but it's still a good effect. I think I prefer the original because it has more color, but this one makes the wolf stand out and seem bolder than the background.
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I really like the lighting in this shot.
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I'm not sure what you did, but this one definitely looks better than the last. Reposts aren't necessarily annoying, just shows a sign of growth.
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I love this shot! The colours and fur contrast look wonderful in this version. :love:
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Simply amazing picture.
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Well it took me having to save both in a temp folder on my desktop and flipping between the two to see what differences showed up. I too avoid remakes as I try and post my best image first. But many times after I post you all here post comments telling me how to improve what I have posted and many times you guys are 100% right.

Back to this case here. I love the edit on this image. Granted the original resides in my fav's I think its one of my top favorites on this site. I lvoe wolves so maybe my view is slanted but nonetheless this is a great shot and one to be proud of hands down. On this edit I like how the facial hair shows up a bit more as well as the eye. I think it does add a ton. On a related note I notice a bit more red coloring around the cheeks. Any rate a job well done as always my friend.
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Wow, i love yellowstone. Yeah, i know the valley which you speak of! We had stopped there with about 30 other people with telescopes and we were watching them. :D They had just made a kill. There was a black one and two white ones visible.... i want to go back! T__T

So how far away are you from these guys?
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Well Done. Good increase in contrast and subduction of blue/cyan. nothing too drastic. I works for me!
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awesome shot, the colors are nice and the DOF is rather well done. sweet work :)
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love it. :) very cool shot.
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you could see more ditail inn the origenal but this is still AWSOME!!1!one!
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This image looks crisper, but the frost in the background of the original really added to it. I loved the blue tones of the original, especially because they brought out the amber in the wolf's eyes.
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Ya, I belong to that crowd as well, but the blues in the background were so harsh.. Im going to rework it and see if i can keep the frost while getting rid of the background white balance issue...
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