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ModernGadgets 1.5.0
ModernGadgets is a set of sleek, minimalist, information-dense gadgets that are designed to fit right into your modern desktop. It is the result of my tinkering with Rainmeter for the last three years, and is heavily based on SilverAzide's Gadget Replicas. The overarching goal of this suite is ease-of-use. Thus, everything has been made as simple and streamlined as possible.

ModernGadgets requires HWiNFO, a free system monitoring utility, for full functionality. Alternatively, some information in CPU Meter may be retrieved through the CoreTemp or SpeedFan applications.


Download latest version (v1.5.0)
Older versions

ModernGadgets on GitHub

Installation and Setup:
Download the skin suite's .rmskin file and open it. Follow the standard Rainmeter skin installation process. If it is your first time using ModernGadgets, it is recommended to load the current layout in order to be presented with a Welcome skin, which will contain many useful links.

Please keep in mind that for many features, you need to install and configure HWiNFO. Click here to view the HWiNFO setup tutorial (also available as a link from the welcome screen).

Designed and programmed by Caleb Heuer (raiguard).
Backend code based on "Gadgets" by SilverAzide.

"IBM Plex Sans" font from Google Fonts, under the Apache 2.0 License
"Material Icons" font from Google, under the Apache 2.0 License.
"Elegant Icons" font from Elegant Themes, under GPL and MIT Licenses.
"Google Now Weather Feed Icons" from NCrystal on DeviantArt.

Special Thanks:
SilverAzide - ActiveNet plugin, NetMonitor utility, fixed precision format script
stangowner - HWiNFO Plugin, HWiNFO Shared Memory Viewer
jsmorley - RainRGB, Rainmeter
balala - Help with fixing Disks Meter's dynamic height adjustment
smurfier - ReadINI function

Gadget Features:
Audio Meter
- Volume and sound device controls
- NowPlaying media controls (supports both local and web media players)
- Adjustable visualizer
- Able to be scaled to any size

- Displays current date and time
- Shows system uptime and logon time
- Supports up to two alarms
- Displays a custom event countdown
- Includes stopwatch and timer applets
- Able to be scaled to any size

CPU Meter
- Per-thread CPU usage, per-core CPU temperature** and voltage*
- Supports up to 64 CPU threads
- Shows CPU name, RAM and Page File information
- Shows CPU clock speed, CPU fan speed**
- Shows top process by CPU usage
- Thermal throttling detection and alarm*
- Line graph displays CPU temperature**, per-thread CPU usage, RAM usage, and Page file usage
- Optional average CPU usage graph display
- Opens task manager on double-click
- Able to be scaled to any size

Disks Meter
- Supports all disk drive slots (A-Z)
- Automatically adjusts when disks are connected/disconnected
- Displays disk name, read/write time usage, current read/write rates, and storage information for each disk
- Line graph displays read/write rates and read/write time usage for each disk
- Clicking a disk name will open File Explorer on the selected disk
- Includes eject buttons for ejecting removable disks***
- Able to be scaled to any size

GPU Meter*
- GPU name, general usage, and temperature
- Fan speed information
- VRAM usage and memory clock speed
- Memory controller usage
- Video clock speed
- Core Voltage
- Line graph displays general GPU usage, VRAM usage, fan speed, and memory controller usage
- Includes four GPU meters to monitor up to 4 discrete GPUs for multi-GPU setups
- Able to be scaled to any size

Network Meter
- Local and global IP addresses
- View your location based on your IP address
- Shows Network Ping to a specified URL
- Displays Current upload/download rates in both bits/sec and bytes/sec
- Displays Session and total data uploaded/downloaded
- Displays peak network traffic speed
- Line graph shows current upload/download rates
- Shows link to for testing your network speed
- Includes alternate “pro” mode with more accurate tracking (requires installation of third-party software)
- Able to be scaled to any size

Process Meter
- Displays ten processes, ordered by either CPU usage or GPU usage
- Displays process RAM/VRAM usage
- Allows process filtering, defaulting to all system-related processes
- Shows average CPU/GPU usage in the gadget header*
- Line graph shows average CPU/GPU usage*
- Able to be scaled to any size

Weather Meter
- Displays current weather for the selected location
- Calculates and displays a variety of sun/moon information, such as rise/set times and angles in the sky
- Includes five-day forecast and city locator applets
- Able to be scaled to any size

Bonus (non-official) Gadgets
- Release Stats Meter shows GitHub release stats for the selected repository

* Requires HWiNFO
** Requires CoreTemp, SpeedFan, or HWiNFO
*** Requires administrator privileges

