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I've seen it: It's Coming -- Stay Tuned!
Albino Llama: Llamas are awesome! (83)
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I am awesome. Enough said.

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Jaws,Friday the 13th,and A Nightmare on Elm Street
Favourite TV Shows
Spongebob Squarepants
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Favourite Writers
Peter Benchley
Favourite Games
Left 4 Dead and other zombie games.
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Xbox 360
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Chuck Norris
I just learned that Stephen Hawking passed away. I don’t know what to think.

A Fatal Mistake (Stronger Than You Parody)

A Fatal Mistake (Stronger Than You Parody)

You've taken everything from me Friends dead, my family slaughtered But if there is one good thing to come outta this, At least nothing is holding me back. Step up demon, it'd be a shame, If you decided to go back on what you did, Come on, step into my lane, Then prepare to see your own blood rain. Demons like you were never meant to rule, And guys like me, can't be taken as a fool. So step up, let your blood run chiller, Step up, dirty lover killer. Go ahead try to kill me if you're able, You should know forgiveness is off the table. I can see you keep on dying, But I can't see why you keep on trying, Come on demon, we'll be here togethe
Holy Mother of Fuck, it's Noah's Ark outside.

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Hi there. It looks like you're a Jane Richardson fan, so let me give you a warning:

The creator is a manipulative, mentally and emotionally unstable individual. He has a tragic story he loves to tell- parents and sister are dead, his birthright was stolen, he was isolated until his mid twenties, etc etc. A sob story to cover up the fact that he is full of hate and will unleash that hate on anyone that disagrees with him.

He prefers to target younger girls (he's in his late thirties), lonely deviants, and anyone he finds weak. He will ask personal questions and get to know you on a deep level. But if you cross him...all your secrets are out. Whether you were raped, your father molested you, or you're struggling with your sexuality, FearOfTheBlackWolf will post about you in a note to his fans, and send them out on a mission to spam your page and make false reports about you.

The worst part about this is he has used his sob story on help desk volunteers...so not only will he never be taken down, YOU have a high chance of being banned if you piss him off.

This goes from anything from disagreeing with him on religion (he's very passionate about Christianity and any other religion he finds offensive and appalling), to his clearly unstable mind. He is surrounded by people who enable him, and if you do not, you are a target for him.

Just a thought.
Reporting you.
The heck for?
soccerlove2472Student Digital Artist
Stop swearing!
Thanks for the Llama :)