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The Game
You keep searching for me,
not understanding why they are so unforgiving,
the luxury you once had with me,
long before your recent memories,
unending love and tenderness despite all the ways you would transgress,
seemed you could get away with anything,
now others seem to only sting and sting,
not having the love for you to overcome the hate you sometimes create,
in them,
searching desperately,
for that one who keeps you grounded,
makes you fly all the same,
it may not be right or sane,
but it’s all part of the game.
:iconiamdreamfire:IamDreamfire 2 3
The problem with me is that I actually love you,
and when you play games or abuse it,
it eventually hurts you more than I,
and it always will,
because my love won’t erase and I am soaked in and protected by it’s purity,
even if I indulge in earthly ways,
they weren’t my first choice and never will be,
they do not hold me as they are based in something that can’t be undone,
something that is loyal to the bottom,
it is eternal,
my love for you is myself,
and myself can’t ever be taken away,
so when you toy with your many ploys,
the burn on my end tears a gaping hole yet immediately mends,
the fate of someone who, once long ago, struck truest love,
knows it as they know themselves,
is to withstand all it’s worldly hate,
to always reach despite the bait,
to watch eyes wide open,
as their heart is broken again and again,
but to never be subjected to their emotion’s degeneration.
:iconiamdreamfire:IamDreamfire 3 3
The Utmost
The presence of your body,
was always exquisite perfection to me,
beautiful male,
actuality to the utmost,
but it is your mind that I miss most.
:iconiamdreamfire:IamDreamfire 3 3
seeing you there
catching up to who we are
running into tomorrow
astounded by you standing there expecting me
no longer questioning our beauty
:iconiamdreamfire:IamDreamfire 3 3
The Stinger
I almost traverse the forge with steel intact
then just a quiet sliver of you
I become detached
from all that is worldly
and my past falls behind
no longer a name or a face
no more in a time or place
Achilles heel
I tell myself be brave
I plead with myself behave
don’t budge
don’t cave
but at this opening
I’m neither here nor there
as you’ve again become my everywhere
:iconiamdreamfire:IamDreamfire 3 0
‪When you’ve given your all to someone and have gotten over your embarrassment at actually expressing your unrelenting care for them,‬
‪you can finally look them in the eyes without flinching,
without apologizing for the inferno that you inherently become when you see them.‬
:iconiamdreamfire:IamDreamfire 2 3
Beneath You All
I failed you Jason,
showed up half your age,
a child with a long past,
we could never start,
couldn’t even start to last,
I knew you already Jason,
an hour meeting you became a lifetime of pain,
you were flustered by your emotions towards my innocence perceived,
we were confused by how that basement became our shared magic world,
how our parents saying goodbye left you and I betrayed,
the drive home and a small girl knew all there was of heartbreak,
we could never be,
born at the wrong times,
now facing separate lives,
I still see sandy brown and blue green warmth when I’ve seen similar faces,
the eternal absence of you,
is what I’ve always run to,
someone who loved me through and through,
made me the queen of my flimsy princess dream,
Jason in my mind,
you have always been.
:iconiamdreamfire:IamDreamfire 3 2
Think I’m a tease
think I’m at ease
but I drown in disease
trickling bits of sick
no choice in the matter
like the mad hatter
:iconiamdreamfire:IamDreamfire 2 2
when i want to run away
you convince me to stay
easing my thoughts in the most direct way
when i want to just give up
from the pressure of this pain
we walk in my mind
you make it all okay
giving up is not an option you say
better this than what we were yesterday
at least you exist on my plane
at least i can sense you in the most intimate way
this world isn’t the same without you in it you say
now you know what i’ve felt like from the very first day
:iconiamdreamfire:IamDreamfire 3 3
I ride the low to taste your highs,
I writhe with you in mind,
I wait between thighs,
predator but really hunting for need,
if I got hold of thee,
pure gluttony.
Thirsty to drink,
teeth itch to sink,
I’m hungry,
I’m edgy,
I’m longing and you’re hedging,
never just once would do,
I’d keep you alive to violate you anew,
we’d never get free,
the seven deadly sins got nothing on me.
:iconiamdreamfire:IamDreamfire 6 4
Looking my way,
never a clue you liked what you saw,
oblivious to any worth I may ever be,
how different it would have been,
if only I had seen,
thought those eyes only looked past me to others,
as I fantasized your gaze was meant for me,
now chained by all I could never see.