v1.5.0 - 2019-03-??
- Added Audio Meter
- Added Weather Meter
- Added locale customization to Chronometer
- Added custom event countdown to Chronometer
- Added alarms to Chronometer
- Added timer applet to Chronometer
- Added 'standard' CPU temperature display to CPU Meter
- Added CPU fan speed graph option to CPU Meter
- Added setting to individually hide disk temperatures / eject buttons per-disk in Disks Meter
- Added option to Disks Meter to display free disk space, rather than used disk space
- Added Network Interface settings to Network Meter
- Added support for monitoring up to three Network Interfaces at once
- Added WiFi and LAN support to Network Meter
- Added fan information toggle to GPU Meter settings
- Added scaling support to the gadgets
- Added rounded corners option
- Added graph backgrounds option
- Added sidebars
- Added "ModernGadgets Welcome" layout to package
- Separated CPU Meter's core measures and meters from the main file, to only load those that are necessary (drastically improves performance)
- Converted CPU Meter's config script into loop measures
- Rewrote Disks Meter to only display up to 10 disks at once, significantly improving performance
- Merged Network Meter Pro into Network Meter, eliminating the need to maintain two versions of the gadget
- Changed default external IP location website
- Removed process label font face option
- Switched default font to IBM Plex Sans
- Improved color pickers to change colors dynamically (with the exception of global colors)
- Redesigned welcome screen and update notification (again...)
- Removed subtitle from gadget manager
- Reorganized gadget manager links
- Improved organization of skin directories and config names
- Fixed several issues with CPU Meter program switching
- Fixed CPU temperature graph when only using SpeedFan
- Fixed CPU Meter disabling HWiNFO readings if the Core 0 Temperature sensor was misconfigured
- Fixed CPU Meter line graph log error
- Fixed network status icon not updating dynamically
- Fixed GPU variant settings buttons not working
- Fixed GPU Meter variants all using the same settings file
- Fixed rare divide-by-zero error in GPU Meter
- Fixed various visual inconsistencies and positioning issues across the board

v1.4.1 - 2018-10-14
- Added safeguards for extraordinarily long changelogs preventing access to the download button
- Added max CPU temp, CPU fan speed, and GPU temp configurations
- Tweaked core color info paragraph
- Tweaked backup import prompt UI
- Fixed GPU meter core voltage readout formatting
- Fixed CPU and GPU temperature graph scaling
- Fixed dynamic fan display bar always staying at 100%

v1.4.0 - 2018-10-09
- Added Chronometer
- Added Process Meter
- Added tentative Snapdragon support to CPU Meter
- Added support for CoreTemp and Speedfan in CPU Meter
- Added dynamic fan display to CPU Meter
- Added All Cores mode to CPU Meter line graph
- Added session total and simultaneous bits/bytes display to Network Meter
- Added separate bits/bytes peak traffic displays to Network Meter
- Added three additional GPU Meters for monitoring up to four GPUs simultaneously
- Added disk temperatures to Disks Meter
- Added setting to hide disk read/write speeds in Disks Meter
- Added Disk Read/Write Letters option
- Added setting to only display fixed disks in Disks Meter
- Added global color customization
- Added "open config file" buttons to all settings skins to allow access to more advanced settings
- Added 'Welcome' dialog for first-time users
- Added update check interval customization
- Added controls for settings backups in global settings skin
- Darkened default accent color
- Enhanced update download button to directly download and open the update .RMSKIN without a browser
- Increased supported threads in CPU Meter from 32 to 64 (AMD Threadripper 2)
- Increased precision of readouts in Network Meter
- Removed condensed font toggle for Network traffic (condensed is now the only option)
- Network Meter globe is no longer affected by accent color changes
- Removed dual GPU meter option (replaced by separate GPU Meters)
- Enhanced Disk Eject functionality with support for USB card readers and virtual disks (requires admin privileges)
- Significantly improved Disks Meter performance
- Consolidated graph and background borders into their respective background meters
- Standardized graph positioning
- Refactored input box visuals
- Implemented new HWiNFO SMV application, replacing the HWiNFO Config Tool
- Updated dynamic settings system with more consistent and flexible functions
- Updated LoadSkin and UpdateChecker scripts for Rainmeter 4.2 compatibility
- Settings backups are now made upon closing a settings skin, rather than at a preset interval
- Changelog button now shows local changelog rather than the one from GitHub
- Replaced readme link with MG Wiki link
- Reordered toggles in gadget manager
- Fixed error with the update checker reading a file while it was being written by WebParser
- Fixed oversight where clicking the total reset button in Network Meter Pro would not work
- Fixed inconsistent NetMonitor button logic
- Fixed NetMonitor controls not appearing on non-English systems
- Fixed update notification not being centered on the monitor properly
- Fixed settings backup import overwriting HWiNFO SMV sections
- Fixed settings backup import crashing if a settings file doesn't exist in the backup
- Fixed settings backup overwriting default colors
- Corrected date formatting in changelog

v1.3.1 - 2018-05-02
- Fixed development testing opt-in not working

v1.3.0 - 2018-02-03
- Added 32-thread support to CPU Meter
- Added top process display to CPU Meter
- Added CPU temperature graph option to CPU Meter
- Added core voltages to CPU Meter
- Added NetMonitor support to Network Meter for more accurate readings
- Added GPU name toggle to GPU Meter
- Added custom GPU name option to GPU Meter
- Added GPU temperature graph option to GPU Meter
- Added dual GPU mode to GPU Meter
- Added eject button for removable disks in Disks Meter
- Added capability to disable specific disks in Disks Meter
- Added link to Disks Meter troubleshooting wiki page in Disks Meter settings
- Added changelog display to update available notification
- Changed from ANSI to UTF-8 file encoding
- Updated and refined user interface
- Implemented new dynamic settings system (…)
- Rewrote update checker and moved update checker URL
- Rewrote external IP check to be more reliable
- Moved StyleSheet out of settings directory to avoid accidental changes / overwrites
- Rewrote HWiNFO config tool
- Fixed gadget toggle buttons desyncing
- Fixed behavior of HWiNFO detection in CPU Meter
- Fixed Network Meter external IP error message not disappearing
- Fixed GPU name being able to extend past the width of GPU Meter

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