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You never saw that other side of me,
when you were around I’d glow,
but when you would go I’d fold,
was saving myself for another world I guess,
one I never came to know.
:iconiamdreamfire:IamDreamfire 4 2
We’ll say,
do anything,
be anything we have to be,
to stay near,
we’ll lie and paint reality,
different to what it’s supposed to be,
to never let the wedge between,
we’ll drown in falsity,
play them all,
so that someway,
we never let the other forget the vow.
:iconiamdreamfire:IamDreamfire 2 2
I’m but an entity
vast nothing engulfing everything
if you see femininity
a sure sign of submission
you have drawn it out in me
extracted an essence
only someone like you could appease
:iconiamdreamfire:IamDreamfire 2 1
:iconiamdreamfire:IamDreamfire 2 1
I remember feeling worthless
like a passerby in your side view
didn’t think anything could kill me really
but I can’t die
I can only survive
wiser, more watchful
but never letting up in what I see
the pain you may one day feel come into being
I can’t stop you from becoming me
:iconiamdreamfire:IamDreamfire 1 3
Hug me so tightly spiritually
that I can hardly breath physically
that I can hardly think mentally
:iconiamdreamfire:IamDreamfire 5 2
I want to touch you in ungodly ways
ways that would make the tainted blush
just let that sink in
but try not to think too much
don’t wreck it with chatter
just hush
:iconiamdreamfire:IamDreamfire 5 2
as I respected you  
school yard romance
ready to marry
after too many notes passed
so cheap when they didn’t matter
yet so innocent with you
my actions unrecognizable watching it play out
assuming oneself survived many a ringer
love and lost time and again
giving cheaply any emotion
wild disregard sprinkled with abandon
then frozen
never to move again
timid as a deer facing the steady breath of the hunter
love struck me blind and deaf and careful
what I knew of love before becoming almost laughable
:iconiamdreamfire:IamDreamfire 7 5
From below in my depths of black leathered hatred
sneering at one and all chasing fairy tales down
bring your pain or don’t bring me anything
don’t tell me there is something truly worth remembering
have a romance in your fantasies
I won’t scoff at your found vacancies
but I know you’ve been fooled
tricked yourself into a recipe of love
burning the kitchen down hoping to erect a home
but I,
knowing we are all truly alone
leave me be
don’t pretend you know me
don’t aggravate me more than I am already
but the player
his treachery and agony
crashed into me with such severity
he a whore no doubt
giving everything to the lowest bidder
a true blue sinner
met up with my dishonesty
and caressed my disloyalty
two fakers disbelieving that anything other than hot mortality had any validity
and silent and stunned
to find there was another place and time
before morbidity
this tragedy with a fairy tale emotion
unlikely ending
denied destination
unable to deny you
:iconiamdreamfire:IamDreamfire 8 3
Silent anguish
all those nights
I’d go to my comfy cage
fall into a loveless sleep
awake alone to another dull day
so abandoned by warmth or hope
I’d imagine flying off never to return
then I’d right my mind and push on for some sake
it took it’s toll
I wasn’t anything but a liar and a fake
denied the only thing to which I could relate
shut it all away
now just smarter and stronger
more durable under the pain
now there isn’t all or nothing
just a curse remains
:iconiamdreamfire:IamDreamfire 6 3
Shedding Skin
I wrote it all in a book or two,
glorified the horror of me and you,
amplified the moments some cared not hear about,
purified my long gone insanities,
turned them into striking beauties,
created a world where the star was me me me,
when I’d write I’d make it so,
I’d close my eyes and imagine things more to my writer’s skill,
than the sickening emptiness our moments never filled,
romanticizing being a prisoner of love,
in truth a ticking clock that never strikes the hour,
we’d tired of simple love so long before,
it’s complexities are all we play for,
a feast of the sting of endless loneliness,
devour any little bit of the past,
while trying to create the wilted future,
the poisoned flowers don’t come back in spring,
gone and left my mind astray,
coming full circle,
and there are no words to utter,
to predict this spell I’m under,
I betrayed the soul,
by asking to see you with others,
implying it upped the stakes of the game,
it tickled m
:iconiamdreamfire:IamDreamfire 1 3
To love and lust in the same breath
beside the same heart
to never separate the two
is only experienced near you
:iconiamdreamfire:IamDreamfire 3 1
I am
In you I am fearless
your life intertwined into the fabric of my being
within you I am two
indivisible and indestructible
you open me to all I dare to be
I make a tear in all I used to see
and here I stand at the other side
never to let perish
that which in myself resides
only to vanquish all the ills that kept me timid
whimpering child waiting for approval
I am all or nothing as you desire
I am the heart of the fire
:iconiamdreamfire:IamDreamfire 2 3
I want to take your mind and wrap it around my finger
I’d like to allure you
reinvent what I have shown to reveal something more real
unfold a panther’s gaze never subdued
not shy and never have been
not ashamed and never will be
of an aching need
to have you near my escape
look into me
let me let this escalate
:iconiamdreamfire:IamDreamfire 3 3
Did you really think I’d put my mouth
where you could close your eyes
and pretend it’s her?
:iconiamdreamfire:IamDreamfire 7 5
The wedge grew amongst our fragile state
untied to me but tied all the same
bound by the past agreements we’d made
you’d come to me wearing the next you would bait
illogical but you felt guilt all the same
knowing of you I wouldn’t partake
but I could sense when the nights ended young
you were off to another date
and our waters flowed apart and away
and I’d never touch you as I wouldn’t insult you with such
to waste a dream wasn’t my way
and my mind would ache as they would use you for the lust in your wake
as you’d send the thoughts of you and them my way
and I’d hate you but love you all the same
and you would find another excuse for our time to come to an end
and the phone would never ring but somehow I’d continue to dial
while I managed to fend
while your body they would continue to defile
liquor yourself up till you’d numb it all away
till you could believe any lie
forgetting that true love begged for you to spare it
:iconiamdreamfire:IamDreamfire 6 3

