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PS Blueprint project

By iAmFreeman
PS Blueprint project

Photoshop CS5 icon replacement

Photoshop CS5 is released, so I decided to make this icon.
PS project is an icon for your Photoshop application or your Photoshop Projects

4 sizes :
128x128 px. + 256x256 px. + 512x512 px. and 1024x1024 px. included !

3 variations

I hope you like it ? :-)

Enjoy !

Look here for the "PS Blueprint project" Icon in full size 1024x1024 : [link]

If you like, your comments + :+fav: are very welcome....... :hug:

The design is inspired by my icon "construction", from my "Nano icon" set : => [link]


Copyright © 2010 by Frederic Ampere a.k.a Freeman . All rights reserved.
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00waleed00's avatar
Great work ! Thanks a lot
SamirPA's avatar
Great work brotha!! Amazing!! :omfg:
Alpipi's avatar
absolutely perfect icon... congrats.. do u have .ico of the same icon?
This is cool, but I don't want the text, can you upload the PSD file so I can change it?
PCGOD1's avatar
Nice, I'm gonna make this the default icon for my PS CS5 EXT.
zee7's avatar
nice man, love the wood texture :)
ginathethird's avatar
Really great icon~! it will be better if there is a set though. i look forward to more of your works~!
greatdiane's avatar
It would be great to see an Illustrator icon :)
danioc's avatar
this icon is sooooooooo good :clap:
my-lo's avatar
Content de te revoir :D
iAmFreeman's avatar
Hey My-lo my friend ! :)
Moi aussi je suis content d'avoir de tes nouvelles.

Désolé pour le délai de ma réponse, mais ce la faisait un petit moment que je n'étais pas passé ici.
Que deviens tu ? Raconte moi un peu.....
Tu peux m'envoyer un mail, si tu préfères, je n'ai pas changer d'adresse.
kidsofneo's avatar
awesome indeed. :D :D
thejampot's avatar
yeah I love it !!
Shurikmacedon's avatar
Fantastic art!

Dear Freeman, may I use your icons for my group in Vkontakte community? Reply on my comment, please.
iAmFreeman's avatar

What is your group?
Shurikmacedon's avatar
[link] - it's my group, which tells about wiki (programme code) and helps Vkontakte users get up their groups. If you permit me to use your icon, I can use it in design.
Egoraz's avatar
Draganja's avatar
freaking cool!
WalterMB's avatar
Nice idea and wonderful realization.
But hey, didn't you think of smaller sizes?
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