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Brick Love

Been playing The Last of Us. I'm in love with bricks.
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Pokedude42's avatar
Why is Joel's finger hovering over one of the holes? 😏
Darkclaw09's avatar
This is the kind of love only a man and a brick could have
11Doctors's avatar
Other than the bow, I always have to have a brick. Why would they do that to us? lol
DatWithersVoid's avatar
gotta love dat brick
BabyPikaChu's avatar
Weird thing... I hate bricks.. I even aimed my rifle at one... x3 I just wanted it to stay away... xD
Rogue-Bacca's avatar
I prefer bottles. They've louder.
ArsenicPencil's avatar
My thoughts exactly :XD: Bricks are your best friends in the game.
banamaru's avatar
So I heard u liek bricks?
MrECYJO's avatar
"I'm gonna brick the shit outta you." Markiplier :D
DaniOcampo1992's avatar
LMAO I didn't watch his videos because of spoilers
MrECYJO's avatar
I watched it, but I'am going to buy that game anyway. I tried to not remember everything, so I still can be suprised :D
Jetbourdkid's avatar
I like the glass bottles my self
Carlosedu1's avatar
That makes it two of us
Jetbourdkid's avatar
Really I only use the glass bottles for clickers. that makes a lot more nose then the brick. but nothing beats the whiskey boom.
BallisticNick's avatar
Listening to Michael by Red House Painters, clicked this right as the singer said "my best friend." Just perfect timing.

And the brick is indeed my best friend.
SociallyAwkwardTurt's avatar
still a better love story then twilight

great art BTW ;P
I hate clickers so much, great pic
TheEyesofSyn's avatar
His nose still makes me want to fry up some hotdogs for some strange reason. o_O
Kineteken's avatar
Last night I watched my roommate kill 9 guys as Ellie w/ a brick and a knife, we had to pause the game because one of the men saw as a knife came his way his only words was "OH JESUS!". It was so damn funny. ;)
TheSonicFan94's avatar
Well, you always were a LEGO guy, so this would make sense.
ProjectENDO's avatar
i want that game so fucking bad but i have no job, ergo i'm broke as bricks
bricks are quite nice, but nothing beats bringing a devil magnum to a zombie fight
KiraLoaf's avatar
Ah, me too! I love that they look like giant legos. :D
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