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illustro Gadgets 1.0.0

By iamanai
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illustro Gadgets is a Rainmeter skin pack, designed to be a variant of the AddGadgets.com system monitoring gadgets. It is heavily based upon the "Gadgets" skin pack by SilverAzide, as well as the "illustro" skin pack that comes built-in with Rainmeter.

Included in the skin pack are the All CPU Meter, Network meter, GPU Meter (with a Dual GPU Meter variant) and Drives Meter. Also included is a settings skin, which can be accessed by clicking the settings button on any of the four gadgets. This settings skin allows you to view information about the skin pack, configure gadget settings, and configure HWiNFO sensor IDs.

---------- Requirements ----------

Rainmeter 3.3 is required to install this skin pack. To view CPU core temperatures, CPU fan speed, and GPU information you need to install HWiNFO (downloadhere). HWiNFO is a free system monitoring tool that works on a variety of systems. To configure HWiNFO for illustro Gadgets, see the instructions included with the skin pack. Please note that not all computers will have the same sensors, and so some features may not be available on your system.

---------- Changelog ----------

v1.0.0 - 2016-1-20
- Made some confusing settings more descriptive
- Added disk capacity warning settings to drives meter settings page
- Changed All CPU Meter name / clock speed settings to reflect v0.8.0 changes
- Updated changelog date formatting, conforming it to the widely-accepted standard for changelogs
- Fixed a mistake in the update checker that caused it to not actually display the new version number
- Fixed small typo in changelog for v0.8.0

v0.8.2 - 2016-1-9
General Additions / Changes:
- Actually updated HWiNFO plugin to v3.0.0
- Updated ActiveNet plugin to v2.5.1

v0.8.1 - 2016-1-2
General Additions / Changes:
- Updated HWiNFO plugin to 3.0.0
- Removed versionAbsolute variable

v0.8.0 - 2016-1-1
General Additions / Changes:
- Combined all colors with their alpha values
- Implemented changing of alpha values using the bars in settings skin color pickers
- Added custom LUA script to separate RGB values from their alphas
- Changed coloring mechanics in all gadgets to reflect the above changes
- Updated update checker to get rid of versionAbsolute variable
- Moved settings skin readme link to the sidebar, replaced previous location with DeviantArt link
All CPU Meter:
- Separated CPU name from clock speed, moved clock speed to bottom
- Fixed 'extra operation' errors
GPU Meter:
- Added GPU name to single GPU meter
- Implemented proper settings support for dual GPU meter
- Added memory controller usage bar
- Added Shader Clock information
- Fixed inconsistency with memory fraction on single GPU meter (was bolded, changed to normal)
- Fixed mistake in Dual GPU Meter that would cause GPU 1's name to display as GPU 0's name instead
Drives Meter:
- Implemented proper support for long drive names
- Added drive capacity warnings
- Fixed more copy/paste mistakes

v0.7.1 - 2015-12-7
- Added ability to middle-click on HWiNFOConfig.inc's file path to reset it to the default value
Bug fixes:
- Corrected the default value of HWiNFOConfig.inc's file path so it will automatically work on any computer
- Changed hard-coded file path of the settings skin (for gadget settings buttons) to use #ROOTCONFIG#
- Fixed a mistake causing the GPU usage and memory usage lines in GPU meter to not display accurately
- Fixed mistake in Dual GPU Meter that would incorrectly size the background when you hide the line graph
- Updated v0.7.0's changelog in the readme file to the version currently on the Rainmeter Forums

v0.7.0 - 2015-12-6
UI (all skins):
- Increased row spacing by 1 pixel, and lowered bars from text by 1 pixel
- Fixed row relative positioning so the 'rowYOffset' variable actually has meaning
- Removed hover effect for buttons (it causes too much lag when the gadgets refresh)
- Slightly repositioned the settings button, to align better with the title text
- Fixed slight overlap on some of the graphs
- Made space under the line graphs consistent across the skins
- Changed bar background color and graph background color to be dimmer
- Removed "about" button
- Graph lines are no longer antialiased by default (can be changed back)
Code cleanup:
- Simplified overly complicated positioning equations
- Separated out HWiNFO sensor IDs from settings files, combined into a separate file
- Simplified background, making use of ScaleMargins to eliminate warping and combined into 1 meter
- Removed AllCpuMeterConfig.lua (unused)
- Began combining colors and opacities
- Changed variable naming scheme (again)
- Merged the about skin and all settings skins into new unified skin
- Added an update checker and external links to the about (now "welcome") screen
- Added option to disable antialiasing on graph lines (more accurate, but less pretty)
- Implemented ability to change the location of the HWiNFO config file using RainFile (so you don't
lose your configs when updating the skin pack)
- Implemented more coloring options (main font colors, graph backgrounds, buttons, etc.)
- Changed color selectors to be prettier, and incorporate opacity (heavily based on the one from
"Circuitrous" by Flying Hyrax)
All CPU Meter:
- Moved fan info to above CPU cores, changed to regular display (label, percentage, value, bar)
- Moved CPU clock to top, separated from fan speed
- Added CPU name to top-right, can be disabled individually from clock speed in advanced settings
- Fully removed support for CoreTemp and SpeedFan
Network Meter:
- Increased opacity of arrows to match those on Drives Meter
GPU Meter:
- Added memory used / total memory fraction to the memory usage row
- Added dual GPU meter variant (select from rainmeter's context menu)
- Fixed copy/paste error in the metadata section
Drives Meter:
- Fixed flaw in the line graph that would cause a line to not scale itself in relation to the other

