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Workstation V1



So its taken me over a week and a half but its finally finished. Started out wanting to design an isometric scene as a new deviant ID, it was either a toss up between a large canvas with my entire room drawn, or still large with one piece of furniture and all its items on it. I did originally start on the room idea but changed my mind because id never really done pixel art on a large canvas and felt like trying out my skills with detail. So after a pain staking week, this is the result, my desk complete with all my electronics that keep me living.

It contains 15 objects including the desk itself. In the beginning it was taking a day at least to finish one object, all the way up until I only have the speakers, sub and mouse parts to do, which I then did all in one big day.
The plan was originally to do a floor as well, but as my walls are white anyway and I still have a green carpet, a slab of green at the bottom of the picture would have just looked odd, so opted for a more stand alone look. The biggest challenge was definitely getting the scaling right. For this last week I've just been measuring everything with my trusty tape measure, then applying the size to other object to attempt to get an accurate scaling amount, such as the the height of the HD is the same as the width of the keyboard face or something.

Ive also placed 2 zoomed sections so you can see what everything is made from.

The 15 Items are as follows, just so you know what you're looking at. From left to right:

Speaker sub woofer
Dell dimensions PC
Seagate 250GB hard drive
Dell keyboard
Creative inspire T1600 speaker satellite 1
Dell 21" LCD monitor
Speaker satellite 2
Standard dell mouse mat
Speaker satellite 3
CD case

And some technical info for you:

Colours: 200+ (I know, I'm bad with using the same colours) No Transparency used, I just had to keep using the droplet tool to get realistic tones.
Layers: 750+
Block Dimensions: 535x490pxl


Hope you all like it, and if ive done anything wrong please point it out, i'll correct it right away!
I may update this with more shading, a couple more items and such but for the mean time its finished.

Update 1 - Even more detail added as well as anti-aliasing on quite a lot of the jagged lines to give a smoother finish. Also upped the dithering in certain areas.
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Dell for the win! No, but serious, this one is really nice. I have to download this.