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Daily Deviation
December 10, 2007
Sleek mac-inspired design and a keen attention to detail characterize Nano icon set - Dock icon by *iAmFreeman. The elegant black and white palette is accented with bursts of color sure to class up virtually any theme.
Featured by livius
Suggested by Bobbyperux
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Nano icon set - Dock icon

Finally finished !!!
Here, after several months to be worked on this set of icons, I finally decide to put it on line. I'm much occupied in this moment, and I had much evil to finish this set, I'm thus sorry for all this time, but I hope that you will like that.
So, it's my really first true set of icons, then are lenient with me !
Lastly, I hope sincerely that you will like, and especially that you will be able to use them to the maximum ! :D

EDIT : This icons are for Mac and Windows users !

the pack contains :

~85 icons (X2)

Format Included :
● 128 x 128px
● 256 x 256px

+ 1 preview
+ bonus : 16 icons - Some icons preview in big size !

If you like, your comments & fav are very welcome....... :hug:

Here links to show you some icons which are not in the preview. They are in very large size :

- Nanosuit HD : [link]
- Nanosuit Trash : [link]
- Nanosuit Video File : [link]
- Nanosuit Home : [link]
- Nano Construction : [link]

Thanks to :iconpanoramix-: for these councils and its support, Thanks to :iconalxboss: for its feedback, and its great work with the "Nano-Colors" preview, and thanx also to :iconrippernkind: and :iconborgo: for their enlightened opinions, and thank you to all for their friendship, as with all these artists who inspired to me by their fabulous work.


EDIT : Wow a Daily Deviation !! Thank you so much ! I'm very honored to been featured with this award. :worship:
Special thanks to Bobbyperux [link] for the suggestion and livius [link] for this DD ! :hug:


All made in PS CS3

Copyright © 2007 by Frederic Ampere a.k.a Freeman . All rights reserved.
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Very nice! Thanks!
Larkin205's avatar
Thank you very much for this, you just saved me!
calintsz's avatar
Thank you for your woroks. :)Happy Emote (updated version) 
Real-Nela's avatar
Can I use three of them for my website?
how to istall them?
rolleroh's avatar
Very nice work ... thanks for these
kushcatlan's avatar
Thank you, very good.
NLd78's avatar
blitzangel21's avatar
dude like help me i wanna know how to convert em to icns files so that i could use em in my mac.. i use snow leopard.. o_o
any suggested icon converter thingy?
nirman's avatar
The lighting in your icons is so perfect, do you make them in any 3D software ? Or maybe even a 3D mock up?
nrwsps's avatar
many thanks...........
HuMeng's avatar
It's so nice,i like it.
P3N3TRAD3R's avatar
very nice bro...thanx
Macshneaky's avatar
Can i used this ? ill send a link after i finished my project ... such a nice icons
Mophonix's avatar
Viixy's avatar
Amazing Set!!!
iAmFreeman's avatar
Thanks to all for all your comments and your :+fav: ! :D
Del11boy's avatar
Great Work Man! Awesome Icons! :thumbsup: :+fav: :D
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