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Oh wait I just realized this is smash 4
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But I love the artwork
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No love for Squirtle or Ivysaur
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I can’t find K Rool
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Took me a good look at Lucina's pose to realise the inspiration of this artwork.

This is excellent!
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Rip Corrin who is about to get swallowed by wario
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L-Lucina? I think you're going the wrong way...
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This picture you've done of the Smash Bros. characters together in such a style looks quite nice and cool for sure. :D
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Someone stole Snake. XD
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Dude this pic is amazing!! You did an amazing job on the illustrations, great job!
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you could of added mii fighters.
Damn it Lucina, you're going through wrong way!
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Captured the chaos of the sereis so well.
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Zelda looks high lol.
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Donkey Kong tho.
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Why does Robin have such an evil expression on her face?
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