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I should've done this a LONG time ago. Undertale has quickly become one of my favorite games of all time. The music, the humor, the story, the game is nearly flawless. But every story has to have great characters, and Undertale is no exception. So stick with me, as I count down the Top 10 Undertale Characters.

10) Muffet

I'll admit, spiders aren't exactly my favorite animal.
But Muffet grew to be an exception to this rule. While she isn't the most well-known or most loved character, she is indeed popular to an extent. Her boss fight was harder than I expected, and her death in the Genocide Route was rather heartbreaking to watch. WHY MUST THE SPIDER DIE?!

9) Asriel Dreemur/Flowey

The very first character you meet in the game, Flowey is the reincarnated son of Asgore and Toriel Dreemur, who died taking the Fallen Humans body to the surface world. As a goat, he was an innocent boy who made friends with the human, and when he did anything wrong, he immediately regretted it. But as Flowey, Asriel was sadistic and at the same time emotionless, due to not having a soul. His boss fight in the Neutral Ending is terrifying and ruthless, but his Genocide self showed fear when faced with the realization of who he helped murder everyone on their journey...

8) The Fallen Human/Chara

A great villain is often unseen, unheard, and even unspoken of, and Chara is no exception. With an undying hatred of humanity for unknown reasons, Chara tricked Asriel into absorbing their soul in order to destroy the humans, but unfortunately he died before he could execute this, leaving Chara a soulless husk. However, in a Genocide Run, Chara supposedly possessed Frisk, the Eighth Fallen Human. With a knife in hand and untold determination, Chara slaughtered everyone in the underground, and managed to destroy the universe itself. And the only way you can replay the game is by allowing Chara to take your soul. That's messed up.

7) Mettaton

The robotic superstar of the underground, Mettaton was originally built as a human killing machine by Alphys, but later became an entertainer, using the body Alphys had given him/her (I really don't know). As for Mettatons other form, a fabulous (dear God), eccentric, egotistical man/woman (play the damn game and you'll know), Mettaton cares only about three things: Friends, fame, AND THE RATINGS. OHHHH YEEESSSSSS!!!! Also the boss fight is either rather hard, or shockingly easy, depending on the route you picked.

6) Alphys

The nerdy, anime loving...thing, (seriously, what is she) Alphys is the Royal Scientist of King Asgore, and she has a rather sad story to her, only accessible in the True Pacifist Route. Supposedly, she created a form of artificial determination, in order to bring back deceased monsters, as their souls don't have the strength to stay in the mortal coil. Humans, however, can survive MUCH longer, and Alphys based this in her experiments. Sadly, it failed, as the monsters either became, or fused together to become, amalgamations. Unable to tell anyone, she became reclusive, watching anime in her lab. She also has a crush on Undyne, which is adorable.

5) Undyne

As leader of the Royal Guard, Undyne is the tough as nails tomboyish fish lady that will suplex a boulder simply because she can. While originally carrying a deep hatred of humanity, she deeply cares about her friends, and actually has a crush on Alphys. When you spare her in the boss fight, she becomes your bestie, giving advice when necessary. But in the Genocide Run, she is a ruthless killer, throwing spears at you from every direction, and her death was sad to watch, but also gave Alphys enough time to evacuate the underground. She is a true heroine. I heard her cooking was pretty good. Too bad she lost the house.

4) Asgore

King Asgore is the ruler of the underground, and is perhaps the most tragic character in Undertale. When his son died by the humans hands, Asgore declared war on humanity, but unfortunately, his soft side led to a cowardly decision. Rather than absorb one human soul and then cross the barrier, he simply waited for more humans to fall down, stealing up to six souls, needing seven to shatter the barrier. Toriel became disgusted with this, and left him to go live in the Ruins. But Asgore did this for a reason. He's a big fluffy pushover, who would rather offer you a cup of tea than kill you if the circumstances were different. His boss fight isn't too challenging or too easy, but his death is shocking to watch.

3) Toriel

In all seriousness though, Toriel is perhaps the nicest character in all of Undertale, which is expected since she's a mother for Gods sake. While living in the Ruins, she encounters you and takes you in as her own, offering you pie, teaching you the basics of the game (wait...tutorial...tuTORIEL...whoa), and reading facts about snails to you. But when you decide to leave, she attempts to fight you in order to see if you are strong enough to survive. But your multiple attempts at sparing and her caring and kind nature as a mother prevent her from killing you, and she reluctantly let's you go. Her optional death is sad and unbearable to watch, as she was the one who cared for you and took you in.

Alright, you and I both know who the last two are. It took a lot of thought and it wasn't easy, but here it goes.

2) Papyrus

The great Papyrus is the younger of the skeleton brothers, and is perhaps the most innocent and nicest character in all of Undertale. The wannabe Royal Guardsmen, Papyrus is egotistical, yet a loving and tender hearted skeleton with VERY high standards. His spaghetti making skills are superb, his puzzles are entertaining, his attitude is hilarious, and his heart made of gold. His boss fight is indescribably easy, because while Toriel tries not to kill you, you can still die to her, but it's impossible to die to Papyrus. Instead he will "capture" you, but he made the bars a LITTLE too big for you. Only a monster would dare harm such an innocent soul, but you'd be insane if you did, because if you did, you're gonna have a bad time...

1) Sans

Let's just get to the point.

The most mysterious, well known, and fleshed out character in all of Undertale, Sans is the older of the skeleton brothers, but his attitude is different from his brothers. Far more laid back and lazy than Papyrus, Sans would rather go to Grillby's or sleep than attempt to capture a human. While in the Pacifist Route, he's the comic relief (which is really saying something), telling bad puns and occasionally breaking the fourth wall, in the Genocide Route, he is your worst nightmare. In the Pacifist Route, he stops you before you reach Asgore in the Judgment Hall, where he judges you for every action you've taken. But in the Genocide Route, he simply states that taking another step forward will result in you having a bad time. And for good reason. His boss fight is perhaps the most difficult fight you will encounter, even invading the text boxes of your options to harm you even while not directly fighting him. His attacks have no invincibility frames, constantly damaging you. His fight is started with a haunting quote, and it's guaranteed to send shivers down your spine.

It's a beautiful day outside.
Birds are singing, flowers are blooming,
On days like like you...
Should be burning in Hell.
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My Top 10
10.) Mettaton
9.) Chara
8.) Muffet
7.) Asriel Dreemurr/Flowey
6.) Toriel
5.) Papyrus
4.) Sans
3.) Asgore
2.) Nabstablook
1.) Undyne  (duh)  

Yours has a lot of detail in why, and I like it!
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Thank you that means a lot.