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Sorry, but Male Robin the Lucina Whorer Pedophile turns me off.

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Crazy good piece.

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really hope to see an update on this one
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Where are Ryu and Ken? :(
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I hope Quote gets added to this someday.

Also...the Mii Brawler looks like Reggie Fils-Aime. XD
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What a mash up! This turned out great :la: I keep poring over this to see all the effot and you put into giving each character its appropriate personality. 
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Don't forget lanky
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I wish so deeply I could focus enough to draw this many characters. u_u;; 

My hat's off to you, good sir! Seriously, amazing job on this.
I think that everyone's just launching themselves at a Smash Ball and Lucina realises that she's not getting it so she's getting the f*** outta dodge while she can.
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I want this as my iphone case.... OwO
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IM REALLY FEELING this peice!!!
Can you say " new iphone wallpaper"?! Love luigis stare of doom! XP
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And Lucina going the other way.
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