:iconiamdreamfire:IamDreamfire 3 3
Half Full
I may never have had you,
but I have you,
and they are long gone.
:iconiamdreamfire:IamDreamfire 2 0
Are you like this with everyone?
The fact you are the only one that wonders this question tells you the answer...
:iconiamdreamfire:IamDreamfire 2 2
Perfect demon come creep to me,
they couldn’t eat your darkness,
so your good stayed hid,
while they ran with mascara streaming,
vilifying you till you cowered,
evil simmering,
all beauty devoured.
Pour it over my skin and run it into my mind,
let me take it in,
take you in,
here between the devil and a grin,
between catatonia and a spin,
share all they abused,
all they cheaply used, before throwing you away like refuse,
let the heat I generate disintegrate and char,
don’t mistake soaking up hate,
for naivety,
I see white fangs,
I hear your blood pulsing with craven needs,
I will stroke this beast you are till his light flickers,
will love all you are,
you are always here,
whether in me or far.
:iconiamdreamfire:IamDreamfire 2 3
Bring It
Assault my senses,
until I’m senseless,
give me 3 dimension insanity,
give me your profanity,
don’t be shy...
Think I can’t take it?
If I gave that impression...
well that was me faking it.
:iconiamdreamfire:IamDreamfire 3 6
Reality comes crashing back to me
Don’t forget me
Don’t mistake me
As you try to grapple free
Grabs hold of my roaming creations
Puts a lid on them
Good solid fact
Ball and chain
So used to numbing this
Can’t even feel the pain
:iconiamdreamfire:IamDreamfire 2 3

Random Favourites

Nas Remix by EthanMichaeL Nas Remix :iconethanmichael:EthanMichaeL 10 2
In Your Arms
In Your Arms
We were close enough to touch
But far enough to walk away
Everything I owned was on the floor
And everything I was was on display
For you
Your hand reached out
And I regret to say I flinched
But I stood my ground
And felt your fingers on my skin
Yeah they were rough around the edges
But soft upon my heart
As brick by brick the wall I’d built
They slowly picked apart
And soon
I felt free from insecurity
From the doubt and from the fear
From the burden of the broken heart
I’d carried all these years
I felt free of the prison
That I’d always thought was home
I felt free
In your arms
Yeah you were just a breath away
An exhalation on my lips
And I was falling from the brink
Of that almost kiss
With you
But you spread your wings
And we flew into the sun
You set my soul on fire
Stole the breath right from my lungs
As I screamed in ecstasy
When you twined your hand in mine
Then I dove headfirst into your eyes
And left the world behind
And soon
I felt free from re
:icondevoneaton:DevonEaton 8 12
My Heart is Crying
My heart is Crying
   My heart is crying for
                all the homeless on the streets.
  My heart is crying for
                all the children who have nothing to eat.
  My heart is crying for
                all the love found and the love lost.
  My heart is crying for
                freedom and the blood it costs.
  My heart is crying for
                all the soldiers who won't make it home.
  My heart is crying for
               all the families that are left alon
:iconearthwitch74:Earthwitch74 1 0
The Boy Who Sits Behind Me.
It's kind of funny how every poem, every verse, every 'I'm fine..'
whispered to the boy who sits behind me in the middle of math was a lie.
I was always lying to this boy.
He saw the poems I scrawled on my paper and on my wrists.
He noticed the moments when I would sit and say nothing,
despite the laughing people around me.
He cared.
I know he did because of the way he treated me.
It became a ritual for us to quietly high-five before a test
and he would whisper things like 'I'm proud of you,' 'I like your glasses,' 'you make me feel good.'
And this was simple.
Simple like pouring a glass of water.
Simple for him.
But every letter that spilled out of his mouth
and happened to gracefully pass my ears made me want to cry.
He cared?
Someone cared?
I was in disbelief.
I never said anything back.
Sometimes I would smile at him then turn around,
back to face the droning lecture or bright yellow test.
I couldn't say anything back
because I know my voice would break in to a thousand pieces
:iconkatxx3:KATxx3 2 7
Sword Crafting
A sword
Forged with love
Mingled with grief,
Tempered by regret,
Washed by tears,
Sanded by tragedy,
Sheathed in silk –
Cool flushed crimson –
First blood spilled on,
Moonless nights,
A sheath.
