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Should I do an art live stream? I'm been contemplating it for a while, and I still can't decide. 
Hey! I'm sorry I've been really inactive lately, but sometime this month (or next month) I will probably get to uploading all the art I've done over the summer. And thank you, all, for the Llamas and follows. :D They are very much appreciated! OH! AND I STARTED A BLOG! I'LL PUT A LINK SOMETIME SOON WHEN IT'S READY! :D 
I have prints of my art available on my Facebook page. Still, more to come!
For all needed information: @colettesoriginalsart
I just recently got pictures of my art for prints. But they're completely finished now, so soon prints will be available!
If you would like to order one, they will be available very soon on my Facebook Page for my art: Colette's Originals Art
Within the next few days to a week I will have prints available to buy.

I hope you have a fantastic day today!
I apologize for the terrible title. But I would just like to tell you that this will give you free points or Watches, etc... by doing some things on his profile. Feel free to visit :)
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Hi! I've decided that I need more ideas! Ive decided to take requests! I will do most of them! Or try to at least... lol. Anyway, just comment some things u wold like me to draw! ;D :D
I've discovered something new recently: I discovered that favouriting other peoples' artwork makes it so that more people see mine. :D
I lost my inspiration. :(. I hope to find something to inspire me. My next art may not be so great. Like I said, all out of inspiration. I hope in deviant art I will find some! :D
I'm hoping lots o' people love my stuff. Optical Illusions is beautiful, Mint-Lavender is beautiful and my best digital art ever and my other stuff is awesome too. Well, at least I think so. Most of the time.