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Kiku vs. Zato
Kiku and Zato faced off in the middle of the training arena. They had wanted to spar and met at the training area. They felt each other out, looking for weaknesses and openings to strike at. Kiku watched for a moment when she thought that Zato would be distracted and struck, only to find that she had struck empty air. She turned and found Zato standing behind her. Zato flicked her ear and when she lashed out, he blocked her strike. He pushed her away and when she turned she did a series of punches and kicks which were blocked though she got a in a good kick in the ribs.
"Oof! That was a good hit but you are letting anger get the best of you." Zato said and threw a wooden kunai to distract her. As she turned to dodge the kunai and attack she turned into a palm strike. "Arrgh! Why can't I do anything to you? I cannot figure out how you are doing the things that you are doing!" Kiku said. "I work on the abilities that I have. Since I am blind I have worked on my other senses. I have good
:iconiamananimefan001:IamAnAnimefan001 1 2
Yugi-Halo? Hal-oh? by IamAnAnimefan001 Yugi-Halo? Hal-oh? :iconiamananimefan001:IamAnAnimefan001 1 0
A poem for Mistressmaxwell
I inhale her scent
As she lays next to me
She breathes gently as she sleeps
Her heart beats next to mine
She is my refuge
She is my port in a storm
When life gets me down
She brings me up
So when I sleep like this
With my green haired angel in my arms
I feel comforted
And protected from the woes of the outside world.
:iconiamananimefan001:IamAnAnimefan001 1 3
KakaKaiya-Gift for MM
Kaiya and Kakashi entered the resturant with smiles on their faces. Kakashi had just gotten back from a mission and after some breakfast and sleep they decided to go out for dinner. Kakashi had gotten a good paycheck and wanted to treat his love to something nice since he was gone alot. "Wow, this looks expensive! How did you save for this place?" Kaiya asked. "I put some money away for something like this. I have been getting paid pretty good lately." Kakashi said with a guilty look on his face. "I had been feeling bad because I had been doing so many missions so I requested a day off so I could be with you." Kaiya blushed and smiled. "I don't want you to feel guilty for doing your job okay? I knew what I signed up for when I married you but I appreciate what you are doing." Kaiya said " I am really lucky to have you Kaiya. You are my light and my life." Kakashi said and kissed Kaiya's hand.
The waitress came to take their orders and waited paitently to do so. "Hello, my name is Minam
:iconiamananimefan001:IamAnAnimefan001 2 5
Contest entry 2-MM
Kaiya sat and watched Kakashi as he slept. He was so serene usually but right at this moment he was in pain. He groaned as he the painkillers wore off and another dose was administered by a nurse.It pained Kaiya to see him like this to no end. She had heard of the failed mission that he was on and what had happened from Naruto. It turned out that Sakura was used as bait to lure Naruto out and it had worked. With no time to react to the ambush he saved Sakura but was attacked. But before he was hit, Kakashi had appeared and taken the blow that was meant for Naruto. She understood the risks of loving a ninja and knew that someday Kakashi may come home injured or even worse, come home dead but that did not mean that she had to like it. She worried everytime that he stepped out for even a routine patrol of the village perimeter and it hadn't changed at all. Naruto arrived during her watch over Kakashi and he waved hello. "How is he doing? It was my fault that he was hurt." Naruto said sobb
:iconiamananimefan001:IamAnAnimefan001 2 4
Contest entry-Mistressmaxwell
Kaiya was working the Bathhouse as she always did and was happy when she had worked there. She had heard the news about the old Hokage had died defending the village from Orochimaru and his ninja. She had also heard the good news about the new Hokage and that Jiraiya had found her. Little did she know that she would have her life changed because of the new Hokage.
"Did you know that the Hokage is coming out of her office?" A passerby said. "You're kidding me right? I heard that she was a workaholic and all of that." His friend had said. Kaiya looked a bit surprised as she had heard the same rumors. She kept cleaning out the front of the bathhouse as the duo walked by and went inside to tend to the customers. "Oi, Shizune, are you sure that this is the place? I mean a bathhouse? I want to get some sake and drink." Tsunade said to Shizune. "Are you sure that this is a good idea and all?" Shizune merely giggled and ushered Tsunade into the bathhouse. "Can I help you two?" Kaiya asked and
:iconiamananimefan001:IamAnAnimefan001 2 2
Desire tournament entry-1
Draco stood wonering what had happened. One moment he was in his room looking at a book and then the next he was in a room seeing strange images. He had gotten a strange book in his room and then he started to see some strange things. He didn't know what to do so he decided to take a walk and figure out his next course of action. A voice started to speak to him as he took in the sights of his hometown of Chicago. "It is your destiny. Take this book and use it to cleanse the evil from the streets of your city." The voice said. Draco strated to wonder about himself. First he saw a book that he knew he, for some odd reason, was the only one able to see it. On top of everything else he had no leads in the case and blew up at his boss and on top of the top of that, he was hearing voices. Suddenly he was teleported to a room somewhere or something and now he knew that he was going crazy. He drew one of his guns to look around and saw that there was no way out save for a gate and a door in th
:iconiamananimefan001:IamAnAnimefan001 0 0
Desire Audition
Everytime a deal went down, no Witnesses. A beating, a mugging and what not but still the same thing everytime. NO WITNESSES! It was enough to drive Draco insane with rage and to tell the truth he was desperate to stop these killings in any way.. He walked into the living room where bodies had just been removed and saw something that he had thought was evidence that needed to be bagged up. He tried to pick it up and it disappeared as someone entered the room looking for him with the word "Destiny" whispered in his ear.
