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Powerpuff Girl Blossom Draw This Again Meme

The 2009 one was drawn with the mouse....
This one was just a sketch.

Have I improved? Or have I fallen back 1000 years?

EDIT: I know, I know! This is a really bad comparison but I just wanted to see if I had improved or not. The first one had a reference but the second one, I drew in my Maths class so I did not have a reference.
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It may not be a good comparison but it shows you have improved in your own artist identity
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:D I've just made a new version of this meme and added it to my gallery if you want to look :D this time, i made sure that it was a better comparison. And thank you sooo much! :hug:
pandikko's avatar
Just saw it! Awesome job!! And thank you ever so much for the llama it really means a lot to me.
IamDying's avatar
You're welcome! And thank you :D I love your art it's sooo awesome :hug:
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lol! You're welcome! and I am so glad you like my art! and Thank you so much for adding me to your DA Watch!! It really means a bunch!
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You're welcome! :hug:
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The traditional looks like a grown up....
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This needs colour. Just sayin
IamDying's avatar
yep yep!!! I am going to colour it but i left it at school :\
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Improved! you've gotten a lot better since the first one!
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Thank you so much! :hug:
Wollfisch's avatar
This is the same picture??
IamDying's avatar exactly...:iconthatsspikeplz: it's cus i did not have a reference for the other
IamDying's avatar
Well, i just redid this meme with another digital one i did it's in my gallery and perhaps that one's better comparison? :D
megasean3000's avatar
Well, it isn't the first's pose, but it still is a drastic improvement ^^
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Why thank you! I guess this was a bad comparison between the two but.....ah well, i guess I just need to redo this sometime then :D
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I love traditional more then Digital. Because i think traditional is the way is how we have to make art and digital is a little bit fake. And i love this traditional art ^^
IamDying's avatar
Thanks!!! Thanks sooo much!!! I like traditional art too, well it's not like i have any choice anyway (as i don't have a tablet :().
Carandacar's avatar
poor you, i have one (but i cant work with it that is why i say i dont like digital as much as traditional .////.)
IamDying's avatar
I know! I've tried it for my first time last week on my friends tablet and I totally hated how i couldn't draw a thing!
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