v0.6.3 - 2015-11-6
- Backported v0.7.0-d.4 format updating to be more aesthetically pleasing on GitHub
- Reworded some things
- Fixed changelog dates to be "normal"
Drives Meter:
- Backported fixes from v0.7.0-d.2 to correct copy/paste errors with the L drive's meters

v0.6.2 - 2015-10-10
Drives Meter:
- Fixed more mistakes that broke the functionality of the E drive's information

v0.6.1 - 2015-10-9
Drives Meter:
- Corrected some copy/paste errors made when creating meters for E drive

v0.6.0 - 2015-10-4
Drives Meter:
- Shows Name, Disk Read Time Percentage, Read/Write Speeds, and storage used / capacity for each hard drive or
removable disk connected to slots C-L
- Will automatically adjust when you plug in/unplug a drive, changing the size of the skin to accomodate for
the new information
- Line graph shows read/write activity for each disk
- Histogram shows read/write time (also displayed by the percentage across from the disk's name)
- Settings let you show/hide the line graph or histogram, select if you want to hide certain drives, and customize
Code Cleanup:
- Cleaned up All CPU Meter's main section code, placing meters by row rather than by type
- Removed All CPU Meter's support for CoreTemp and SpeedFan in favor of HWiNFO
- Added more settings to Network Meter and GPU Meter
- Fixed mistake in GPU Meter's settings skin that broke middle-click-to-default functionality for the checkboxes
- Preparation for mass code cleanup to take place in v0.7 and v0.8

v0.5.1 - 2015-9-13
All CPU Meter:
- Added support for HWiNFO core temps and fan speed
- Implemented HWiNFO configuration into settings skin
- Made all color options always visible (HWiNFO settings made it extremely difficult to adapt per-CPU)
Code Cleanup:
- Merged core temp meters, cutting 16 extraneous meters from the All CPU Meter skin
- Began optimizing code, in preparation for final release and to make drives meter easier to implement
- Auto-detection of system monitoring software is currently broken. Implemented a temporary workaround in
All CPU Meter's settings skin

v0.5.0 - 2015-9-12
GPU Meter:
- Monitors your graphics card usage, clock speed, temperature
- Gives information about memory clock speed, memory usage, fan speed and usage, memory controller usage,
and core voltage
- Requires HWiNFO
- Settings skin has tools for configuring the skin to work with HWiNFO as well as color customization

v0.4.1 - 2015-8-20
Changed how Network Meter reads the internal I.P. address (It is now REQUIRED to have Rainmeter 3.3 Beta
installed to make this work properly)
Fixed a flaw with All CPU Meter that messed up snapping other skins below it.

v0.4.0 - 2015-8-19
Code cleanup:
- Created a global variables .inc file to share variables between skins
- Moved more positioning numbers to variables for easy debugging
- Got rid of unneccesary variables
- Simplified background positioning
General UI Cleanup:
- Changed button code to be more clickable and include a fancy visual change when hovering over a button
and clicking on it
- Increased resolution of images and used Rainmeter to downscale them, increasing quality and preparing
for future features
- Changed color of graph background and color customization number input backgrounds to be more visible
- Added degree symbols to the core temperatures (I was using the wrong file format for the skin files,
so these weren't possible before)
All CPU Meter:
- Changed behavior of opening task manager to a double-click anywhere on the gadget
All CPU Meter Settings:
- Added the ability to show/hide the graph, as well as show/hide the clock and fan speed info
New "About" skin:
- Gives information about the skin pack
- Provides a link to the Readme file
ActiveNet Plugin:
- Added the ActiveNet Plugin for use with Network Meter
- Requires .NET Framework v4.5 or later to function properly
Network Meter:
- Added Network Meter (uses the ActiveNet Plugin)
- NOTE: To configure the Network Meter, follow this link: comments.deviantart.com/1/5225…

v0.3.0 - 2015-8-5
Added support for core temperatures using CoreTemp or SpeedFan
Some code cleanup
Implemented settings skin (incomplete)
- Show/hide page file info
- Show only average CPU usage on the graph
- Show/hide core temperatures
- Choose either Fahrenheit or Celsius for core temps
- Customize colors of each bar and its corresponding line on the graph

v0.2.0 - 2015-8-2
Added All CPU Meter

© 2015 - 2020 iamanai
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vou testar !