Random Favourites

So guys I don't know...
Why don't you post a poem about what you're like? I'd like to meet all of you ^^, so everyone post a poem describing themselves (if ya want) I promise to read all of them, and it wouldn't hurt for you guys to read each others, might find some awesome people.
:iconmusicnotesnpoems:MusicNotesNPoems 4 24
Cliched Love Song
Holding on to my cell phone
Like a life raft in a storm,
It's comforting to know you're there
But It can't keep me warm
You are every love song
I ever want to write
Wasted hours,
      Our hearts devour
The morning light,
And I'm smiling again
    I'm smiling again
The strangest things they happen
When the summer starts to rain
And I can't write a song
Without whispering your name
Because you are every love song
I ever want to write
Wasted hours,
      Our hearts devour
The morning light,
And I'm smiling again
    I'm smiling again
I hadn't smiled in so long
Until you came along
:iconless2thetruth:Less2TheTruth 3 7
blood oranges are
we can
slice them open
without a moment’s
thought, -
their crimson juices
licked from our lips
like ichor.
& that is what
i want to be. -
scarred fruit,
still savoring
the promises
i sucked from
your mouth -
to wear
like staples
along my spine.
    - i was cut open
:icondearpoetry:DearPoetry 316 59
2/08/2013 - Feature Time!
Hey guys I'm 30SecondsToTheEdge in for ethanoI and ZAFTs-Prince! Here's this weeks features! Enjoy, and dont forget to fave! :)
      Beauty by NemoX7 I Shot My Mother in the Head by Emerald-AlexandriaFrames Brushes by Romenig :thumb389642752: SAI Semi-Realistic Skin Coloring Tutorial Part 4 by Mikouchan Mila by CraftyCrystal Sayaka Miki Sword by Misatoskulli Tidehunter dota 2 by MatiWesoly Circa 1920 A.R.A.M. Steampunk Guitar by texasagg13 The Call of Claythulu - Family Album 2013 by Quiscula :thumb389249993: A Siren's Hidden Agenda by British-Prophetess supernovae by creativelycliche when we die, by ocean-whispers
Put You Back Together by catsonacid supernovae by creativelycliche when we die, by ocean-whispers Put You Back Together by catsonacid Treatment by Edgirl
:thumb389723345: :thumb389840065: Inner World by Vawie-Art
:iconfriendly-features:Friendly-Features 6 4
Tic Tac by Rafido Tic Tac :iconrafido:Rafido 195 33
Same Time, Same Station
Feel complete
Feel complete
Feel completely alone
Should I
Let myself go
Have I
Holding on
Too tightly
Or is there
Something I'm missing
Do I
Know myself too well
Not at all
If I
Woke up tomorrow
With no memory of
Who I'd been
Would I
Be the same
As I’ve
Always been
Well I don’t know
And if I
Found out I
Still wouldn’t
How can I
Miss something I’ve
Never had
How do you
Be someone you’ve
Never been
I wanna
Fall asleep somewhere I’ve
Never seen
And if I wake up in a
Different place
In a
Different time
Could I
Wake up as
Someone else
Could I wake up as
Someone new
Anyone else
Well I don’t know
But the thought just
Brings me down
Because I know
I won’t have the
And if I did I
Probably wouldn’t know
What I had
I wouldn’t know
I was
Better off
:icongrim4o4:grim4o4 2 3
On Flying and Feeling
How to fly with broken wings:
(Broken hearts and other things)
Take a breath and let it out.
Cast off negativity and doubt.
Trust yourself and how you feel.
Then heart or wings begin to heal.
Let go thoughts; your mind is clear.
Embrace courage; discard fear.
:iconravynkatt:ravynkatt 8 2
Buddy - Chazzy and Mike by AdmirerOfLife Buddy - Chazzy and Mike :iconadmireroflife:AdmirerOfLife 31 17 ID - SOAD! by MirellaSantana ID - SOAD! :iconmirellasantana:MirellaSantana 76 127
The Surreal Man
i feel so disconnected,
my body formed of line art,
devoid of all its color,
devoid of all its heart,
and yet it paints a picture,
vividly in my mind,
a ship without an anchor,
its home to never find,
and yet its so serene,
carried on the sea of life,
like paper on the wind,
detached from all the pain and strife,
discomfort now is thinned,
free from the masters fife,
my freedoms no longer pinned
:iconwafflegamer:WaffleGamer 5 13
And the World will bleed Crows ...

And her wanton breath hastened upon Night's lullaby — seeking her nocturnal lover... Raven whispers billowed across the ages; plundering dreams of mortality... yet she stood veiled in the mists, silent & dreary ... Somewhere in the abyss of a black rose I peer into her soul, hungry evermore... Unto a kiss bejeweled in darkness she would fade softly, falling into beautiful decay and forgotten lore.
— Arthur Crow © 2013
:iconarthurcrow:ArthurCrow 6 9
Portrait Practice by GabrielleBrickey Portrait Practice :icongabriellebrickey:GabrielleBrickey 1,595 173
Other artists spelling out my world



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