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Sayonara Fuyu

By iamAsami
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Title translation : Farewell Winter.

Gin from the Manga Bleach. My favorite character in this Manga. :heart:

This is a tribute in honor of the latest chapters. ;___; I love Gin.

Music of inspiration : [link]
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Gin's might have reincarnated somewhere........
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I love the way you drew his face and I also love this kinda nostalgic and sad mood
beautiful picture :)
adashuko's avatar
Poor Gin :sniff: He can't die :(
GeryfromVAC's avatar
great artwork:clap:
*keeps fingers crossed for Gin's survival*
iamAsami's avatar
yeah :'(
Thank you!
GeryfromVAC's avatar
dont worry:hug:; even though I have my fingers crossed for just in case, Im positive that he will survive.
Oh, and your welcome:D
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Beautiful picture ;_;
I keep wondering if he really killed Rangiku... if he really doesn't have any feelings.
iamAsami's avatar
no I don't think he killed her.
mira4429's avatar
that cheered me up a bit. let's hope it'll be fine! :dummy:
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This is beautiful!
Oh, i do hope that Gin isn't dead. That would be soooo sad -sobs-
iamAsami's avatar
Thanks , and yes he cannot die!!! >_<
1337hamsters's avatar
And no he can't!!!!!D': I might stop reading if he does...and that would make me sad.
shiro-sakura-kaze's avatar
i just love gin. he can't die. i might die after. ^^
iamAsami's avatar
yep T_T I hope so!
AngelicWolf-Lova's avatar
if gin dies then ya even i may just have to lose my mind and give up on bleach. ulquiorra was bad enough to watch but gin is just one of those guys you cant have die D:
iamAsami's avatar
yeah =( I love Gin and him and Rangiku are the only characters I read this manga for XD
AngelicWolf-Lova's avatar
i absolutly fell in luv with ulquiorra soon as i seen him, watching his dissapearence was quite depressing..
V-chan10's avatar
Absolutely beautiful :love:

If Gin's dead, I'll have officially given up on any hope for Bleach. He's the reason I'm reading it in the first place! :crying:
iamAsami's avatar
>///< thanks glad you like !
I'll give up Bleach 100% if he dies too, before I read it regularly, but after SS arc I really didn't care much only if Gin or Rangiku showed up I'll check the those chapters only XD
V-chan10's avatar
You're welcome!!!
lol, I read like the first few chapters, then I stopped, then I picked it back up when Gin came, then I stopped when he left, and now I'm just reading whenever Gin's around. Especially if Rangiku's there too XD She better not be dead!
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Sigh. It's a beautiful art and I love Gin too. T___T
iamAsami's avatar
Thank you , Gin is awesome x(
bakuraschick12's avatar
;n; omg so beautiful... i hope gin is ok...
iamAsami's avatar
Thanks , and I hope so too!
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