"Special Agent Davidson, The AIC is here to speak with you. He wants to know why there are no leads to this case." The agent said "He says that he could find someone else that can get results if you can't." Draco suddenly exploded. "Does he understand what is going on? There is noone that will speak against the people who did this! There are no witnesses that I can subpoena or anything because there are no witnesses that are willing to speak out against the criminals who
:iconiamananimefan001:IamAnAnimefan001 0 1
Desire Tourney entry.
Name (nickname):Draco Davidson
-Physical details-
Weight:195 pounds
Build:Slightly muscular. He has just enough muscle that he looks fit.
Defining features:A scar over his right eye given to him by an attacker.
Clothing:Overcoat and suit that he wears. He has several spares due to the fact that he damages his clothing due to his constant fighting.  Has hidden pockets for thrown weapons and/or flash grenades depending on the mission.
Weapons/Gear:Martial arts, Pistols(9mm Berettas), throwing knives and/or flash grenades. Holsters for his pistols
Unusual abilities (rate relative power on 1-5 scale):He is able to remember things by taste. He can remember that he shot someone by the taste of the gunpowder used.(5) otherwise nothing unusual
Fighting Style: He tries to disable the opponent using his martial art skills as he is often asked by his boss to bring suspects in to be questioned but more often th
:iconiamananimefan001:IamAnAnimefan001 0 0
Zato's Rage
Taking her wasn't enough was it? You had to hurt her and try to rip her soul apart...Now you want to do the same to me? I will not allow it! She means the world to me and you tried to take that away from me but by the grace of the Kami she is still alive. Now I will wreak unimaginable vengance upon you, the ones who hurt my love!
You do not know the power of the beast you have awakened, the beast of rage! I will not be satisfied until the blood of my enemies has fallen upon my blade. To those who have commited this unspeakable sin I will visit upon you a slow and agonizing death by whatever means I have at my disposal! You will not die unless I will it to be so and it will be a long time before I do. Torture would be too good for you and mercy...there will be none for the ones that perptrated this foul deed.
Ask for mercy from the gods, because I will not give any to you foul spawns of hell! I will come as the mist upon the flower and destroy you utterly and leave nothing but a bloodst
:iconiamananimefan001:IamAnAnimefan001 0 0
LOLZcat doesn't approve. by IamAnAnimefan001 LOLZcat doesn't approve. :iconiamananimefan001:IamAnAnimefan001 3 1 LOLZcat got Haxxored by IamAnAnimefan001 LOLZcat got Haxxored :iconiamananimefan001:IamAnAnimefan001 2 1 HaxxorCat by IamAnAnimefan001 HaxxorCat :iconiamananimefan001:IamAnAnimefan001 2 1
He is my Zato
Zato is my guiding light
When my life turns dark
A warrior
Who fights for me
When others would harm me
He is a shoulder to lean on
When I need to cry
He is my knight in shining armor
My refuge in a storm
He is the one that I go to
When others would shun me
He is my life
He is my love
He is my heart
He is my soul
He is my Zato
:iconiamananimefan001:IamAnAnimefan001 0 3
Zato's first date
Zato's first date.
Zato had come back from a particularly hard escort mission. Not that there was any danger involved, rather it involved a spoiled brat, at least in Neji-sensei's opinion. It had taken all of his will power not to laugh whenever Neji scolded the boy and by the time the mission was over his team and their leader were glad to be rid of him. Zato went to report to Tsunade and sat waiting for his turn to speak with her. "Zato-san, Tsunade-sama will see you now." Shizune said as she came out to help him inside.
"Thank you Shizune-san." Zato said to her and allowed her to guide him inside. Tsunade was looking over the mission reports of the various teams and greeted Zato with a wave.
"So how did your mission go?" Tsunade asked Zato. With a grin on his face he related the stories about the child acting like a brat and how the mission pretty much went off without a hitch.
"I see that Neji needs to work out some issues." Tsunade said with a giggle as Shizune smiled as well. "We
:iconiamananimefan001:IamAnAnimefan001 1 8
Sunsets are Amazing
Sunsets are amazing
when you are there
In my arms
Looking at the sky
watching the day
turn into night
Cuddling together
watching the clouds pass by
Being with you,
I feel that nothing could go wrong
You make me smile
when life gets me down
That is why sunsets are amazing
when you are around
:iconiamananimefan001:IamAnAnimefan001 1 2


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