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By iAmFreeman
It's the ultimate wallpaper pack with stripes ! It's my new pack but my last with stripes.........^_- I work on this projet since two month, I was not never satisfied, but now it's finished and i'm proud of it ......Because all works on stripes are almost all to do but this pack is the ultimate pack of wallpapers with stripes. We can always do an others colors, but not like this ! :p :D

::::::::::::::: 21 walls ::::::::: 4 Colors ::::::::::: 3 Versions ::::::::::::::

:::::::::: 3 Format : 1600x1200 1280x1024 1280x960 :::::::::::::::::::::

Please, full view is is absolutely necessary ! ;)

::::::::::::: Enjoy ! :D
© 2006 - 2021 iAmFreeman
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fantastic job, 
Thank you so much.
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searching this for long time... finally found it :D thank you!!
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That's funny - you called 'em - U L T I M A T E -

Next time that would be great if you'll notice the difference between 128o and 12o8
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nice set of walls, thanks :D.
Very nice indeed!
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Houla , superbe encore une foix... continue comme ca et tu sera le maitre absolu lol
Serieux vu le nombre de release que tu fais et en plus toujours dans ce meme style , ils sont toujours parfait donc les gens qui aie ce genre de wall tres classe vont employer les tiens.Tu maitrises :D
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Super sympa tes commentaires, comme toujours :D

Par contre aprés, je vois pas trop ce que tu veux dire......? ^_-
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your walls always make my day mate :+fav:
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Thank you my friend ! I really appreciate ! :D
And thanx for the :+fav:
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These walls are really great!

I see that those 1280x1024 versions have white borders at the sides. Can I request for a 1280x1024 version with no white borders at the sides for all the designs? Sorry that I am so troublesome. Thanks!
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Thank you my friend ! ;)

But there are not white borders. I do not make any walls with edges or borders, except my wall "who are you......." and few walls of my "graphite" pack.........^_-
Or I don't understand what you want. :D
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Hi, sorry I didn't make myself clear enough and also i made a mistake... why are the walls that are supposed to be 1280x1024 are in 1208x1024? :P

maybe that's why they appear to have a white border when I preview it in my imgae browser. But after a resize to 1280x1024, they appear awesome. Thanks!! //:star:
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It's in 1208x1024 because with my pattern it was not very beautiful, then I had to arrange that...... But I would try a little later to do them in 1280.
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icic..anyway, thanks for the share :D
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Thank you. You're welcome. ;)
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Nice work man ;)
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Thanx a lot bro ! :D
FlowisKing's avatar ought a make money with ur art....its superb!! i like it a lot...:drool:
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Wow ! Thank you so much my friend ! :D
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