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Is there a way to scale the skins to make them bigger?
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illustro Gadgets is unable to scale, but ModernGadgets can. You can find a giant link to ModernGadgets at the top of the post.
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This is a false positive. One of the addons in iG uses AutoIT, which flags a bunch of antivirus programs because that platform was used to write cheat engines for lots of games. You don't need to worry.

On another note, I would highly recommend installing ModernGadgets instead, because it improves on this suite in absolutely every way.
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I really love this skin! It shows everything and was not that hard to setup.. I have another skin that I would like to match to yours, is it possible to help me edit that one to make it look like yours (background, fonts etc.)?

It is "Cryptocurrency Portfolio / Watchlist 1.4" by hadoken70. Link: hadoken70.deviantart.com/art/C…

Thank you!
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HardH3rtzHobbyist Traditional Artist
does the gpu meter require msi afterburner?
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No, it requires HWiNFO.
HardH3rtz's avatar
HardH3rtzHobbyist Traditional Artist
Alright. Thanks tho!
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Awesome! Was searching for a simple skin like this since long. Just wish if temperature skin was also there with this. But for now I have to use CoreTemp. Great work buddy!
Xenoraiser360's avatar
Sorry if this is a dumb question, but where do I change the font style (I want it to be Lucida Console)?

Edit: Also, does the CPU monitor not factor in overclocks?  It's reading mine at just under the base speed (3.8) when I have it overclocked past its boost speed (4.5).
mcarltzu's avatar
GPU meter not working and no CPU temps displayed. Help me pls
donaldduck2004's avatar
that's really a good skin :)
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I was able to increase the font sizes and the bar heights on the main meter skin windows, but am unable to get the icons to enlarge (tried upsizing them in Photoshop) or the thickness of the line graphs.  Also, Network meter will crash if I try to refresh the external IP (it just says "fetching").  Advice?
iamanai's avatar
You would need to play with the "transformationmatrix" modifier to scale everything else. However, this also breaks button pressing, so it requires tons of workarounds.

I'm currently working to implement scaling support in my new suite, ModernGadgets (I'm not developing illustro Gadgets anymore).

Weird about network meter crashing. Could you let me know if you experience the same thing with ModernGadgets' network meter?
radugb's avatar
Sorry, I meant to post this in Modern Gadgets (that is what I am using).
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alpha736Hobbyist General Artist
Is there a way to get this to work better with a Dual CPU motherboard (two separate sockets)?  It seems the CPU meter is limited to 16 cores.  I have a Supermicro X8DTi-F with two Xeon E5645s (Dual Hex-Cores/HT 12 Threads), 24 threads total in my machine.
iamanai's avatar
Do cores 13-16 on CPU meter accurately reflect cores 1-4 on the second CPU? If so, then you could simply add more meters/measures for the remaining cores. If not... well, we'll get to that.

As a side note, I would highly recommend switching to ModernGadgets instead (it's on my profile page). I no longer support illustro Gadgets. Plus, ModernGadgets supports 20 threads natively, up from 16.
iamanai's avatar
Have you checked out ModernGadgets? That suite replaced this one a few months ago.
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Be honored, I don't watch non-artists.  But what you have done for Rainmeter is most worthy to be watched.
You are a first for me.
iamanai's avatar
Thanks! I am honored, but illustro Gadgets is my old work. I highly recommend you check out ModernGadgets instead. It has a much better user interface and is way easier to configure.
doppler56's avatar
I did but it was a total crash using only the CPU.ini  And before you ask, Rainmeter 1/1/17 release
and HWinfo latest too.  The error thrown was a exception "divide by zero" in the rainmeter log.

I would like to figure it out.  But the error comes within 2 seconds of start.  Crash and burn.
The only way to stop it is to rename the moderngadgets directory and remove cpu.ini skin
from startup.  Between original illustro and gadgets.  I get what I need.  The only downside
I can not figure why Cpu fan speed is zero in gadets and right in hwinfo.  I compared the two
cpu.ini programs (gadgets, moderngadgets)  except for process names.  The code is no different.

I think it has something to do with hwinfo.  Every time I reload the skins in meter, hwinfo unloads
itself and cpu ini (gadgets version) does not display properly.  Cpu speed wrong (i7 with throttling)
doesn't change when slower and cpu temp stops (not displayed).  Starting hwinfo after the fact
returns cpu ini to normal.

I can live with what I am using.  Unless you got a dead-on idea why Moderngadgets is choking.
iamanai's avatar
OH. Did you load the setup skin (Setup.ini) before loading CPU.ini? If you didn't, that's why it's crashing.
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