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KHR fanart book cover

"4:30pm" is the time which Hibari's waiting baseball man Yamamoto =/////=
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AsterHyakinthou's avatar
Daw, he can't go out in the sakura TvT
Passion-Symphony's avatar
I find myself really drawn to his mouth...
He has really nice lips.

natsumi33's avatar
He looks so peaceful *w* Never imagined he could look harmless :XD:
Wonderful work!
Epsilon86's avatar
Beautiful!! I like the way you draw the flowers, very realistic!
jyo-y's avatar
=D i love it, the colours and everything!
Marianne-Blacklands's avatar
OMG, it's beautiful :heart: I love the combination of colors you used :)
g0th3g1gg13s's avatar
omgaa!! /watch with him/
kagami222's avatar
OMG, how did I know I would find you here...XDD
MaiXiah's avatar
omg...who's the author?
cocoazul's avatar
his it :)
evix77's avatar
i agree i also love the eyes
Hiromichan-lp's avatar
8018!!!! *Q* wuv this pairing too much for comfort *squeals*

This looks so...sad .___.~~ wish I could buy ur book *sighs*
Rosaka-Chan's avatar
Gorgeous piece. :heart:
The atmosphere and details are good.... and so are the colours.
Lovely facial expression. :( :+favlove:
RebeccaProp's avatar
This is amazing. I love his face.
rynaga's avatar
nice coloring and facial expression. <3 hibari +fav
helvainia's avatar
It's wonderfully painted. Such a somber expression, and it is as though the person (I am assuming male but I don't want to be rude if I'm wrong >.>;) looks like they're stuck inside. I know nothing of the subject this is for so my take on its narrative is purely from my own imagination, leaving me to really focus on your style and skill. The brush stokes are soft but visual, giving it a good painted quality. I like the light on the figure (hell I like the light everywhere but the translucency you got on the skin is great) and I love that hand. Though really, sir/ma'am EAT!! (Hands him a hamburger.) I know, in anime that's the bishie look, right? XD I love it all the same.
Aszura's avatar
That is excellent, sorry, my hands are too cold for a more indepth comment, I will come back to it.
Uchihafangrl's avatar
LMAO XD Ur AN was hilarous! Love the colours!
Curryh's avatar
This is fantastic! I´m jelous! ;P
Yue-Iceseal's avatar
Lovely Hibari pic woot~
So beautiful, the colours and his expression.
Hand seems a bit thin though..
ichigo-pan43's avatar
:heart:_____:heart: I love it~~!! It's such an incredible pic~~ :heart: :heart:
thisizcool's avatar
aaawww he looks so sad.awsome job on the face expression
shiraishi1331's avatar
*speechless* :|;; :heart:
Wow. J-just wow. ;A;
This totally blew me away.
This style of painting with solid strokes...! *___* <3 And colors so subtle and blended so well.
Oh, and for some reason I really like his long slender fingers. ;u;
sakjflksdfjljkslajj *incoherent awe babble*
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