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May 6, 2008
Grey Wolf of Yellowstone by =Iamidaho Comment by =Fantasy-Dreamer-489 "I love photographs of wolves when the wolf looks right at the camera, so you may gaze into their citrine eyes. Looking through a wolf's eyes, you can see many different strengths, including power, bravery, and wisdom. They always seem to radiate a beautiful aura, one of sadness from their plight, as well as understanding. What puzzles me is how people mistake these gifts for cruel beasts. When a wolf runs with unrivaled grace, and stops to look into your eyes, then you will understand. This incredible, clear shot captures Canis Lupus in all of its glory, as well as tragedy."
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Grey Wolf of Yellowstone

It took 3 nearly sleepless days camping in the front seat of my car, around 200 dollars in food, gas and caffeine, below freezing morning temperatures and an incredible amount of luck to capture this.

This is a photo of A Yellowstone Grey Wolf Canis Lupus often referred to as a Timber Wolf. He is the largest breed of wolf still in existence.

This particular wolf is the Alpha Male of the Mollie pack. At the time of the photo the Mollie pack was the strongest pack within the park. They are known to frequently take down bison a very formidable opponent for even a well organized wolf pack.

This would be one of the most incredible ten minutes of my life to see this animal in the wild open valley and hear it howl with the rest of its pack. I can not explain what happened or changed but something is now forever different within me.

Wolves face a uncertain future here in the region, State governments along with certain interest groups are more than eager to eliminate the animal again, It is going to take political support and commitment by those who love the animal to keep it here in the west. [link]
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Nov 4, 2007, 8:39:02 AM
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TeslatheDog's avatar
Yeah, those humans want the wolves gone just because they are wolves! A good example of bigotry.
SowaTheCat's avatar
Can I use this to my RP blog?
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Very good!!! I was in Yellowstone all of last week never saw a wolf! Great picture! Yellowstone is one of the most beautiful places in the country!
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Dr Arthur Middleton and his team of researchers have proven that Yellowstone's wolves have little impact on elk behavior and calf recruitment into the herd. This research was partly funded by the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation who want wolf numbers controlled down to ecological insignificance. Dr Middleton was non-partisan and took an honest scientific approach to this study. I wonder why RottenEggs and DA's other resident wolf-haters are silent about this fact. It's also fact that hunter tourist dollars don't drive the economies of rural Montana and Wyoming communities.
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He looks so healthy
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What a handsome sire he is
Lightfoot-Hearts's avatar
My dad actually worked at a yellowstone park, so lucky him got to seen all kinds of animals :)
This is a beautiful shot!
AnDary's avatar
Hello! I'm here to tel you that this amazig picture touched my heart and inspired me to make some art-training. Hope you don't mind!
AschenEngel's avatar
Gorgeous! Hoping to get to see these beauties when we make our trip up there this June.
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Littelpan's avatar
this photo.. it's like it speaks to me!
transcendelia's avatar
wow amazing photo
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Ah yes, that magical moment that all shutterbugs live for, and hope to capture.

Considering how many wolves were reintroduced, and how many there are now, the wolves are thriving.

Granted, what is really needed is the entire Greater Yellowstone ecosystem to become a park of sorts. However, park building is a hobby for those who can afford it, and as things stand, we are too near government collapse to start such ambitious projects.
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Hi, you have been featured here [link] I hope that you like it!
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You are sure lucky. I click for care2 wolves and this picture is the chosen picture, out of all of the wolf pictures in the world, to be featured as one of the wolf pictures. :)
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Gorgeous photo! It's amazing how much time, energy and cost is put into capturing an image (which takes less than a second.)
Heavenly-Demise93's avatar
It is amazing, I love wolf packs and I am here if something come out for support please contact me i`ll do what ever it takes to protect them.
cravingotters's avatar
Wow he's beautiful, truly a wonderful animal.

Sounds like you had a magical moment, I can only wish I might be in the same position one day.
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I love it, great shot ;):)
SonnyStitt's avatar
Beautiful shot ;) I love wolves :)
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