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Hi everyone! Firstly thank you everyone who's commented on my Tron pics. I'm sorry I've not responded to some of your questions but I uploaded these pics in December not thinking anything would really happen and I only just checked my account again last week. I'm mew to the Deviant Art community and I'm still not sure how to navigate around the pages but I'm going to try and answer some of the questions that i've read. Firstly these images are not stolen! I created them myself using images I found online. They've been picked up by alot of movie blogs which is the only reason I can think of to explain my page view count. Alot of you are also
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Hi, can I get in touch about using an image for a book? I'm trying to get written consent on behalf of my boss whose book is on a new era of business in which your brand is defined by those who experience it. My email is lauren at altimetergroup dot com. 

Thank you!
did you make all of em???
Oh, and you know what else? Just because someone's work on dA becomes popular and it JUST SO HAPPENS to be linked to here does not make the artist a thief!

In fact it's the people who put the person's artwork all over the Internet that are the thieves. By the looks of things, the conclusion is that all art from here should stay here, so nobody is accused of being a thief, especially not the original artist.
People, shut up, I've seen this guy get credited for these pictures, HE DID THEM DAMMIT! It's a lot of Photoshopping, now, shut the fuck up!

He DID do these, they are HIS, now if you keep up this crap I will have you all derezzed. End of story, bye bye.
I just came across your art from this link: [link]

thought you would like to know about it ;)
featured ur buzz enters the grid in my journal :)