:iconbloodash:bloodash 1 2
Never is, only was
How ironic
that my favorite thing
to do as a child
is my key
to escaping this curse
How sad
that i did not know
what was actually happening
the misleading hell
my 'perfect' life
actually is,
but is won't apply soon
I won't have the privilege
to use that word
I will be forever confined
to using was, and never is
I can not handle this curse
this false gift
I foolishly desired
and the answers I obtained
the secrets I learned
from the gift of reading minds
to violate a person's last sanctuary
and know their secrets
To learn the truth
and what was actually happening
that my girlfriend is a whore
that my best-friend is willing to kill me
because of jealousy
that my father is a murderer
and killed my mother
because of me
that everyone hates me
because of my talents
and what a truly sad life this is,
no not is
is no longer applies
I jump from my perch
and feel the rope catch
never is, only was
:iconcouldntthinkofauser:couldntthinkofauser 1 2
I'm a dandelion.
In a field full of roses.
I am hated, avoided.
By the others around me.
I feel worthless, annoying.
Whenever they look at me.
:iconsir-seriouslie:Sir-Seriouslie 1 0
She walks to school with her head held low.
Eyes to the ground, wishing she could just go.
Get away from this place and not show her face
She crosses her arms across her thin frame
And shivers from the light rain.
She walks through the doors with a defeated frown
All the while still looking down.
She avoids the gaze of those walking past
Thinking that they only wish to hurt and harass
They could never know her pain
They could never bear her chains
All the while runs through her head
Hurtful words that were not said
Loser, fool, oaf, bitch
Worthless little piece of shit
These are the lies that echo in her head
She thinks she would be better off dead
But nothing could be farther from the truth
She wonders why can they not see my chains?
They wonder,
Why can she not see her wings?
If only she could cut the chains
Look past the false hate and pain
When she smiles the whole world sings
There is so much of her to love if she would give it a try
Unlock her chains,
Spread her wings
:iconax0l0tl:ax0l0tl 1 0
Yamaha R1 Super Bike by LeonardoTrindade Yamaha R1 Super Bike :iconleonardotrindade:LeonardoTrindade 56 3 Belle by EmilySoto Belle :iconemilysoto:EmilySoto 327 10 Stormborn 3 by Jaymasee Stormborn 3 :iconjaymasee:Jaymasee 421 47
I apologize
I am sorry, I have a sudden urge to post really cheesy quotes.  I apologize in advance if I annoy anyone.  Hopefully this is just a faze. If it annoys you please stick through it seeing that soon it will be summer and I will have better things to do; like trying to tan my pale Irish skin, or to learn an African clicking language.  I promise (maybe) that this won't last long.  My rampage of quotes will probably begin tomorrow. BEWARE :)
:iconprairienights:PrairieNights 2 7
 I'm so lost in my mind I'm afraid
I'm too far gone to be saved.
    If my thoughts were a
     then my insecurities are sailing
above through the trenches.
     want to be on a plane flying
towards you or in a car driving the
miles but I'm glued to this state of
mine that seems to go on forever.
 Wishing never got me very far but
I wish you were here to hold me in
your warm arms.
    I'll take these legos and build a
home for you and me and put a heart
in the center where I becomes we.
      If my heart were full of sand
the trees would be my veins and the
sea would be my blood.
               So tell me that you love me
and whisper that you care
                because I've been gone for
so long
                  I can't e
:icontinzthecan:TinzTheCan 1 4
Love Sick
I lost all that I love,
And gained everything I hate,
You I held above,
Every other fate.
Now I drown in tears,
And cry for you my love,
I'm  left so full of fears,
That you ill never have.
You are in the arms,
Of another man,
Now that these tears burn,
I no longer have a plan.
It is you that I want,
You that I need,
But to you I was a plant,
That became a weed.
Now I am ridded from your life,
But I will love you again,
I thought U could be a wife,
Now im left so dead.
So where I go from here,
Only god will know,
But my only fear,
Is that there is no sun after snow.
:iconinfernalwordsmith:InfernalWordsmith 19 44
Wedding Kiss by Kurai667 Wedding Kiss :iconkurai667:Kurai667 15 9
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